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What is the meaning behind your DOA username?

Jan 22, 2015

    1. Mine is Czechmix because chexmix is my favorite snack food because each side of my family from a different kingdom of the now gone Czechoslovakia. So I'm mixed Czech or czechmix.

      What's the story behind your name?
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    2. I don't have a deep meaning or story behind my username. I am just attached to this username because I've had it for so long now. Every internet friend and even real life friends know me by this username...,.my mom's coworkers also know it for some reason.

      But if I have to tell a story hmm...I thought of kimbapchan because my friend's mom always gave me home made kimbap she was so nice. It's sad that they moved back to korea but because of my friend I love korean food now O 7 O
    3. When I was in high school, I was very interested in Demonology and liked researching it. Ose is my birth demon, so I started using that name in my username on some websites.

      The 93 isn't all that interesting, it's just my birth year.
    4. wrxgal - I'm a gal, lol and I have driven a Subaru WRX since 2002... hence the name wrxgal lol .... :)
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    5. I'm unoriginal, it's my name. lol My first name and middle initial.
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    6. I just really like calico cats ;v;
    7. My name is a Swedish nickname I gave my oldest daughter Hanna when she was born. It literally means Hannalittle.
    8. One time, years ago, I dressed up as a zombie pixie for a zombie walk. Everybody I knew loved the photos, and for a while my online nickname became ZombiePixie. When I registered for a forum but ZombiePixie was already taken, that became LostPixie (because I lost the zombie bit and also because I do sometimes seem like a manic little pixie lost among the grown-ups). Little was added later, mainly because it sounds nice, pixies are little, and I am tiny irl amongst all the Dutch giants that surround me :P
    9. Rynn is from a video game. The 007 was from an ex-boyfriend. He was Chanlin007 online so I was Rynn007!
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    10. I've actually had my username since my Neopets days in late elementary school / early junior high. It's a combination of my two favorite Neopets at the time. >.>" By now, though, it's pretty much lost that meaning, and I just use it because it's how people recognize me online, and because it shortens nicely to Tara or Xwee. Not to mention that it's almost never previously taken!
    11. Basically NSFW. :3nodding: Oh, and I like bats (the animal kind not the baseball kind).
    12. No real story behind my name, it's just a nickname I've had for years.
    13. Mine is from my Doctor Who fanfic days - I had a Time Lord OC named Lady Madrigal Baker. It turned into more or less a permanent online nickname after a friend in England got Tom Baker's autograph for me and asked him to sign it "To Maddy."
    14. My first OC in high school was named Clorista. I just started using it all over and it sort of stuck.
    15. It's actually my belly dance alias! Which I basically stopped using irl because everyone thinks my real name is made-up anyway. :sweat
    16. My username is just based off one of my main characters from a series I write about. I also use the same username on Deviant Art and other websites.*
    17. Sabina was my grandmother's name, and she will always be the person I've loved most in the world <3
      Sibilance is a term in Linguistics (which I studied in college and grad school). The easiest way to explain it is the hissing sound made by some consonants, like "s" and "z". Fun fact: if you are whispering and don't want to be overheard, speak with a lisp because sounds with sibilance are the easiest to distinguish at low volume :) sorry...my nerdiness is showing lol
    18. Sesshoumaru...demon moon...
      is it only a crush if it lasts over 10 years???..I think not...he consumes me
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    19. :aheartbeaI use this name beacause I hope more people to know our dolls,and give me support,it's very directly,but it can prove that I'm full of sincerity to join in DOA this big doll party.:XD:
    20. Rinoa is a character from Final Fantasy VIII. That's pretty much it. I never really put much thought into my name when I joined as back in the day I never thought I'd want to make clothes or craft a doll to sell, or possibly have a unique name people could associate with me and a BJD shop or for commissions. I was a big Final Fantasy fan back then and Aerith (my favourite character at the time) was taken, so I just used Rinoa instead.

      I do wish I could change it to something more suitable for who I am now, but oh well! :sweat
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