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Warning: Happydoll Scamming!!!

Apr 14, 2006

    1. This fact is really true, and I think that all of you as potential buyers of this trade mark have the right to know this: HappyDoll had scammed. I'm not lying or tryin' to get some attention: I have evidences of all of this. A pair of months ago I bought a Doll "Dorothy" from them. Everything was wonderful, till they gave me an EMS number and told me that the doll was sent that same day. I checked the number in Korea Track and Trace url and it appeared as a non-existing number. I asked in spanish post and I got the same answer. Since then I've been emailing them asking what happens with that number which they said that was the correct one. That happened almost a month ago. Still the EMS appears as a non existing one, and still the doll has not arrived. And the worst thing: they still haven't reply any mail of mine. I've tried either mailing from another account. No reply though. But for being sure that they were ignoring me, I wrote them from another different account one mail as another person just asking information and they replied that mail!!! That means that they are ok and JUST IGNORING ME!!
      I opened a case through Paypal and they don't answer them neither.
      So I Want that this figures as a BAD FEEDBACK because it is what they deserve after treating me this way!!! I paid for a doll and a service that has not been given to me!! And if they did with me, they can do the same with anyother one!!!!
      If anyone doesn't believe me, I say that I have the invoice with the EMS number they gave me with the date of the payment and anyone can check that that EMS does not exist.
      Thank you for reading.
    2. I just went through a case with Paypal. They just sort of leave you hanging for 10 days while they give the other party a chance to respond. Then it takes about three days for them to decide to do anything. Hopefully everything will get sorted out though.
    3. you must be feeling so sad and scared about that...sorry to hear...

      I've bought two dolls from Happydoll, through Hybrid moon and never had any trouble...did you buy through Happydoll US or directly from the Korean site?

      have you just tried one of their e-mails or is there another to try? maybe they have a problem with their e-mail; your e-mail address could be setting off their junk mail fiter maybe?

      I'm not trying to shush you I'm just hoping that you have not been scammed... I have found that they are a reputable company, they've been selling dolls for more than four years so I'm presuming they won't want to damage their rep over one doll.. lets hope it's all a mistake..

      good luck getting it all sorted out
    4. This sound really strange to me. I have been dealing for year and half with them and I never have had any problem. If they didn't send any item (because it gets out of stock) they allways refunded me inmediately when I asked them for it.

      I hope it to be a mistake and that you can fix it with them. I think as Babytarragon that they would not ruin their reputation for only a doll.

      About the mail, I remember having problems with mine just with Babytarragon (do you remember?). The mails I was sending her were bouncing to me and I didn't know that she was a DoA user.
    5. I've sent emails too to Hybrid moon, and to happydoll@happydoll.com with another account for if it was because of some kind of spam filter. No reply I received. It's hard for me too to believe that such a known mark is making this, I have bought there other time and everything was ok. But now this is what happened, they told me clearly that the doll was sent and everything was ok almost a month ago, but here I am, no doll, and the EMS still is wrong. And they don't reply. I just know that this is a scam. Only this.
    6. I'm Hybrid Moon manager. You said you have sent me emails but I did not get any. Are you sure you write me to the correct address?

      happydoll@happydoll.com is the same mail account that I ever contact with them, mine is hybridmoon@hybrid-moon.com.

      Please, don't say that I not reply your mails before talking with me, because I really do not receive any mail about your problem and I will not want to be judged in a problem that hasn't anything to do with me.

      Anyway if you really have sent me these mails and I didn't get them, check your mail, this can be the problem.

      I contacted them yesterday advicing about that after reading it here, and I hope them to contact you.
    7. From my experience, hybrid-moon really does take a long time to respond to e-mails, but don't worry. I don't think that something as official as that will scam you. ^_^

      If that doll did not reach you, they will be able to track it. I was given the wrong EMS number in the past, but the doll did turn up. Chances are the doll went back to the sender.
    8. Thank God >_< I have wrote many times in your website tag and mailed to happydoll@happydoll.com many times, darling. I' ve been about a month mailing to that email. And it could not be a mistake of mine, cause I just clicked the "Reply" button IN a mail received from HappyDoll. And I wrote the same address in my both accounts as in the other mail from other account just asking for information. And they replied just to the one asking information, the others telling my trouble had no reply.
      Excuse me, but I simply don't believe that you have not received any mail of mine. In fact I clicked the same "Reply" button as I clicked the first time when they did answer.

