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What's THE most wonderful thing someone has said about your doll?

Jan 17, 2007

    1. There are a lot of nice things that we as doll owners hear on a fairly general basis about our dolls. Some of those words or compliments stand out more than others. But there's always that one magical thing someone says that absolutely makes your day. Something so outstanding, so heartfelt that you can't but love that person all the more, for showing your resin minions... well, love.

      When my boyfriend was only my bestfriend, he sent me the message below on myspace, letting me know he understood my reasons for letting go of one of my resin housemates. He didn't have to do it; but it meant the world to me that he had.

      So I'm wondering how many of you have had similar experiences with people saying, sending or conveying messages to you about your dolls, that absolutely blew you away.

      Tell me your stories! ^_____^
      I'd love to hear them all!
    2. Very simple actually. . . Just that she's very original. :l
    3. "No, I'm not humoring you when you talk about her. In fact, I want one of my own."
    4. I have to say the greatest compliments I've ever gotten on my dolls is that the person seeing them wants one of their own. That really means a lot to me, but I think Nes takes the cake--she is my Lynx's godmommy and she almost wants something to happen to me because then he automatically goes to her, LOL!
      That really is the best compliment ever--I think, LMAO!
      But I have to love her for saying she'd come to my father and go, "Yeah, sorry about whatever, I'm here for the doll." :)
    5. It was actually the other day during English class, I left Alexei at my computer area to go get my essay I was printing when my old english teacher, (from england!) picked her up and said ."What a lovely angel, I wish to kidnapp her as my granddaughter."
      That was soo sweet of him!
    6. I think it's cool when girls talk to me about them, but for me, it's a HUGE compliment when GUYS find them intriguing, or want to hold them LOL :)
      as a general rule, most guys aren't into them. So for a guy to want to stop and ask me about them is awesome :)
    7. Some one on Deviant Art said that Vincent looked real
    8. My best friend told me that she's searching for a guy who looks like my doll, so she can marry him XDD Also.. a lot of people say that he looks real in his photos ^________^
    9. Ironically enough, my boyrfiends name is Simon XD
      He said this, after I had decided to sell Eiji and try to fit him into another doll (which didn't work, but hey, I tried)
      I made me feel happy.

      Si-mon: so it's the mould that that character exists in that isn't working?
      Aerynface: that's exactly it!
      Si-mon: well I can see what you mean
      Si-mon: I saw the drawing of Eiji, and then looked at Eiji, and it didn't fit in my head
      Aerynface: But I keep flittering between getting Vin a body and getting Eiji back the way he should be
      Aerynface: and I won't come into money for a while after I do this, because I need to start paying for my TAFE course
      Aerynface: I'm doll angsting XD Sorry!
      Si-mon : no, it's cool
      Si-mon : refreshing
      Si-mon : you've got a part of vin
      Si-mon : but no eiji at all
      Si-mon : vin's got life
      Si-mon : all eiji has is a square that he should be in
      Si-mon : that's my thinking
      Aerynface : So what do you think I should do?
      Si-mon : I think you should get Vin's hair
      Si-mon : and then have an eiji

      and then:

      Si-mon: I don't think it's a problem with fitting Eiji into a doll
      Si-mon: I think the problem is that he'll be delivered in a box
      Si-mon: and Eiji's character is very outside the box
      Si-mon: but the doll is inside the box!

      <33 Sadly enough, I've sold both dolls mentioned. He liked Vin a whole lot :(
    10. heh...as far as compliments go my favorite one was "can i make love to your doll?" It was a nice break from "ew that's so ugly," "chuckie doll" comments, and "rachel...what the hell is this?"

      Heh, comments on my craftmanship (shiwoo's faceup, dude, and "toddie") are always apreciated too ^^
    11. Hmm, it's a toss-up between comments to the effect that Il&#250; has made someone consider getting a Shiwoo (I'm always touched when I hear those ^^) and one of my RL-friends wanting to steal the brat away and elope with him :lol:
    12. I think the best compliment I ever recieved was from a family friend, who I had been *trying* to explain what BJDs were before I had Joss. She asked if show him to her (since she'd heard so much about him! ^_^) when he finally arrived and the first thing she said upon seeing him was "Oh my God, this doll has a *soul*!"
      I was really touched.
    13. I'm still a complete newb to the doll world, so at the meetup I went to recently, it really surprised me when a group of girls went up to Dash, who was sitting all by himself at the time, and squealed happily about how much they loved him. They knew his name already and recognized him first by his necklaces. They were talking about how they should make a fanclub site for him. One girl was so excited when I just plopped Dash into her arms. I couldn't believe he was so loved there already.

      And then when people posted pictures from the meet...there were so many of him. That was really unexpected and flattering considering there were probably 30-something dolls there.

      Oh, then there was the time I took Dashiell to school and one girl in my art class was twirling around with him in her arms and thought it was so cute that she had the same earrings as him. She said she wanted to get a chiwoo and put him in frilly dresses. xDD
    14. Well this was today actually :)

      My first BJD doll arrived - Laidoll Lily - I got a text to say the box had arrived so I YM'd my best friend who's been waiting right along with me for Kefri to get here

      conversation went something like this

      me; YAAAAY she's HERE!!!
      S; OMIGOD!!
      me; YAY
      S; I feel like you were pregnant and I just got the call!

      (kinda EW but kinda cool too)

      me; I wish you lived close enough now to come unwrap her with me
      S; Me too, I wanna go out and buy baby clothes or something
      me; well you can - MSD size - LOl tho you can TRY a babygro but she'll scowl at you from it!

      Kinda cute, kinda wierd but pretty well sums up how we feel about these resinkids
    15. Maybe it's weird of me, but I love it when someone asks what sculpt Del is and I go;
      'Oh, he's a Dolkot Kiss.' and they go
      "No. Fckin. Way."
      because he's actually managed to defiy the logic and looks of the sculpt >.> just makes me feel like I've got something awesome going on with him.
    16. In regards to my twins, Henry and Harold (Chiwoo and Woosoo): "They are beautiful together."

      I'll leave it up to everyone else to take how they wish. But, it was still a lovely compliment in my opinion. Stood out above the rest.
    17. I had someone whose dolls I've always admired tell me that Mika is their favourite Breakaway on the boards :)
    18. I think it has to be the day I introduced Scara to my Nan. n_n; He was sitting next to her on the armchair, and she looked at me and said:

      "You'll be alright when you go back to Japan, won't you. He's your guardian angel and he'll take care of you."

      She really hates the idea of me wanting to be so far away- she can't understand how anybody would ever leave their hometown (which saddens me deeply); and she worries about absolutely EVERYTHING... so that really meant a lot coming from her. (^-^)
    19. Surprinsingly...the most special thing to me...is when my bf buckled ringo in because he didnt want him getting hurt.
    20. Once a man wanted to trade his baby for my Unoss at the time but he wasn't dutch but from the UK!!! My first impuls reaction was pulling the doll away and screaming nooooooooooo =_=...so embaressing and dumb cause the baby was CUTE!! hehehe...
      But it was very nice compliment and it was my first time outside with a BJD in my arms and I was really excited and affraid someone might say something offensive about her!!