what is the body you like most?

Jun 4, 2020

    1. Hello Everyone, I know it may be a wired question but I am really curious to know what company produces the great body with beautiful look, can stand well and you can easily adjust the joint to make different postures?
    2. Out of my collection, my Dollshe Arsene body is the best poser and stander. My 2DDoll 68cm is a good second contender.
    3. Dz nb56-001
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    4. I strongly feel Fairyland's Minifees and Feeples have really great joint engineering with a pleasing aesthetic- it's no wonder they are so popular! Their solutions to elbow locks and kneecaps are definitely my favorite concepts, and I haven't needed to suede my Minifees like I do with my other dolls because of this engineering. Their magnetic hands and feet are also a plus as it makes it so much easier to switch out parts, no need to fiddle with strings and S-hooks every time you need to change from flat to heeled feet. There are, of course, some limitations with mobility, as they don't have a mid-torso joint, and their knees only bend so far (they can't bring their knees to their chests, for example), these are just some things you have to sacrifice for their look (seamless stomach, knees that aren't beans), but I still like them anyways and feel they are very well-rounded sculpts. And also, Minifees can stand on their own! I love how much thought was put into their design and I also feel they're pretty beginner-friendly dolls too.
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    5. Best body I ever owned was a DZ B45-017. I really wanna get one of their SD bodies one day.
    6. My best pose holder has been the Fantasia Doll elder female body. It has steel bars inside it as a default. As if it was wired, except the stuff inside her is really hardcore and is drilled into her torso from inside to keep it still. She is 65 cm and she can pull off rather cool poses without assistance or leaning onto anything. She can stand bent over with another 60+ SD doll sitting on her back, without any help. And the only things touching ground are her soles of feet. She hasn't got the best poseability all the way (her wrists are awful and default hands would barely move) but I have modded her a bit to make the best body I owned. What I hate most on bodies is kicky joints and not holding poses, to me the selection of poses is a secondary thing as long as the body can pull off even a few properly.

      She is very beautiful and unique, too. Haven't seen many other ladies with such realistic abs in SD size. In fact, haven't seen any. She has a very arched back that I find slightly disturbing, but that's about it. If I only got to keep one body, it would be her.
    7. On a personal emotional/aesthetic level, my favorite body is the Clover Doll boy body.

      But some of the best bodies I've ever had are probably the Doll Family H 46cm and 56cm bodies. I lump them together because they're extremely similar aesthetically and posing-wise- really smooth/minimal joint transitions, but lots of joints that have really sophisticated engineering. They stand like a rock, and hold poses really sturdy.

      Also... I can't post in one of these threads without admitting that Dream Valley bodies have the best balance of posing and aesthetics I've ever seen in this hobby. I can't even pick a favorite among them, they're amazing at every size. They stand steady and fall into elegant poses effortlessly. I feel like a broken record about this but they really blow me away. *_*
    8. I loooove Doll Leaves bodies. They look good, they pose good, the only issues I've had was when I restring them because I suck at restringing. I have had... 7? Doll Leaves bodies and they're all great.

      Fairyland has good bodies and I think they pose well. The hip pieces though, have this... piece on the inside that prevents the lower torso from posing well imo.

      Island Doll poses well and they have good bodies. I only have one, she's from 2015, but she still poses amazingly.

      I find artist dolls to also have good bodies and be excellent posers, but I've only ever had two artist dolls so my experience with them is limited.
    9. My most favourite is probably Feeple 65 body because of magnetic hands and feet and locking mechanism in the head. It makes dressing up easy. It poses well in my opinion. I hope these bodies and dolls will be up to preorder soon...

      Second favourite is Luts Senior Delf in 65cm. It holds pose great, stands great, looks great...If they had magnetic hands and feet it would be my most favourite body instead of Feeple. The resin colours are a bit...unpredictable in my experience. Delfs share the second position with Doll Leaves. I especially love their 1/4 bodies.

      My other favourites are double-jointed Resin Souls -- all these skin tones they offer! Perfect!
    10. fairyland is really the best !! I've made hybrids of all the flying heads i have with minifee or feeple60 !! ahah i love them so much, they can pose so well and the shape is really nice ! :)
    11. Of all the dozens of dolls I’ve owned, my top three:

      -BlueBlood Doll 62cm boy body
      -Doll Family A 56cm Boy body
      -LoongSoul 58cm girl body

      I also really love pretty much anything by Luts, Doll Chateau and Impldoll.
    12. Fairyland ChicLine muscular body, but the none-muscular one is also pretty nice (just less muscular). If they had made one in 70-75cm, I would have gotten it for my larger version of the same doll. There are somethings I wish were more proportionate, or realistic, but I love the doll and body as a whole. I am not looking forward to restringing it ever, but it is a great poser as well (the feet are tiny for its height/weight, like with most FL dolls, but it can stand well enough if balanced just right). (:

    13. The Volks DearSD body poses really well!
      She can sit cross-legged, seiza-style, suwarikko-style and stands very stable on her two legs. She's double-jointed in her elbows and can move her arms basically into any position you can think of. She even has a torso joint which allows her to turn around 360° and this joint also enables her to slouch down.
      The only downside to this body is that the hand movement isn't that good since there is no extra ball joint that connects the wrist to the arm. But so far the DearSD could hold any position I ever needed for the character so it's by far the best posing body in my doll collection:3nodding:
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    14. Even though she's not a great poser, the body of my villitunes mimichu s one of my favorites for aesthetics. If I'm going for poseability, I'd say my doll leaves body for sure
    15. I love this topic! I was always obsessed with the look of the SD Unoa body but I hear it isn't the best at posing. Tbh - I mostly like it because of the hands and my Luts Delf girl has very similar hands. She's really tall though! I never know how to handle her spider legs.
    16. Not the best posability but the lillycat sculpts are just so beautiful to me.
    17. I have a Granado Vigor ordered that will hopefully ship soon. I think he's going to be my best body but I will update when he's here.
      If the guys I have my Loongsoul 80cm is the most stable buy my spirit doll proud is the best poser.
    18. Now, I personally need something a little different with my dolls’ posing...they’re all great loungers!:XD: I really need bodies that can look good sitting and/or slouching. For this, my hands-down favorite is any Doll Chateau body with the extra elongated joints. They’re just so artistic and elegant looking, and can pose in a myriad of ways. No doll can pull off the look of languishing or swooning quite like a Doll Chateau!;)

      But for great all-round steady posing, my favorite is Luts.:)
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    19. My personal absolute favourite is twigling’s b bust/short torso/either thigh/long nail hands body, though any of her bodies are ideal. I have c/short/short/long nail, and a/long/long/relaxed hand coming, and a couple of bodies in my ideaL combo. On top of that, twigling uses the best resin colours.
    20. A Chicabi honey body