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Which part do you usually prefer in BJDs?

Aug 11, 2007

  1. Hands

  2. Torso

  3. Eyes

  4. Lips

  5. Nose

  6. Profile

  7. Face

  8. Body

  9. Everything/I can't choose/ I don't know

  10. Other

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    1. Just curious ^^

      I personnally have a little preference for their profile :D
    2. Oh everything ;)

      Probably due to my indecisive nature then again is there a part that you don't like? ...nah! haha I love BJD's to itty bitty pieces ^^

      If I really had to say which part I prefer slightly more haah probably....the nose..o.O haha *runs off*
    3. I chose eyes, lips, and face. Big eyes are <3, but too big and it's a mold killer. Lips - a great, pouty set of lips will transform just about any mold for me. And face - kinda obvious.

      I think it would be interesting to do this the other way around - what features people most often don't like. For me it would be nose. Especially on Soom Doll Dillui. She's so pretty, but that nose....yeesh.
    4. Definitely eyes,they are so expressive and pretty.Shiny glass eyes...^O^
    5. Legs! I love legs. So any BJD has to have beautiful legs before I consider it. My favorite are Unoa's and Narae's legs. <3 Next would probably be the face. I love lips!
    6. *cough* Package *cough* :mwahaha

      It's a toss up between face and body, but the face edges out the body just a little. Mostly because the body's mostly covered anyway. Eyes most there.
    7. It's the face that grabs me first, but the deciding factor is the body. There's many head molds I really like, but if the body is too chunky and porcelain doll-like I just don't like it. But if I could just transfer the head...
    8. The thing that really draws me to a BJD are the face and the eyes. The color of the resin, the body, all of those things I can work around. If I don't like the hair, I can change that. But my doll has to have a striking face and eyes, or it doesn't appeal to me at all.
    9. The face is almost everything for me. I love realistic faces that capture my imagination. I also love beautiful, expressive hands.
    10. Eye shape and nose shape. Im picky about it!
    11. I love expressions. I like my dolls to have personality and interesting expression's. I also like interesting eye's, preferably narrow fox like eyes.
    12. Eyes and head shape :)
    13. Personally I love their mouts noses profile and face. Thats a very interesting thread^^
    14. I have to go with the face. Mostly, because alot of people can do exceptional face-ups with expressions. Like the eyebrows can make alot of difference how your dolls look.
    15. The combination of the nose and lips. If I do not like that, I usually just skip and go on to the next doll. And I have a soft spot for not too cheerful looking dolls (says the person that is sculpting her own doll head that has a big smile on his face).
    16. I chose "other" since it tends to be the proportions of a doll that really gets to me when it comes to the body.

      I have also discovered an appreciation for wrists, considering my Nathaniel doesn't having much range of motion in his (the only vexing thing about Volks MSD boys for me).
    17. LIPS all the way. I have no idea why, but the first thing I look at in a mold is the lips. Even if I love the face, if I can't stand the lips I won't like the mold. I guess I'm just a wierdo. :lol: Eyes come second! And then profile third. :aheartbea

      Actually, I was thinking of creating a topic like this but I thought it had already been created, ahwell. :)
    18. Their entire face is what makes me look at them first. Then it's their nose and mouth that really deside whether I get them. If they're too big/too small/wierdly shaped I won't get the doll. Eyes are also important. I don't tend to like dreaming/sleeping heads as much. Finally, I'll look at their hands. They don't have to be perfect, but I like if they at least look like hands and not salami.
    19. When I picked my boy I actually ordered the body first, because I had no preference between bodies and the D-1 60 was on sale. Took me another week to pick the head, and it was the eye shape that sold me.

      Every doll I've since added to my wish list has caught my attention with eye shape, and then I look at the whole face. Then I check out the hands, if I don't like the hands I'll plan to hybridize the doll.
    20. I love bjds in general, and it's the combination of their features together that draws me to a particular sculpt. However...

      I LOVE noses--I have a definite thing for noses that are a bit on the large size as my roommate so kindly pointed out to me one day. Donncha, Liam, and Aiden all have large noses.