      And it's not just an EMS wrong number trouble. It's a doll that is taking one month in arrive, strange, isn't it?
    9. Just take a look at this, hybrid moon manager:

      Tue, 4 Apr 2006 16:24:21 +0200 (CEST)
      De (from): "Kitteny Cuteky" <kawaii_kitteny@yahoo.es> Añadir a Libreta de direcciones
      Asunto (subject): Important
      Para (for): hybridmoon@hybrid-moon.com

      I am a spanish girl who bought about a month ago one doll Dorothy using happydollus web page.
      Lucy told me that the doll was sent (she said that she sent the doll two fridays ago) and gave me an EMS number (EM747345502KR). As can you check in http://service.epost.go.kr/trace.RetrieveEmsTraceEng.postal (The Korean Post)
      that number does not exist. I asked also in spanish post and I've been said that that EMS number is not registered in my country. So I am asking her what is wrong and I received no replies. I am very worried about it because my doll that I've paid for, has simply disappeared. I wish to know if the doll is really sent or if she is, why the EMS number doesn't appear in anyplace.
    10. I only say yo a thing I AM NOT HAPPYDOLL, I'M ONLY MANAGE THE EUROPEAN SHOP HYBRID MOON. The problem is between you and Happydoll. I send them a mail yesterday after reading you here in DoA to contact you for your problem.
      Even if you send me the mail you said, I have not received it. I'm not saying that you never sent it, I only am saying that I don't got it.

      If you would ordered your doll by me, I would be responsible for the deal, but as this haven't anything to do with me, the only thing I can do is what I did, I contact them after knowing of your problem. If I got any response about it I will advice you. But sincerelly I hope that they contact you and that you both have the opportunity to fix your problem.

      I know that you are angry and with reason, it's a lot of money and you have to be scared, but please, don't be so rude. I only replied you with the hope of being of any help.
    11. Ok, thank you, I was not meaning to be rude, I just got mad because I've sent mails and now I'm hearing that they are not received and it seemed strange to me. Ok, thanks for your help ;)
    12. Just to let know the Den of angels community that Happydoll did not reply me even receiving the mail from their Hybrid moon manager. They even did not reply to Paypal advises about my reclamation.
    13. Wow that's really strange. I wonder what's up with them? Did you get your refund through Paypal? I hope you did!
    14. Just to add to this, my Happydoll Dorothy arrived with a finger missing (well, in the box, so obviously broke in transit somehow(?) and I've been mailing Happydoll every day for a replacement hand and they are so far ignoring me. I will contact Paypal on Monday to put a claim in for my money back because, even tho I have the doll, they have a responsibility to honour their guarantee. Even if they felt it wasn't their fault, an email from them would have been common courtesy.

      My advice? Don't buy from Happydoll. The doll I have is beautiful (if suffering glued-on finger syndrome) but they are totally useless at customer service!
    15. Sorry to hear that, Kamika. It's true that the doll has a six month guarantee.
      But it seems that when they have any kind of trouble they just ignore costumers as they did with me. Yes, Paypal refunded my money (I lost quite money because of the currencies changes) but not they. They did not reply, they did not give me any kind of explanation.
      My advise is don't buy from them: in case that goods arrive ok, it will be perfect, but if you have any kind of trouble with goods or they just like my case don't send them, you will be ignored. So, everybody, take your own conclussion.
    16. welll if they had insuance on the doll went sent go and claim in and as for a doll taking one month, i can only say good luck cos the probability of it being sent back to addressee is high ATM

      ah welll my transactions with HD have been nuthing but wonderful :D

      i hope kit does get her dorothy soon :D BTW one month is not long, i have waited for 3 mths for a doll...
    17. Yes Kagari, but a month is much to long for something sent by EMS to arrive. It seems that it's been a month since they told her they sent it, not since she ordered. I really hope others don't have similar problems.. I've never heard of a major company doing this before.. :(
    18. i remember once i had an invalid EMS number, apparently they didn;t ship the item out right away, so yeah x.x"
    19. Well, I think I did not explain it right. Now we can say that the supposed doll was told to be sent two months ago (of course she hasn't arrived). I put a claim through Paypal and Paypal told me that in case that they get no answer from HappyDoll in ten days, Paypal would revert payment and money would be resend to me. That's what happened. They even did not reply to Paypal. My money is back thanks to Paypal (but I lost quite of it because of currencies changes).
      I got a Dorothy from Ebay from a great Power Seller.
      I'm not waiting for a non existing Dorothy with a non existing EMS number still. I've been quite smart for putting a claim instead waiting for a Company that gave me a non existing number, a non arriving doll and no kind of reply, explanation or something like that.
    20. One thing else: In the case of a wrong number or a doll sending delay, it had been no problem if I would have given an explanation or an answer.
      Thanks to all of you for your understanding and support. ^^