What creeps you out

Aug 3, 2012

    1. Is there anything about Ball joint dolls that just creep you out?

      For me its dolls with facial hair drawn on. I don't know why but drawn on facial hair on a boy doll just... turns me right off.

      another thing that really creeps me is Dolls with HUGE breasts. Like the Dollmore model dolls >.<

      What on Dolls do you not like?
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    2. I don't like zombie dolls, they look like someone melted the doll with blow torch. Who wants to pay alot of money for that?
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    3. A fair question, given all the people who think dolls in general are creepy. However--this could easily get pretty negative, which doesn't do anyone any good.

      I like creepy stuff myself, so almost everything goes.

      I have a harder time with extreme mods... BUT, some of them are just amazing works of craftsmanship and art. I suppose if something is done well, it'll be OK with me, even if I usually don't tend to like it.

      But mods and such done badly... I have to admit that I also admire that people have tried to do things themselves, even if they aren't so accomplished at it. Nothing like practice to make things improve...


      Remember that everyone has different tastes. Just because you don't like something, it doesn't mean that others are just the same as you. Variety is a good thing. Then everyone can be happy!
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    4. Interesting, I was expecting this conversation to be a little different!

      I was going to say seeing a doll w/o eyes. I can handle headless bodies, bodiless heads... but seeing a doll's head w/o eyes is INCREDIBLY creepy to me. I have to scroll fast through customization posts sometimes, lol.
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    5. I'm creeped out by eternally smiling/grinning dolls and chubby baby dolls. They often remind me of creepy fairytales. +_+

      BTW, Apathy, I just love your avatar. ^^
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    6. I know it sounds weird, but I can't sit with my doll staring at me. Really creeps me out.
    7. There are some really exaggerated expression sculpts that creep me out. I can't think of any of their names--but the big time smiling dolls, with all their teeth showing, or their mouths partly open? That just feels weird to me. There are only so many angles that looks okay from, and then from the rest it looks murderous.

      For my roommate, it's headless dolls. She doesn't like seeing the strings showing when I've got the heads off. Sorry, roomie!
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    8. Facial hair on dolls as well....except for certain Iplehouse dolls. Other male sculpts, to me, look too youthful and/or too effeminate and the facial hair looks too out of place and unnatural.

      Dollfie Dreams also creep me out... I do not like the anime facial structure in three dimensions--it doesn't look right, and the Dynamite body, with the ridiculous bust makes them look like hentai girls, which is ever creepier to me.
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    9. That's not weird at all. I have to put mine in another room before I go to bed. Preferably in a box with a lid on it.
    10. The excessively happy dolls, as others have said, also creep me out.
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    11. My mom finds sleeping sculpts creepy even though I enjoy them.
      ^^; Usually people think eyes are creepy.
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    12. I actually have this problem with stuffed animals and even box pictures. Anything with eyes on it, drawn on or not, I cannot have facing me, or in any position where it feels like it's looking at me. My dolls will be no different. It's not weird at all... at least not to me.
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    13. My niece and her friend were fooling around on me before I got into this hobby and they had placed a doll's head on the TV. I freaked out at that. It had eyes in it, which to me, made it even worse cause it was just sitting there staring at me. That was so creepy to me. And then, of course, they kept putting it in various places around the apartment when I wasn't looking just to creep me out. I was soooooo glad to see that head go. I also have a hard time looking at heads without face-ups for some reason. I find that weird -- the fact that I can't look at heads without face-ups.
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    14. I can't handle the dolls that are like... realish, but still super anime-fied. Idk what it is, but those freak me out a bit. Like the ones that are somewhere between dollfie dream and iplehouse.

      I also don't like dolls with extremely uneven eyes. Like with one open and one half closed/closed. I'm okay with a few of the closed eye with a scar ones, but only if the face up is great.

      And I hate it when the eye positioning is off. Lazy eyes creep me.
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    15. I also hate eye positioning being off. If one eye is wonky, or they are cross-eyed or wall-eyed, I have to skip through the picture fast because it makes my tummy feel weird. I understand that eyes are difficult to pose and I too have trouble sometimes, but unless you're asking for help with them, don't post the squiffy pics online, Goddamnit!

      I go on about this, but I also hate facial hair on dolls. Eyebrows and eyelashes are OK. Beards and moustaches... hate them. They never look good, imo, and just make me want to grab some magic eraser and scrub the thing off! I hate them in real life too, so that probably contributes to my great aversion to beards and moustaches on dolls.

      Also... I really dislike almost all child dolls (anything under the age of about 12, I guess) because so often they look so doll-ish and overly pretty. They really enter the uncanny valley for me, and now I have my own child doll I had to go really overboard with her faceup to get her looking acceptable and non-squick-worthy to me.

      AND! (the list is endless) I hate seeing photos where the limbs are twisted out of shape, one arm way behind the back, a foot or hand twisted round... my (otherwise wonderful) housemate has a tattoo of a pin-up girl and her hands is on backwards and I hate it. WHY can't you see it's on the wrong way round, you fool?! is what I want to yell but never do :sweat

      OK, last one. I hate dolls with droopy bottom lips. There's a Dollstown sculpt, can't remember which one, that squicks me so thoroughly that I actually don't want to google it to find out! It make a brilliant zombie sculpt, or a character that has been recently concussed, but until then, I'm not interested in looking at it.
    16. I can't handle smiling dolls! just scares me..
    17. Nothing really creeps me out or scares me, but the thing that probably disgusts me most is child hands. Like fat little hands with sausage fingers, especially the ones with pointy little nails. It just looks SO GROSS to me. Though this could also be due to my strong aversion to children and their hands in general. Like...you know how people think it's so cute when a baby or toddler grabs your finger? It makes me want to scream in horror. lol

      And about the strong aversions to facial hair....you guys might want to avoid my gallery threads...I LOVE facial hair (and body hair) on men! Though I don't really think any of my hairy guys look very young.
    18. I'm not bothered by all smiling dolls, but there are definitely a couple psychotic-looking sculpts around that I avoid looking at. And I don't understand how people can not fix a wonky eye. I'll pull eyes out and re-set them however many times it takes, myself.
    19. I can't think of anything that really creeps me out except really wonky eyes. Like, one up and one down, or looking in opposite directions... that's just... *shudder*

      Someone mentioned zombie dolls... good thing for me I've not seen these, or I would run screaming. *has very deep, irrational fear of zombies*
    20. I can't put my finger on exactly which expressions bother me, but certain stares get to me.
      Ones that are reminiscent of those old dolls that close their eyes when you lay them down. They always freaked me the hell out and I'd have to face it in another direction because if it was looking at me, I couldn't take it!