What creeps you out

Aug 3, 2012

    1. Add me to the list for hyper realistic dolls. There was a period of time where I would enjoy spooking myself with the “Doll or Human?” game on Pinterest during my breaks. :XD: Always in good sport; I appreciate the artistic ability that goes into that level of detail, but there is almost always something about the sculpture itself that throws me off.

      Doll Chateau’s extra joints, specifically in the neck, give me the heebie-jeebies to an insane degree. :shudder The ones in the limbs give them a sense of grace that I’ve come to appreciate, but nobody needs a neck that long. I have never seen a design that could work the extra long neck, in my personal opinion. I have really bad associations with necks that long, though— perhaps I had a very bad encounter with a giraffe in a past life. Or I’ve read too much horror manga. ;)
    2. I agree with you. It’s hard to do facial hair that isn’t creepy.
    3. This thread is really fascinating for me. I was trying to draw a distinction between "creepy" and "dislike", but maybe I need to rethink that. I used to think nothing in dolls creeps me out, but there's plenty of things I dislike. Is creepy a version of dislike or are they two different things in the doll world?

      Back to the thread: I wish we had a survey for this thread. I'd like to know what the top 3 creepy things are, so I can avoid posting photos of them.
      (Yeah, besides clown dolls! I got that already!:XD:)
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    4. Sometimes the dolls based on real people creep me out. There's just something weird to me about having a doll of real life actor, but its not my doll so I don't really care.
    5. OH MY GOSH I get that totally D= Like.. it's cool that it can happen, but like.. photo realistic celeb face @[email protected] weird
    6. Dolls that are too big and too realistic, honestly. The way I see it, dolls should be cartoony and cute or intentionally creepy... the not-self-aware-at-all uncanny valley of some larger bjds just really rubs me the wrong way

      And yeah... I've only seen facial hair done right a handful of times. Even worse if it's on a head that is otherwise sort of feminine/childish :huh?:
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    7. Dolls with one eye or multiple eyes... oh and also super realistic dolls. I love bjds for their dolly look, so realistic dolls sometimes creep me out.
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    8. Many of my friends and relatives are appalled at my dolls at first sight, and some won't even enter my room upon seeing them, even though the most terrifying about them, in my opinion, is that a couple of my resin boys are lying butt-naked on my shelf since ages ago, waiting for me to get their body-blushing/minor maintenance/clothing done. Me, I like fantasy and horror quite a lot and I've played with dolls for as long as I can remember, which is why, I think, I can handle all kinds of BJDs, even those with more extreme gore mods. That said, the only thing that really creeps me out is... bad eye positioning on the dolls' sockets. More precisely, eyes with the irises positioned in the middle of the socket, thus having the doll give you a "fixed glare" expression. Not dolls with the eyes positioned this way because of their character or some other reason, but because of... simple their owners apparently not knowing how to correctly place them. I think such expression creeps me out because it reminds me of the focused, intense glare humans tend to give when angered.
    9. Joints that don't follow a logical, anatomical structure.

      The only dolls that have ever weirded me out had unusual extra joints.
    10. I dont really know why... but most Doll Chateau dolls creep me out. Maybe it's the super elongated limbs? But I feel like they are emancipated. If i could feed a doll a cheeseburger I totally would!

      (Sorry to the DC fans out there! There are a few sculpts that i still find beautiful :) )
    11. Not so much a sculpt in my case, but an eye thing that creeps me out is the ones that have sequins in them - stars and other shapes. I just wince at the thought of having something like that in my own eye!

      And apparently my cat gets very creeped out by my bjd in general. They have staring contests and kitty hisses and growls and occasionally escalates with a pounce. Thankfully it was just a wig that got messed up :0
    12. That crying Mona doll makes my skin crawl. Just a whole bucket of nopes from me.
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    13. Nothing really creeps me out, especially the zombie bjds I have seen (which I love zombies and was a zombie when I acted as one when Woods of Terror was in season), but the thing that does get me is if you have a pet and your pet is staring at your doll and it's like what's going to happen. "Are you going to jump to mess with my doll?" Or the actions that your pet does when your doll is around.
    14. I know this is a matter of opinion, but dolls that have faceups with little to no blushing but super bold features? Like, dark, overly spaced eyelashes (especially on the bottom eyelid), bright red lips, etc., with no texturing. I understand some people must like this aesthetic, and more power to them, but to me that can so easily make a doll look like a cadaver. (Disclaimer: I DO NOT have a specific BJD or artist in mind saying this, it's just something I remember seeing before.)
    15. I have to agree with what others have said about realistic celebrity sculpts. I don't mind that others own them, but they make me feel weirdly superstitious. This could be because my grandma made a porcelain doll that looked exactly like me when I was a child, and I always had this irrational fear that if something happened to it, something would happen to me. So when I see realistic dolls that look like real people, I just get this overwhelming feeling of "this is cursed" lol.

      Certain facial expressions can creep me out too. A fixed grin would definitely give me the heebie-jeebies.
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    16. Certain expressions I've seen on a few dolls creep me out, as well as big breasts that are wonky(like going in different directions) or that sag. Some feet sculpts make me shudder(like Supia flat feet), and some hand sculpts too. Drawn on beards. Pictures with odd, un-natural poses.
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    17. For me, it's female dolls with faces as wide as they are long (or, worse, even wider). We've all seen them...they look like lunchboxes with eyes, and are just extremely unsettling IMHO.

      The tendency for female dolls to look like caricatures while their male counterparts are sculpted to realistic perfection just creeps me out in general, especially considering the (most likely unintentional, but still very real) implications behind that disparity.

      On a related note, while I agree with the OP about the disproportionately huge breasts on female dolls, I think it's even worse when they have hips twice the width of the rest of their (very thin and narrow) bodies, and a thigh gap you could drive a bus through.

      As a very petite person, myself, I have no problem with female dolls that have the thin and narrow body types...I also have no problem with female dolls that have wide hips, if their body type is going to actually support it...it's when the weight distribution is so obviously disproportionate that it fetishizes women and/or reduces us to basic biological functionality (a pair of hips that could birth toddler sized triplets, contrasted against a pair of arms that could both fit up one nostril with room to spare), that I have a problem.

      ((Though I can deal with it when it's Doll Chateau, because they also exaggerate their male dolls (and it doesn't seem to me like most of their dolls are meant to look or be human, anyway)...at least they're consistent, y'know?))

      Oh, and it probably goes without saying, but Dollfie Dream dolls make me want to throw something. Something such as up. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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    18. Hmmm...I can't come up with anything, really. Well, price tags:horror::(:horror: They are sometimes pretty scary, I guess. But otherwise nothing. I have some problems with too big breasts and too spindly bodies, but it's not scary for me. Just not my cup of tea.
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    19. Bad eye position make me nervous... And it's funny for somebody who want to have a Pennywise bjd...:sweat But I think that creepy eyes not fit for every doll. Chubby babies and fat bjds are something what I'll never understand, but we are different. I never be a bully, I just simply ingnore it, and roll over. Anything else... not really bothering me.
    20. Oh dear, seems like I made most of you all's worst nightmare come true. :lol: Some of you dislike plump dolls, dolls with no eyes, dolls with big breasts... Guess what I made? :doh
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