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Warning when Commissioning Morbidollz

Apr 19, 2007

    1. I would like to start off by saying she is a very nice person and is aware that I am leaving this.

      When commissioning her for faceups:
      1) Communication with her can be sparse to none. You may have to email or pms her constantly to get issues resolved or have questions answered.
      2) She does not like or meet deadlines. When I commissioned her it took 4 months for both of my doll's heads to be done. She agreed on a deadline and didn't meet it and also didn't contact me to let me know she wasn't going to meet it.
      3) You may have to ask for progress photos. She didn't volunteer this when I commissioned her and after missing the deadline I wanted to know.
      4) She may not ship on time. She did not ship on time for me and didn't notify me of any delays and I had to ask more than once for a tracking number.

      I would really like to see her improve on her communication skills for her future customers if she chooses to re-open her shop. Those on her list I have some advise wait until or just before she gets to your name to ship your heads out. I'm sure this will cut down on your waiting time. What I have given is a brief account of my experiences with her and if you would like more information or have any questions please feel free to PM me or leave it here. Thank you for reading!:)
    2. I want to support and confirm V chan's post. It's very difficult to do this sort of thing when a user is so popular and her faceup work is so respected. But I had the same issues with morbidollz and posted as such in her individual feedback thread. Though I love my boy now that he's home and finished, it can be a very frustrating process for the owner when dealing with morbidollz *When I purchased other items from her in the market place, I had no problems what so ever, this is only in regards to faceup commissions.
    3. i too, support what v-chan has said. and it was the lack of communication that ended up me asking for my head back before he was even done. and after i had paid for shipping, morbidollz had promised to mail him out and didn't until after i threatened negative feedback 2 weeks later.... she seems like such a great person and her artwork is amazing, but she is very difficult to work with :(

      EDIT : i wanted to add that in the end i did get my head back, and he was shipped quite well... from my experience with her, i would leave a neutral feed back as a warning that to others of the long wait before she gets to your head, as well as no real communication unless you initiate it, but she does, eventually, follow-through with what you ask for.
    4. I have had no problems with this artist as she did 2 of my heads..and they are both very lovely.. I consider that when I commission a face up from an artist, that I respect that artist and their timeframe.. I feel you get the best from someone when you let them create..
      they usually send you a photo when they are finished and you can make suggested changes at that time..
    5. I've had two of my heads re-faced by Morbidollz and though I understand Sam takes a long time in getting them back to you, her work is worth the wait.
      With my first head I was in the process of moving, so I told her to hang onto the head until after I'd settled in before shipping so she wouldn't get lost in the mail. So I had no idea as to how much of the time the head was gone was due to Morbidollz or my request. The head was gone approx. 2 months from date of shipping.
      Roughly the same amount of time with my second head, but again I had already expected the wait and knew that the quality of the work I would be receiving is well worth my patience.

      I stand behind her work and can't say enough good things about her talent, but I warn those who are planning to commission her to note that turn around time could run 2 months.
    6. Honestly, being worth the wait should not be a general statement. Because I would never commission her again. I think waiting 4 months for a person to paint a head that the way you are instructing them to is horrible. It's not like she's doing it from her imagination. She's a nice girl and I'm not bashing her but, seeing her paint her sisters heads within three days does not look good to the eyes of your customers. Who have been waiting for 2 months or more.
    7. i had waited two months before asking for my head back. my head was NOT painted within the 2 months it was with morbidollz. and yet i saw her paint 6 heads for herself and her sisters in that time. i love morbidollz style and (when contacted) she was pleasant to deal with.... but having my head gone for 2 months without a word was unacceptable for me.
    8. Assuming that it is easier to paint another person's doll because I am not putting my own imagination into it is actually ridiculous, V Chan. On the contrary, it is actually much more difficult for me to paint another person's doll because I have to try to imagine what the other person envisioned and draw that same kind of inspiration from them. I can paint my own with relative ease because I know exactly what I want them to look like and I know their character because I invented them, and as for my sisters, it is much easier for me because we are so much alike and I know exactly what they want when they explain it. Besides, they are with me when I'm doing it, so the process is much easier. Even given a description of what the person wants, it is still not so simple for me to whip something up. Like I've told you countless times, I'm sorry, I like to take my time with painting, and I understand your frustration with waiting for me to finish, it is something I am trying to work on. I don't think ill of you either, so let's please not escalate this any further. u__u
    9. I think only people who have been involved in a transaction with me are allowed to comment, but to answer your question; yes, sometimes I do that, and some other artists I've been speaking to have suggested that to me when I asked their advice on how to improve, so I think I will do that from now on. Thank you, kokoryta.
    10. Morbidollz: I'm not escalating this matter. I am simply stating my point of view. Communication is the key as I have stated to you many times and I'm sure I was fair by not posting details of our transaction. If questions or comments arise in this thread that are contrary to my own I will address them accordingly. Please understand I will share my experiences with you to anyone that inquires. I hold no ill will towards you either.
    11. You escalated it when you made a statement that was not true, so I rightly felt the need to clarify.
    12. I'm sorry, what did I say that was untrue? I would like to address it and clarify my position.
    13. I would think it was obvious since I've already quoted it but:

