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What 'sells' you on a doll?

May 27, 2010

    1. What is the one/or several things that sell you on a dollfie? Is it his/her lips, eyes, body, smile, skin color? Perhaps just the company itself makes you want to buy it such as "Volks" because of quality.

      I'd say that I love softer features on dollfies, I also like the eyes to be more realistic then cartoon-like, these are things that makes me want to buy certain dolls. I really love hands, I go for more detailed male hands then soft youthful boy hands, and I like tense muscles. For girls I like them to be curvaceous but with a medium bust, I also like their eyes to be almost "Dreamy" like... but not always half closed :)

      Can't wait to see everyone's preferences for dollfie hunting!
    2. I go for overall look but I am more drawn towards dreamy types regardless of size. For bigger dolls, I'll also look at their bishie-o-meter LOL. I also tend to zone in on their eyes and mouth/lips. In my case, when I was choosing between DOC Ivan and Kirill as my first doll, I had a hard time deciding but eventually I decided on Ivan as he looked more dreamy and I LOVE the shape of his mouth alot!
    3. love at first sight, I like browsing arround the galleries and doll-sites, it could be anything that makes me want a doll, but I love dolls with bigger eyes, like my kdf Ani has.
      mostly its the face, but a goodlooking body helps too.
    4. It depends on the doll. Sculpt, overall look and price. If I consider a doll a real bargain for the money, I'm more likely to buy it at present. I'm interested in Aria doll at present because I love the look of the body and the price is a bargain. I've bought quite a few customhouse for the same reason. Other times it's the face alone and I think the body is nice. I bought Chalco because I adored his face. Sometimes it's quirky, I liked Spiritdoll Abies and his face was interested plus the 3 optional parts seemed amusing so I plan to get him.
    5. Realism. When a BJD looks very realistic, I'm much more likely to get it than when it looks kinda "anime-like". I also don't go for cute. Not at all. Nor childlike. I like grown-up guys who look that way.
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    6. Honestly, I don't know. I have a wide variety of dolls and they all appeal to me in a different way. I just know them when I see them.
    7. Eye shape is important. I like larger eyes but not huge ones. Certain curves toward the top and inside of the eye I find highly pleasing.

      Lips are also important. What has destroys many a mold for me is when the lips look like they've been stung by bees. I like natural-looking lips (shape-wise) that aren't huge and puffy.

      I'm more into the classical BJD look, so a semi-anime look with a bit of realism is preferred. I don't really care for most super realistic molds and I don't really care for the really anime-ish molds, either.

      I guess the main thing that sells a doll to me is the overall look. If the above factors come together in a pleasing way, the doll will become wish-listed. :)
    8. Nose... It's the first thing I notice in a face of a doll so I am very particular about it. It must be perfect {for me} in every angle.Even though the over-all look is good but the nose isn't I wouldn't dream of buying it. This has crushed my dreams of actually buying some dolls.

      Chins, Head and Face shapes... I don't know how to explain this so that everyone would understand but there are face/head/chin shapes that I don't find appealing. This is the second reason that has erased the doll in my wishlist or prevent it from getting there.

      Lips... For girls I would like them to be plump/full but for mature females it's okay to be on the slimmer side but still plump. For men it should be on the slim side but shotas is an excemption. The lips should be able to express a lot of emotions because not all dolls have different faceplates w/ different expressions/emotions. Even though there are, it won't be the exact image that I would like to express.

      So that's that, I like details but I also {try to} look at the over-all composition of a doll.
    9. For MOST of my dolls (right now, anyway) what draws me to them is being able to make them into the OCs that I want them to be. Or else the WoW characters that I want to bring out in dolly form. I need them to look enough like those characters that I'm not doing much modding to them. And that...means I need a range of different looks, colors, heights, styles. Currently I own all RS and BBB dolls, as their sculpting styles fit many of these characters, as does the availability of so many resin colors. Their price range also means I can pick up those characters now, when I can't afford the more expensive dolls I want. But I've also found a MNF that NEEDS to be another character...and an Iplehouse...and 2 Impledolls...and I've still several characters that need a dolly shell picked out, that I just haven't found yet.

