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Warning: Dollfiedesign/Taliasen 1238 on eBay

Mar 24, 2006

    1. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=9501166138&rd=1&sspagename=STRK:MEWA:IT&rd=1

      I have been scammed by this seller, and she is also trying to scalp bidders through the auction listed above for a NOt rare, NOT hard to find obitsu.

      She also sells clothing for SD, MSD and Obitsu dolls.

      The clothing is of poor quality not shown in the photographs-she does not finish edges, tie of strings etc...the dress I recieved for her had scraps of lace literally tacked to it, loose threads everywhere.

      The material stinks of cigarettes-these items are from a smoking household.

      In the scam she pulled on me, she sold the same dress twice, and sent the item to a US bidder, who was appalled at its quality but did not request refund. I demanded a refund, and was sent a poor replacement nearly a month later, with no communication. I refused to accept it for reasons listed above, and she refunded me from her brothers Paypal as hers is now locked.

      I believe she photographs good quality, store-bought items and then sells her own poor knock-offs. The dresses she sells DO NOT fit the dolls they are supposed to, and are NOT as stated in her auctions.

      I advise caution when dealing with this seller-she is not naive, she is out to get the highest price possible for awful items.

      Please be careful-do not buy from her as the items are not worth the stated price. I waited a month and got crapp when I tried to get a refund through Paypal. She scalps on shipping costs, promising tracking etc and simply mailing it normally.:x
    2. Here are photographs of the dress she sold me (if only photo's could convey how much they STINK...Im surprised theres not ash clinging all over it)





      She included a 'free gift' of a negligee which is also badly made and does not fit an MSD.

      The sleeves are not elasticated, they are pleated with regular tacking thread, so do not stretch. They will not fit over the bare ends of wrist joints either.

      She has an Obitsu, but advertises dresses for larger and smaller dolls. The dresses for Obitsu's dont even fit her own doll.:x
    3. Wow. I mean wow.
      I can understand if someone is just learning to sew, but they should clearly state that in their auctions.
      She doesn't even press the dress seams or clip threads before she sends them?
      Just poor business practice in my oppinion.
    4. WOW> thanx for the warning. O_O
    5. She is now trading under the name of Taliasen1238 on eBay (an older account, but 100% hers) again selling non-existent Obitsu's, and clothing.
      Dollfiedesign ID was abandoned after one unlucky person bought three items from her (clothing) and never recieved any.
    6. That is some poor quality work! I can't imagine! Thanks for the warning. I followed the thread when you first informed us of this seller and now it seems she's at it again. Will you inform eBay?
    7. Im afraid I don't know how. I can report her auction, but thats it.
      Does anyone know how? Ive never reported anyone before-only made claims for refunds etc.
    8. Listing has been removed... Nice work Little_miss!!! ^_^