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Warning re: Popdude69

Jan 6, 2008

    1. I have posted this on ZOZ and would like to inform you here on DOA:

      "This is just to warn everybody with regards to Keith. He did a group order with Bobobie. Last August he said everything was going to be shipped even paid $34 for shipping overseas. I waited and wrote him several times...finally he answered last Sept 5 and said there was a mix up and the dolls where returned to his address. (I could accept that). On Oct 23 he said he sent it out and that he even included some items to compensate for the time I've waited. Around December got worried already as I haven't received anything from him not even an e-mail with the tracking number after numerous e-mails and calls overseas he answered Dec. 19 and said that his co-worker has the tracking number etc etc. Well up to this day I haven't received anything he doesn't answer any e-mails but he was able to reject my bill from paypal. I mean why cant he even answer my e-mails with the real deal. I am so frustrated as I was looking forward to having Pandora. I know I've been more than patient. Now I have to start from scratch and save up for Pandora. I even sold my AOD head with Bobobie body (I got from another seller on ebay) since I thought Pandora was coming around Christmas time

      Please be careful I wouldn't want this to happen to anybody. "
    2. crkva10 ~ How much money was lost? Was the group order conducted on Den of Angels?
    3. Hi so sorry for the very late reply I lost about $350 the other people got their dolls. Up to now no refund.