      Then there are my simple wants...dolls I see and fall in love with, and want to get once I've gotten all my character dolls done. Like the Elfdoll Soah. And 2 Ringdolls. A few boys from Buddydoll...a few B&G dolls...and the list keeps growing as I do more hunting for dolls for those un-assigned characters, and come across dolls that I fall in love with, that simply won't work for any of the characters.
    10. For me It has to be cute! I love cute younger looking sculpts with a sprinkle of "anime/cartoon" over something more realistic.
      Faceshape! I prefer triangular chins/faces over rounder ones. I Don't really like squared faces or bulky ones. Lip shape seems really important to me, because I'm not into huge lips but not too small. No huge lady gaga noses, I prefer cuter smaller noses. (No offense to Lady Gaga! She's has great music and is real pretty...but her nose ins't anything I'd see on my doll^^; ) Presentation of how the company reveals a doll is very big too! I'm usually drawn in by nicer pictures than hard-to-see ones. The faceup companies use on their dolls is also a big factor because if it doesn't look well on the doll, it makes me wonder if any faceup is worth putting on it.
    11. For me it's usually expression. I'm really drawn to certain facial expressions, and often what sells me on a mold is if it looks particularly expressive even when blank.
    12. I apparently have a thing for big heads. *eyes her dolls* I think that goes with liking anime proportions for my dolls, though.

      A good expression on the sculpt is probably an equal draw, though. The natural smirk on Yoru's face is what really sold me on him. ^_^
    13. It's perhaps a little odd but some give me tingles(good tingles of course). Not really sure how to explain it but there's just some dolls which send tingles through me when I see them.
    14. mouths are really important too me... and i apparently have a thing for open mouths...
      eye shape and a big honkin nose are also important ;)
    15. I Agree with the love at first sight thing! It's wierd but I guess when I browse and find one I love it's love at first sight and in a way I think it helps if that doll fits my OC characters I'm writing.(So I always have them in the back of my mind so when I see a fit. I'm Like this is it!) It's also wierd cause so far the limited dolls have fit some of my characters perfectly. So it's not so good for my wallet ;) I have one @ home and two are still on layaway.
    16. The joints. Gotta have awesome joints that are well-integrated into the sculpting.
      Also a sweet, innocent face. :3 Smirking, scoffing and scowling don't really do it for me. Any style is fine because a gorgeous face can happen in any style.
      Nice hips help a lot too, on girls~
    17. First, it's the all-round sculpt of the head- how the eyes look, how round the chin is, etc.
      Then what type of joints they have <3 They must have, at the very least, a chest joint and double-jointed elbows x3
    18. I like mature looking women who aren't smiley. I like a bit smaller, realistic eyes, and smokey faceups. As for bodies, I like them to be somewhat busty and have a bit of a backyard :D The waist/hip area is also important, as I love outfits that sit low on the hips and exposed navels. Yum!

      Also, and this isn't so much an aesthetic appeal, but I like dolls that are a bit versatile. I decided to get super gems because there are a few companies with wide selections in shoes and clothes that will work with super gems, and high heel feet are easy to get.
    19. I look at ankles/knees, then face. Next is boobs and overall body style. If it's a guy, of course, I don't look for boobs, but chest and masculinity. The last detail I look for are the hands. If I'm looking for a masculine guy, I look closely at the hands. I especially like hands that are a little veiny and very detailed.
    20. Yes, that's true for me, also. As soon as I think I've narrowed down what I look for, I fall in love with a doll that is completely opposite. It's like...husbands. ;D Before I met my husband, I had a list of things I didn't want in a guy. He fit at least half the items on the list!--and we've been together for 22+ years.

      I've never had a method to any of my various hobby or collection madnesses--I like what I like, and that's it.