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Unresolved Where is Dolce with our wigs?

Mar 18, 2006

    1. Dolce took alot of wig orders about a month ago and hasn't been heard from since. Dolce has not been active on the board in a month. People have tried to contact dolce at 2 email addresses with no response:

      If anybody knws how to contact dolce please post here. Many people would like to know the status of this order:

      Dolce has been contacted and has posted this thread:
      The above thread is dead and Dolce is gone again!
    2. Thanks for posting this. I find it odd that the first round of wigs went so well and then out of no where Dolce is gone. I hope that wasnt a gain trust then scam kind of thing... Things do happen in people's lives though...I just wish SOMEONE could make contact.
    3. I hope we haven't all been scammed. I went ahead and filed a paypal claim b/c they will also try and contact the seller. I was specific though that I would prefer my goods over a refund and gave them a link to the marketplace thread, I don't know if the will be able to view it though....
    4. i really hope dolce didnt scam us since last time everybody got their wigs
      still...how do you file a paypal claim b/c?
    5. Hmm I wonder if there is a time limit on making claims...Havent a few people tried to email Dolce? It may have only been a little bit of money for me but its still money that could have gone to my current goal...Let me know if paypal gets ahold of Dolce...

      (PS LOVE the donation button! GREAT idea...mind if I make one for myself? XD)
    6. keii_chan- you should be able to look at you transaction history and view the details on that specific transaction. Somewhere on that page it should say something like claims, or file a claim. The next page will list any claims that might be pending. Just click wherever it says file a claim or something along those lines.

      SoleilCamui- There is a time limit but I am not sure how long. I was one of the people who emailed dolce but I haven't gotten a reply... :(

      I used paypal to make the button. I had to deit the code they gave me to make it work on a message board but it was still really easy. :) I don't mind at all if you make one. I'm suprised nobody else ever has. I doubt anybody will ever donate but you never know.
    7. I bet Im too late to claim...I need to check this out more. I think I asked about wigs and paid as soon as Dolce asked me too and that was some time ago. Ive probably just lost my money if Dolce doesnt turn up.

      Yea I figure no one will donate either but its a great idea! Never know when someone is feeling generous!
    8. Wow, I'm surprised to read this since I was part of the first order and things went so well. Maybe he's just overwhelmed with all the orders and it's taking him longer to have them finished and mailed out. It's be a shame for him to turn out to be a scammer! Good luck to you guys...
    9. Thanks! I too think its odd because I was in the first order too! Really things do happen and if he gets overwhelmed he could at least post that so people know what's going on! I too have problems occasionally with things that cant be helped but I know, being a seller myself, that communication is imperative! Then again...there may be something that is preventing him from gaining internet access... IM crossing my fingers that it is just some personal problems and he will return with an update...
    10. I'm also hoping that this all isn't the result of a scam. I was thinking somebody might auctually know dolce and better know how to get in touch...
    11. I left a comment on there. I didn't know he had a LJ.
    12. ...I almost feel like a stalker or something.
    13. I, too, would like my order fufilled, even if it is late. I believe that 30 days is the limit for a PayPal refund, however. I sincerely hope that Dolce had merely had difficulties and will fufill everyone's order shortly. I am concerned--it's not so much the money, but the trust.
    14. Oh good, finally. I think dolce got the idea when I replied to that LJ community.
    15. has anyone gotten wigs yet?or heared anything? cuz i emailed asking if he still wanted to sell me the wigs,since im not even sure paypal will give my money back, but i got no emails back
    16. Last thing we all heard was asking us to pm our addresses I believe.
    17. I knnow this is probably silly to bother and ask, but has anyone received anything from Dolce as yet?