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What clothing will fit Dollmore Model girls?

Apr 27, 2007

    1. Hello everyone out there.
      I am saving for a Dollmore Model Doll Bonnie right now, and wanted to know where i can get clothes for her (I know, from dollmore, but are there other sites?

      I searched for some sites, but i couldn't find any...
      is there someone who can help me?
    2. Here's a thread on shoes for Dollmore Model girls: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116823

      My Bella Auden wears pants and shirts made for Dollshe guys by Tensiya and by DoA member petiteballerine; SD13 boy shirts often fit her, too, with the sleeves rolled up a bit (so they don't look too short ;) ). She can even wear SD13 girl clothes if they're stretchy or cut a bit looser instead of formfitting. I've been pleasantly surprised by just how many clothes she can fit into--most of the time sleeve length and of course pants/skirt lengths are more of a problem than girth.

      On DoA, gayle and PamSD both sew nice clothes for Dollmore Models, so they're definitely worth keeping an eye on! I'm sure I'm missing some people without meaning to--we'll see what others add on to my ideas.
    3. thank you very much!
      that really helps me!
    4. Yeah, dollmore, and i believe luts sells model sized clothing aswell.
    5. Luts sells clothes for Dollshe bodies--labeled "Hound" size--and so does Iplehouse, but that isn't exactly the same as Dollmore Model size.

      Since this thread was about Dollmore Model Woman clothes, I'll babble on for a minute . . . in my experience, Dollshe girls, in particular (Afghan/Afghana/Afgah) don't fit very well into Dollmore Model clothing, and vice versa. Their body measurements (bust, waist, hips) and proportions are different, even though they're roughly the same height. I've tried! ;)

    6. Cynthia is right, the clothes for the Dollshe girls do not fit the Models very well. The Models, even though lean, are very womanly, with full hips, narrow waists and ample busts. The Dollshe girls are pretty much straight up and down so their clothes are not going to have enough give around the hip and thigh area to fit well.

      I'd be happy to make you some things just-misao if you contact me and let me know what you have in mind!
    7. I'm saving for a Dollmore Model Ipsae (whom I've fallen in love with) and have started looking around for clothes to buy her, but I'm afraid she's going to have a much smaller wardrobe than my guys. Besides the great selection for her at Dollmore, I'm wondering what else is out there that'll fit her. Do Volks SD16 clothes fit? Any other tips from you Model girl owners?
    8. This is a good question. I'm going to have to watch this thread now. =D

      My favorite items for my girl are all custom made. I got two pairs of tight leather-ish pants made for her by Marsh, a corset from kittycapgun (oddly, sd13 sized and it fits), and an sd sized one-piece dress that she wears as a shirt. XD;

      Depending on what style you want her to wear, you may be limited. =| I like the dollmore clothes, but they're not what I want my girl wearing. She does have a couple pairs of Iplehouse Dollshe sized pants that fit like a dream.

      Oh, she has big feet. Dollheart SD13 boy shoes fit her perfect. <3
    9. SD16 clothes will not fit her. The Models hips are much fuller and her waist is wider as well.

      There are a few of us who sew for Models. I do and PamSD does as well. Between the two of us, we can probably get your girl nicely outfitted. We both take commissions.
    10. crazybatt: Thank you so much for the tips, Crazybatt! Luckily, there are a number of Dollmore clothes that will work for my girl. And I have some Iplehouse pants for my guys, so maybe she'll be able to raid their wardrobe a bit. ;)

      gayle: Thank you for the info, Gayle. I love the fact that Model women are so curvy. No mistaking them for a teenager, that's for sure. I'm sure I'll be contacting you in the future for some clothes for Brandee. :)

      Cynthia in FlintHills: Thank you! :) I had already looked at all those threads before posting this one and had been unable to find any information about SD16 clothes.
    11. i have my bonnie model in a pair of black cheery doll skinny jeans that i bought for my hound- they looked better on her than him! i bought boy type boots for her- she has big feet, and can share with my hound. she is wearing a bustier from divas by design that was intended for 60cm, but it laces front and back , so it worked out well (but a bit low cut!) bonnie at divas by design used to sew and sell nice outfits for her bella model, but i think she stopped. good luck!
    12. Try Iplehouse?
    13. sadol clothes fits model dolls, my ipsae wears sd13 clothes at times, if you the right style, the clothes might look tight, but sexy, very sexy^^ stretchable clothes are good too

      among site i go to for model clothes (it's not model sizes though)

      sadol (sd13 boy jacket)
      mio (sd13 jacket)
      Volks (sd13 trench coat and DD sweaters and camisole)
    14. please delete post
    15. Leah does have odd eye sockets. One eye is noticeably bigger than the other and there is alot of resin in the back of the eyewell, so the eyes sit pretty far back. I keep thinking of taking some of that out of my Leah, but haven't gotten around to it and think she is quite pretty regardless.
    16. Apart from the clothes sold on dollmore specifically for the Models, what have you all been doing to keep them from being naked?

      I want to get a white Lisa Rubik and I'm wondering if I'll have to make most of her clothes myself.
    17. On the girls I've seen the American girl dresses make nice spring and summer outfits, though you have to take in the back a little. The sleeves and bottom hems will be short, but paired with leggings or jeans would look cute.

      While my Model Kyle wears mostly Model clothes I have been able to put him in SD shirts. As a matter of fact he's wearing one I intended for my El to wear. The sleeves were adjustable so it looks great on him. The tees also fit him and would probably fit a Model girl well,if not be slightly baggy but the sleeves would look lie cap sleeves.
      I get most of my clothes from Dollmore and their stuff for SD's is a little large and so far I can interchange shirts between them and roll up sleeves if they're too short or too long. Pants, on the other hand, you might have to buy from DM as their legs are very long XD

      Hope that helped!
    18. I own both a Model doll and an American girl doll and there is no way they are anywhere close to the same size. I'm not sure what you are putting on your doll.....

      Lucille-Regine would be SWIMMING in a Kirsten dress.