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What eye size can Delf Soony wear?

Dec 20, 2005

    1. I want a Soony, badly. Like, I could chew my own leg off to get her.

      Since I've only ever drooled over the big kids before, having two minis myself, I've got a question.

      What I'm curious about is... does she only take 20mm eyes, or do the 18mm ones fit all right in her eye wells? Do the 18mm ones leave that weird gap, or is that not a problem.. also, do the pupils and corneas of the 18mms look much, much too small for her? I kind of sort of maybe know what a size too big would look like, if it fit, but I'm not going for the even more massive anime look for my Soony when I get her, since, as we all know, she's got that deer-in-the-headlights look, anyway.


      Thanks so much for your help!

    2. I think you probably meant to post this elsewhere, but I'll answer your question anyway. ^_~

      18mms do fit, as far as I can tell, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. With such tiny irises in such a big eye, it makes her look a bit odd, IMO. Too much white showing.

      I've never had a problem with Mitya's 20mm eyes, but then I pretty much never position my dolls' eyes in the center. It's always at some sort of angle, and I think it helps to counteract the staring effect.

      Hope that helps! :D

    3. I've seen her - 20 or ideally 22 are most DEFINITELY what I'd reccommend. She looks horribly creepy with anything smaller.
    4. Yep, 20mm or 22mm. Don't go any smaller :)
    5. Really? someone posted a soony in 18mm brown eyes (I think) and she looked wonderful! Made me seriously consider smaller eyes for my sweetie's Soony, when she come home. I forgot who it was who posted those pics, though...the owner of two girls, datura and luna.well, maybe it's different in person.
    6. Bloomlikewinter was the one who posted those pics, perhaps giving her name a search will get those pictures...
    7. I think it depends on the eye maker, too... for instance, old Souldoll 18s may have worked because their Iris is about a 20mm equivelent. Where as I find Schwarz Augen are a little smaller than their size in other makes. For instance.
    8. Wow, this has been TREMENDOUS help.
      I'm going to go and look up Bloomlikewinter right now, to see her SOony... THANK YOU.
    9. As long as the irises are at least 10mm, Soony can wear 18mm. I've been meaning to post pictures to my site. I'll put a link up when I do.
    10. Yipes! I didn't realise I was being paged, haha.

      This thread is MONTHS old, but here is Luna w/ 18 mm eyes!



      They fit fine ^_^
    11. Yeah that's what I was going to say. I have some 18mm that are the size of other company's 20mm and vice versa.

      Also Soony tends to look a bit surprised no matter what size eyes you put in her. I would lean towards the larger eye size to try to keep her from looking shocked!
    12. It also depends on eye positioning . . . but, yeah, some brands' irises are larger than others -- Jessamine can wear 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm, depending on the eye color and what expression I'm going for.

      One thing to watch out for is the paperweighting of the eye -- I personally don't like the 20mm glass eyes that Jess came with because they have a fairly high dome over the iris, which makes them hard to pose within the socket. Too bad, because they're lovely eyes . . . I had the same problem with 20mm SoulDoll eyes, although they're easier to work with than the Luts glass eyes.

      Here are a few example pictures:

      18mm hazel acrylic eyes:


      20mm SoulDoll eyes:


      22mm acrylic eyes:



      -- Andi :>
    13. My Delf Soony doll came with 20mm eyes, is this the only size eyes that will fit her?*_*
    14. Kitomi has 18mm.. I never noticed anything off and I deffinitely wouldn't go bigger.
    15. I know someone who uses 18mm eyes in her Soony, and it looks nice. Personally, I have 3 Soonys, and I like the 20mm better, but it depends on the expression you want her to have. She tends to look a bit sweeter/more innocent with the bigger eyes.
    16. After having owned Jessamine for a few years, I really only put her in 18mm eyes -- 20mm always seemed to leave her looking a little vague and out of it.

      18mm Drop Rops (and I believe that Christal's Soony, Lenore, is also in 18mm eyes):


      18mm oval low-dome glass eyes (I think these were from Audrey's?):



      HTH (again, hehe!)

      -- A <3