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Where is Cyberia? - RESOLVED

Oct 20, 2010

    1. I truly hate doing this, because I just know that this is a misunderstanding somehow or that something bad has happened with Cyberia. I don't think paging will help because she has not been on DOA since this transaction. That is part of the problem. So, I am reaching out to anyone who might know her in real life or who may have another way to get a hold of her.

      On September 22, I purchased a Pukifee Fur Seal faceplate in normal skin from Cyberia. I paid via Paypal. Her last message to me was on Sept. 22 at 6:19pm MST saying that she would get it in the mail by Friday. That is the last time she logged onto DOA. I have not heard from her since and my item never arrived. The thread link is still noted in her profile, but the thread has dissapeared. I think it must have been part of the old marketplace and was thus removed when the new one started.

      I am so sad.

      Please someone help me find her so that she can finish this up. She has excellent feedback here and I truly do not think she intended to do this. Yuck, this makes my stomach hurt.

      ...hitting "send" now. :(
    2. Yes, Cyberia has not been on the forum since 22SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. The item was shipped right away on October 19 and it has been received in perfect condition. YAYYYY!!!! As I thought, it was a simple error and not intended at all. Life throws us curves once in awhile...it happens to all of us. I would buy from Cyberia again, and I am so very glad that she is ok. Thank you so much and please close this thread. :)