      I'm sure you can understand why I felt the need to explain my point of view on this statement.
    14. You quoted my whole statement so I was unsure about what part you where addressing. What I said is based on my experience when dealing with other artists. Based on that, it shouldn't take you as long as you did. If you want to capture a character you communicate with it's creator like you did with your sisters to get a better idea on what they want. The process is simple, therefore my statement is justified and with such a detailed form system that you want before starting it's hard for me to imagine that you would be having such difficulty. The resources are there you just have to use them. Wouldn't you agree?
    15. The first line of my sentence should have given it away. V Chan, every artist has his/her own way of operating. I'm happy for those commissioners who can produce works of art as fast paced as you describe, but unfortunately, as I've said, it is not so easy for me. I can take a few days on one head, but take a month on the next, and I have many commissions to do so I may not get the opportunity to work on someone's head for a while. Like you said, it would have been a better idea to have the person wait until I am ready for them on the list to ship me their head (but now that is of no consequence since I am no longer accepting commissions). I should also add that I have even neglected to paint my own dolls on occasion for months on end because I lacked the inspiration to complete them. I did think that creating a faceup form to fill out would simplify things for me, but now I see that it has only made things more difficult as I do not get a true sense of character from it. I agree that I should communicate with the owners moreso than I have been doing, but this is a deeper issue that I need to resolve and don't feel like divulging.
    16. A friend of mine handled the entire dealing with Morbid when I had my head sent off, and though I don't remember the exact amount of time, I was without my head for at least 2 months, though some of that may have included shipping time...
      While I'm extremely happy with the faceup, if I had that kind of turn around now, after being in the hobby for more than a few months, I'd be raising a few eyebrows.... As much as I understand art can take time, 4 months (to use v chan's situation) is much too long when I get a head back in 2 weeks from another artist and be just as pleased with it...

      Overall, I'd be giving good feedback as I have no clue as to the communication aspect, but I would definitely warn others to expect a wait... Perhaps it would be a good idea for Morbid to take on fewer commissions? It might help improve turnout if there was less lurking in the background to worry about....
    17. Though I really like her faceups, I probably wouldn't commission from her again. She has one of my heads right now and fortunately I waited until she was further down her commission list before sending him, so I've only been without mine for a month or so now. But considering that I was on the list for November commissions and it's almost May.. well. That's a little much. I don't think I'd have had nearly as much of a problem if she hadn't been posting new faceup photos of all the dolls she and her sister have. :sweat It seemed a little bit like a slap in the face for those of us who have been waiting half a year. I can certainly understand how it would be easier to paint your own dolls than someone else's, but to me that doesn't really account for the fact that she's done her sister's in the interim.

      I'll just be happy to have my boy's face painted and returned to me. :daisy
    18. I would like to add that Morbidollz contacted me and estimates that it will take a month to complete my commission given where it is in line. So I'm fine with her only needing another month to finish up, that timeline seems reasonable to me.
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      Thank you!