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Resolved Warning/Pming for DevilBastard - Resolved

May 22, 2006

    1. Resolved: see last post. XD He came! I'm still not happy about the lack of communication, however.... he came! *Grins*

      On the 5th of this month [may] I recieved an email saying that my boy, Chiwoo, would be shipped off the following Monday. I paid the rest of the money that weekend, and haven't heard from her since.

      It is now almost one and a half weeks later, and for the price that I paid for the Chiwoo and extra clothing, I would like to know what's going on. I pmed her 3 times, and emailed her once and no answer. No shipping confirmation or anything.

      Please, if anyone has heard or knows what happened or can contact her more easily then pms or email, let me know. I paid a lot, and just want to be informed what's going on.

      edit 2: She said it shipped today, but her lack of communication has me worried still. I hope things turn out okay, but still. This isn't any way to treat a buyer... especially with the amount of money on the line that I paid, I expect to be kept informed at all times. I didn't think that would be such a forgetful situation.

      edit: I also posted an inquiry on her live journal, and my comment was deleated.

      At this point I just want my money back. This lack of communication and ignorace in the transaction, for the amount of money is just bad business.

      I want to warn everyone from Devilbastard, unless I had reason to otherwise.
    2. If she deleted your comment and did not get into contact with you after that then I wouldn't wait any longer on starting the process to get your money back. Did you use paypal or some other method that can be reversed?

      If she's able to delete your comment on her LJ then she's obviously alive and not got issues with internet connections
    3. I agree with Pirate Wench. Get your money back whilst you still can.
    4. All these "bad seller" posts are very distressing! What is wrong with people?!? I feel so bad for all the honest buyers who are being taken for a ride. Hmmmm....I feel like I should add something constructive, as well. I am wondering if when buying something via the Internet, you could request ALL the seller's details before the money changes hands? Preface the request with something like "This is quite a bit of money, so would you mind providing your name, address, phone number, etc. before I send the money?" I don't know. Just a suggestion.
    5. I agree, and is it me or do they seem to be increasing @.@
    6. Agrreing with all above-Get money back.
      She cant pretend she's ill, on holiday or dead if she's still capable of sitting at a computer and deleting comments from her LJ.

      Be sure to let her know you are aware of the scam and will ne notifying others of her despicable behaviour.
    7. Ah, apparently she had 'been on vacation' and was not able to contact me at all. Even while on vacation you don't leave a buyer in the dark with any amount of money on the line.

      She emailed me saying the packaged had been shipped yesterday. Hopefully it's just a case of "I forgot to contact" rather then "No package at all". We'll see what happens...
    8. good to hear that contact was made, However I would not consider this a case closed until you actually receive your goods.
    9. Aweee! I'm so sorry that that happened to you! T_T I really hope you get your chiwoo soon! (and I also see that Kai got home safely! Congrads! :3)
    10. Has your package arrived yet?
    11. Lets see, the package should have shipped last Wednesday, the 24th. It's coming from Germany... It still has some time left, but I wonder how much longer it will take. I still haven't gotten an email back saying how long the shipment would be, after she said that she would ask and let me know.

      She also said she was on vacation, but still this is something that I would like to know...
    12. I'm guessing she didn't send your boy by 'prior/airmail' then. I've sent stuff to the USA and I always use 'prior/airmail'. Most of the times, my items arrive within a week of being sent then.

      Though on Thursday the 25th, it was Ascension Day in Germany (and most of Western Europe), so that could've delayed your package a bit.
    13. I thought it took at least 2 weeks or so to get here from Germany. I thought it would have taken longer.
    14. Looks like she finally came back from Vacation and gave me a tracking number. However... I seem to no be able to find the website the tracking number belongs to. I tried FedEX, but it says the number has not yet been recorded in the system yet...

      This to me, sounds like she just shipped it, when it was supposed to have been shipped over a week ago. Maybe they didn't use FedEX? And the expected shipping date falls ever farther...

      She might have used a german/european version of EMS, so I might not be able to track it... We'll see.
    15. There's no ems in Germany.
      She probably used DHL, it's the most common shipping service here.
      Good luck!
    16. The way FedEx and/or UPS works with tracking information is: You'll get tracking information when the driver scans the package for pickup, normally websites are updated that evening with information, and most packages are picked up in the early evening.

      If FedEx is saying it's not in their system, it was just shipped out the same day, or isn't a valid tracking #. Are you sure it's FedEx? If so, then she just shipped it out, since it hasn't been scanned into their system yet.

      I worked for UPS for 5+ years, so I know how it works, hehe.
    17. Actually, I've tried DHL, FedEX, etc, but none of them are saying its a number they reconize. It should have been shipped out on the 24th, so I'm wondering what's up. If I don't find some information in the next two days, I'm going to email her again.

      I'm not sure what shipping co. she used.
    18. The number she gave me isn't a tracking number... not for DHL, which she used. It's 12 digits long, and I've tried a number of ways to use it. Appearently that's the only number she has. Gah, I can't stand it.

      This is becoming more stressful then it really should be. I've been emailing back and forth, and still have yet to get a tracking number or get her to belive what I have is not a tracking number, like she says....
    19. Here in Spain, almost all the items I've shipped using EMS have arrived destinations before the postal crew decided to update the web, and record the packages. EMS it's here 'postal express', it costs 3 or 4 times more than in anywhere else in the world and never works. DO not despair, sometimes the shipping takes a LOT. A comissioner sent me once a package from Alaska on prioir airmail and it needed 3 weeks and a half to reach here >_<
    20. Ask her to send a scan or picture of the receipt or airway bill she should have gotten from DHL for allegedly sending your parcel.

      She can also call DHL herself and ask for information on the status of the parcel.

      If you feel that she is giving you the runaround, I recommend that you file a claim with Paypal if it's not too late. To me, this all sounds like she's trying to delay you.:ablah: