What creeps you out

Aug 3, 2012

    1. As long as you like it, that's all that really matters! <3
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    2. I forgot to add, she has a creepy smile too, LOL
    3. Demonic looking dolls offend me. I know people have dark fantasies but I don't need to see them.
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    4. Sorry, can't figure out how to add pictures.
    5. For me it's dolls with hyper-realistic face-ups that are made to look like real people, most often celebrities. Don't get me wrong, I of course admire the artistic ability that goes into hyper-realistic face-ups. For whatever reason though, when they look just like people that already exist in the real world, it really unsettles me.
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    6. Baby faces on mature bodies, male or female. A round, pretty, youthful face on a huge muscle dude body is laughable to me. There's one particular female sculpt that really bothers me, I won't say the name, but the face straight up looks like a chubby baby face to me. Not like a youthful adult woman, but literally like a toddler or baby, this head wouldn't look out of place on a baby doll, and the default body is slender with very mature curves and it just weirds me out to no end.
    7. Oh ya! That's very unsettling to me too! I do like younger looking doll faces as well as mature ones, but it's important that the body matches the young face, otherwise it just looks off.
    8. I've yet to find something that actually creeps me out in the hobby. I guess I'm a little boring in that regard.

      There are plenty of things that make me roll my eyes though, many of them already mentioned in this thread.
    9. They're super popular, but Pasha Pasha's dolls unnerve me. They look like a personification of famine to me:shudder
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    10. Unrealistic proportions or faces with too many holes. Eye "sockets", I mean. There's a MiracleDolls, I think it is, that has the three eyes in the forehead and two ordinarily placed eyes. I mean, if done correctly, a doll with an open third eye might look cool. But, three extra eyes are bordering on arachnid, and I don't like spiders.

      DollChateau Xaviera, Charon, and Pluto. Their faces seem cute enough, but their bodies are just... no. Again, I don't like spiders. And the Scorpio twins [Charon and Pluto] have rather arachnid legs to their bodies.

      This weird obsession with skinny dolls. I'm not talking the slim models that most companies go for, but the sickly thin frames of DollChateau and the likes. I'm trying to think of which company it was [not a major one], but one of their bodies reminded me of the photos coming out of Europe in WWII when the Allied Army liberated the camps. Not a nice image to associate with dolls, but there it was. PashaPasha and a lot of the Russian artists seem to lean toward that gangling extreme thinness of limbs. Their dolls are artistry on a level that I can't compete with, don't get me wrong. Their bodies just look too skinny and awkward.

      So, essentially, DollChateau creeps me out. Well, no... yes. A little bit. Their bodies, more than the faces.

      *Also, anthropomorphic dolls.
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    11. There is a doll I found awhile back whose expression gave me the shivers. Angel of Dreams Hui Xiang, specifically the pregnant version. Something about her smile and large but narrow eyes screams 'everything is wrong, run away now!' to me. It gets much worse when she's holding a baby. [​IMG]
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    12. I loved the last 5 seconds of my life where I didn’t know this existed

      Oh man, the levels of uncanny valley of her sculpt.

      But I love that her baby is essentially (-_-)
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    13. That is one teeny baby. Terribly premature or underweight. And "Mother's" smile. I had clearly forgotten that this doll exists.

      I suppose some hybridising can be done and another head [with a much kinder face] can be placed on the pregnant body. But, man. Oh, man... I had obviously expunged this from memory.
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    14. @PennyForTheGuy that is creepy as hell. :shudder it's like a robot is wearing her skin
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    15. I can't really think of anything that creeps me out but seeing WIP sculpting pics makes me so uncomfortable, I just dislike the feel of clay. It reminds me of nails on a chalk board.
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    16. Incorrectly placed wigs, especially if they are too far back on the head. I had some unpleasant experiences with severe hair loss, and the sight of a doll that looks like its hairline is running away just holds bad associations.
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    17. There's only a couple really. There was a "moon head" sculpt a while back, a head shaped like the moon complete with craters. The face and body were both childlike. To me, it really looked like someone had just taken a hammer to some poor kid's head. Every time I see it, I think "Ouch!" and quickly scroll past. And anything cyclopsy. There was one in particular, someone had painted on a cyclops eye. Don't get me wrong, the artist did a fantastic job, really good artist, but it was in this lolita anime cutesy style with this big anime eye in the middle of its face that kinda looked like a giant bandaid and it was just this big pile of "Nope!"
    18. Years ago I saw a sculpt of a doll who was crying, but not just slightly sad crying but full on ugly sobbing! I usually like creepy/strange dolls but this sculpt was just unsettling to me.
    19. Oh god. I was going to write something else but this doll completely made me forget what I was going to comment. That is... Unsettling. :o
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