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Where is the weirdest place you've taken your doll?

Jun 21, 2006

    1. Today my eccentricness went to a whole new level, or so says my mom. You see, I brought Atashi to court with me. Yes, court (truancy charges, in other words WAY too many anime cons). I left him with my mom once it started, but still, even I think it's a bit freaky. I mainly brought him as a good-luck-charm (he's my gaurdian angel XD), and just for comfort.

      So the question is: What is the weirdest place you've brought your doll to? Why were they there with you in the first place?
    2. well, i'm brand new, and just got my first doll, but i intend to bring her with me to my aunts wedding in 3 weeks. hopefully we will have dresses that complement each other. I have no idea how the family will take it, but i've got my mom's support which is what matters.
      (this is also so that in case my lil'niece gets bored in the wedding she will want to sit with me to look at my dollie)
      i know it's not odd, but since getting her i've been bringing her to work with me (i work nights and there are less people in office) though some coworkers keep droping in my bay and asking me if she has started moving on her own yet
    3. my dr's office. pulled my little floating head, Mitsuki, out of my bag, and introductions were made. he was freaked out to say the least.
    4. I've carried mine around with me at work while on break, giving them tours.

      This wouldn't be strange...except that I work in a fast food place. So it's like: "And these are the fryers....this is the grill, and the assembly station...now let's go look at the walk-in fridge and freezer!"
    5. Ha. I have to all beat. I took Kouta to a porn store. XD And the lady working behind the counter knew about that kind of doll. I even have a picture and a better story of it in my LJ... I'd post it here, but well, this is a PG forum.

    6. 7-11. I left him in the bagel basket near the checkout counter while I gathered my food and drink. I've brought him back a number of times (one of the workers there likes him a lot.) I have to say though, it's pretty hard holding him, my handbag, and drinking a Slurpee all at the same time.
    7. all my boys are coming to my wedding with Dark Bunny on the 1st of July this year
    8. Harumatsu went to a martial arts demo that my Tai Chi group took part in a few weeks ago. He sat with the sound guy (my sifu's husband-) while we were on stage. ^_^
    9. I took Ghaleon to Roxy's wedding. I was dressed up as Maleficent, it was a costume reception. I was going to bring her doll, Frankie, too, but Roxy and Frankie were in Wichita at the time.
    10. I just got home from taking Roo to a Dodger game X3
    11. I took Caleb up to the Blue Mountains (Sydney, Australia). :)
    12. I think I still have you all beat!

      For the wedding thing did you guys ask the people whose wedding it was in advance? I imagine my friends might be angry if I brought the attention grabbing dolls to something that was supposed to be their big day...
    13. Well for the wedding my boys are going to it is actually MY big day with DOA member Dark Bunny, so there was no way they weren't going,

      as for beat, well we have taken Corpse and Cain into our local fetishist specialty store many times, I mean hell, my dolls are as heavily into fetish as I am hehe :)

      There is nothing like a pair of hot PVC clad goths carruing dolls dressed in PVC and fishnet into a fetish and bondage store to get attention :)
    14. I too, have taken my boy to an *ahem* "adult" store .. along with my 16yo (well, almost 17!) daughter and my hubby and our bestest friend .....

      The girl behind the counter was LOVELY, but she had a doll phobia.. and I mean REAL Phobia.. the kind you get professional help for.. but she loved Dru's look so much she managed to talk herself into touching him.. although she was shaking like a leaf - I felt so sorry for her, not being able to go near something that she admired so much.. it would be like me being allergic to chocolate...

      Oh, and I took pics of him holding a pack of 'teeny tiny' condoms :> I MUST crop and post those.. but maybe not here lol!

      I have taken Dru to a beading lesson at our local craft store, he gave me advice on mixing up my selection :> I have also taken my resinkids out to dinner at restaurants, into macdonalds, and once to a licorice factory, they had great fun on the tour, but they wanted to go swimming in the chocolate spinner thingy (I will now remember the proper name at 3am and have to get on here and edit :<)

      Oh, of course, when we travel they go with us, and I took them to a very large markets once, as I was hoping some of the kids motorcycles would fit - no go :<

      Seek peace

      who's resinkids travel with her more than her REAL kids :>
    15. I need to get my car's alignment back on track, which means that I shall get some f'd-up looks when one of my dolls comes to a car dealership with me.

      But I don't care, really. I haven't taken any of them out one-on-one in a long time, and, quite frankly, I'm paying them enough for my car, so I care not what they think of me. ^__^
    16. Skiing!! :D

      no, i'm kidding.. I only brought Heisa to Niseko, Japan.. Not onto the ski slopes with me.. I'm not that cruel *_*

      He also went to Tokyo with me, but i didn't bring him around.. too rushed to do anything with him, so he just stayed in the hotel room. Such a tight schedule to keep.. :(

      Plus my family would have been looking at me weird.. O.o
    17. to the casino! though he didnt bring me much luck ...
    18. Try this on for size: I brought Himeno to the Rind&#246; redoubt, a small auxiliary fortification to the Waxholm fortress which dates to the 16th century. She was in full kimono and stood with me on the bridge rail over the now dry moat which and looked down. It's quite a drop to the stone clad bottom... :sweat

      We were there for my husband's kendo club's summer party. Everyone loved her! :)
    19. I got nothing. Oddest place I've ever been with a doll is the MoA on a weekday, because I wanted to try on clothes at Friends2Bmade.

      The manager at the time was completely cool with it, but they seem to constantly change managers, so I dunno anymore...

      ETA: Oops, MOA = mall of America
    20. I took Apeth with me to a fair when I went with fated_stars.
      He even rode the Tilt'A'Whirl with us.
      The operator gave me the strangest looks...but it was a lot of fun, so it didn't really matter. ^^