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What exciting doll things are happening for you?

Dec 10, 2017

    1. So I just got really happy about the fact that I'm finally a part of the hobby and have dolls and am planning stuff and just wanted to share my plans/things that were happening cuz I wanted to gush!

      - Buying the dream body for my floating head secondhand next month
      - A grail, Feeple60 Soony is on her way home
      - I bought a beautiful wig secondhand for my newest head and it'll probably be here this week!
      - I'm going to order cute clothes soon for the body I'm getting!!
      - The second bjd meet I go to I'll actually have a full doll to take ;-;

      Please share your exciting stuff I would love to know! Don't have to have a doll yet or anything, could just be about a doll you've found that you want as your first or that you started saving or something!
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    2. Ah, congrats on getting a grail!
      Exciting things that are happening for me:
      I'm back in the hobby after leaving for a while. And I'm so happy to be back. I forgot how fun and rewarding this hobby can be.
      This means I'm also sewing things again, which brings me great joy, so I'm excited about that too.
      But most exciting, I bought my grail! She's currently on her way home to me. I haven't been this excited about a doll since I bought my first!
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    3. I only got involved with the hobby a little while ago, but now I own two dolls I really love, and I'm negotiating for a potential third! My sewing has improved a lot since I started making clothes for my girls, and I'm excited to try out new things like wigmaking, too. I also just went to my first meetup, and I already can't wait for my second!
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    4. Congrats to both of you for getting a grail doll! That'a always so rewarding. I'm back to playing with BJDs after a 2 year hiatus when I played with a few antiques. But Fairyland little Fee Ante has been calling for a while & I finally got her last month. I was lucky to get the Pink Macaron full-set for a very reasonable price. So I've been going crazy spoiling & photographing her.

      I took out my Garden of Dolls elf Nabiya & she really needs restrung so I'm waiting for the cord to arrive. I'm going to try to restring her so I can play with her. I just found a newer Garden of Dolls doll, Narah, on eBay.I love the Blackberry Goth elf. So now there are 2 dolls that I want, the other wold be Ante's sister Little Fee Chloe. From thinking I was done to dolly lust again!
    5. -I'm going to cast my doll head in the new year and sculpt some spoopy dolls

      -ill get a souldoll clodia head,that I'm going to hybrid with a resinsoul Yao body, but she is going to be a unicorn. I'm really excited about this because you can't buy the head by itself normally and I need a menhera unicorngirl with pointy teeth in my life

      -ill finally be able to buy one of my fav characters a body after a reshelling fiasco, I'll be so happy to have him back <3
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    6. Sidenote, you have a Nabiya too? That's so cool! My second doll is a Nabiya, I just got her secondhand and no one else in the hobby I've talked to has known about her.
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    7. Yay for grails!!! I love your girls btw, follow you on Instagram and theyre so cute!
      Me too!! They're so much fun, it was so nice meeting dolly people!
      Omg that's so exciting congrats!!
    8. I just shelled a really impossible to shell guy (twigling Gamine on a resinsoul body) and I might be able to bring him home soon, depending on when twigling’s preorder ends!
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    9. Really? I can't remember the doll artist but she designs some charming pieces. She has a new doll, Narah, on eBay. I love the Blackberry Goth elf. Oops, I said that before. :kitty1
    10. My female grail doll should be arriving this month. I can't wait to dress her up and take pictures! :whee:
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    11. It's Ashley Koh, isn't it? At least, that's the name on the Garden of Dolls etsy shop. Her dolls have a really distinct style!
    12. Ahhh grails are so exciting!!
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    13. Yes Ashley Koh or Kolh. She's a really nice lady. She has a shop on etsy? I'll have to look for her there.

      Her dolls do indeed have a distinct style. They look like relatives of each other. This is funny because I didn't know another owner either.
    14. I just bought Sariel from Granado... I don’t know why I keep buying after I’ve told myself I need to stop... I better start selling my other boys now
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    15. I don't have any exciting bjd things going on right now, but I'm hoping to buy another doll soon!
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    16. My doll, Hailey, that I got several years ago, is expecting a baby in her story, so I have a tiny on the way!

      I'm also in the process of reworking my crew and doll room, and when (if) I ever get done, everything will be neat, organized and pretty!
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    17. I just got my sewing machine for Black Friday, then yesterday I was able to find my off topic Sailor Moon dolls in three different sizes at my parents so I can practice making clothes for them till I can order my first true doll in spring. Hopefully.
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    18. I bought my first batch of accessories for my dolls, which will also (hopefully) be their first ON-TIME Christmas presents! :) I also have a doll-sized tree this year, and I can't wait to take Christmas photos!
      On the scary-exciting side, I'll be making my first hybrid doll by the turn of the new year :shudder I'm about 80% certain the resins will match. . .
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    19. Congrats!!! I’m super excited to get done with exams so I can really get into crafting for my doll. I’ve got half a wig made (more like 1/4th of a wig, honestly...) I also found a great pattern for the outfit I want to make him!
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    20. my friend got me the CUTEST little dress as a christmas present!! i can't wait to get it , it'll be so perfect on my doll
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