Why bjds are starting to look like evil monsters?

Feb 9, 2017

    1. I mean, not rightly evil but something 'weird' on their look. I noticed a thing in the bjds hobby; once the bjds were all cute and adorable... today I see more and more that dolls became a bit more strange in bodies and faces . . it seems there's no cute dolls like before...
      I m afraid one day the cute dolls could disappear... they start to look more and more less human and more like dèmons.
      I wonder if there's still people that are attracted more by beauty and cute dolls?
      It start to be hard to find a doll with normal proportionated and cute look features ><
      I really dont want the company will start to produce more and more dolls not 'human' features anymore...
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    2. There have always been less "cute" dolls, and I remember that there were gore and horror modifications from the start--Notdolls were certainly less "cute" and had more of a horror vibe, and Dollmore had some early horror themed limited dolls. Horror themes in the BJD world are not at all a new development.

      I'm a huge fan of horror and surrealism, and I'm thrilled that I can actually have some dolls now that cross over into that straight out of the box without having to get out the Dremel and sandpaper.

      Not all BJD fans want cute dolls, but I don't think "cute" dolls will disappear. There are far more companies that specialize in cute and classic BJD styles than there are ones that specialize in surreal or horror-themed dolls.
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    3. I'm a big fan of the fantasy themed dolls myself. I guess these would classify as the demon ones? With animal parts or horns and such. Which to me are cute and strange in their own ways, and most dolls with special parts have pretty normal looking human versions. I seem to avoid any gore or horror mods myself, but the animal parts are neat to me. But I think it's just personal preference really. I do still see a lot of owners with cute themed dolls and while I love to look at them, it's just not something I can pull off myself.
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    4. Everyone has different personal tastes, some beyond our imaginations. Dolls come in many styles and art forms. I guess this depends on the artist's preference, and buyers appeal.
      Don't think that cute dolls will disappear, because CUTE!! <3 <3
      Although it's refreshing to see a bit more variety. :P

      Also, some may see what dolls you think are monsters as cute, and other more common dolls as the opposite. I've met a few! People are diverse and fun like that! Haha! xD
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    5. People have different tastes. I can find love and beauty in a cute face, but also in a more alienated look. Companies just try to make what people like. There are still lots of companies who make 'cute' dolls, and they will never disappear, but other companies venture into different styles. I like that variety and I love to see that variety.
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    6. If you prefer more cute and beautiful aesthetics for doll, I suggest you try following or joining bjd community in Asia . I think it should be what you looking for! Just try to search bjd in different asian languages and you probably find tonnes of them! Just be careful of basic manners like no spamming likes and stuff :)
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    7. I highly doubt that classically cute/pretty dolls are ever going to disappear,most collectors prefer that type of doll.

      That being said,I like that more companies are begenning to release more unusual dolls.
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    8. While trends change old ones usually come back, I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure if you want cute dolls then they will be around for a long time. I'm pretty new to the hobby and while I can see the appeal of scarier dolls I went for one I found to fit my tastes which tends to be a semi real cute style. People may just like that look for their dolls and if that is what makes them happy then they probably love their dolls just as much as you.
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    9. It's probably because the number of BJDs collectors is increasing and therefor you have more variations. As people said before me, everyone has different likes and preferences. I'm fairly new to the hobby but I actually think there are more "cute" dolls than horror or fantasy dolls. Or at least that's the conclusion I came to when searching for my first doll.

      I doubt you need to worry, the market always listens to the customer demands and trends are something that constantly changes.
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    10. I've been in the hobby a long time and when I first started collecting it felt like the market was swamped with "cute" dolls. Over time more and more unique looking dolls have become available, which I think is great, but I highly doubt that "cute" dolls will disappear.
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    11. Like a lot of people have said, I don't think "cute" dolls will ever disappear. Just go to Luts or Fairyland, they're pretty much all adorable, and Iplehouse will probably always have beautiful men and women. I for one am super excited to see more variety in dolls these days, like some of the Dollzone and Doll Chateau sculpts. That being said, I like cutesey things too. My KDF Darae (Aelic) is absolutely adorable, and I would change him for the world, but I'm also really happy that I was able to find a slightly creepier, weird looking sculpt (DZ Carter) for my chracter Ilya, who is supposed to be kind of unnerving.

      And then there are animal/anthro sculpts; Zuzu Delfs dont have human features, but it can't be denied that they are absolutely adorable~ Plus YoSDs are pretty much always going to be cute, even from "weird" companies like DC. Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder! :3nodding:
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    12. given the popularity of luts and fairyland etc? cute chibi big eyed, round faced dolls aren't going anywhere.
      There's just waaaaay more variety these days. Sadly still not enough variety in a large range of scales, this whole "yosd = child, msd = 15 year old" thing is still a bit too prevalent for my liking. I want more mature msd dolls because they're just the right size for my space constraints.

      I love me some fantasy sculpts but I also prefer "adult" looking dolls rather than little kids. I've never much cared for toddler or baby dolls so the cutesy young aesthetic has never worked for me personally, but like with all things, the joy is there's always something to cater for someone else's taste. It's SO much bigger and there's so many more options than 10 years ago. Back then all there was really was cute and bishie, lol. Those are still around, those companies haven't stopped making dolls that look much like they did back then, just new guys have come in and done something else. Ringdoll was all "zombies? you want zombies!? HAVE the zombies!" and Doll Chateau were all "weird twisted strangeness? here ya go!"
      While Fairyland, Luts, Blue fairy, volks, lots of the older companies are continuing to do what they've always done. Make cute things.
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    13. Ahhh...thanks guys! So is not a new phenomen in Bjds world! I thought it was now and the dolls companies would all change style today step by step! So Im really glad the "cute" dolls will keep to exist! XD
      Thanks for kind explain me :)

      ps I was still thinking.... what if more elf or demons- zombies dolls will keep to be around, and will happen that even those who love cute dolls, will start to like the zombies and step by step all will request only that type of dolls and only few company will produce cute dolls... ? I mean this is a step by step process.. today is more evident but we are at the beginning.. if people see zombies all the times around, all will start to like it and more company will change totally style into what is more requests and we that like more human style will be emarginated?? OAO
      Or maybe Im worring too much...?
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    14. No, it's not new. ^-^ I've been in the hobby for almost 12 years at this point, and there were horror dolls even then, just not so many actually produced by companies. :)
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    15. I see plenty of cute dolls still. I love the cute aesthetic. But I think it's good that we have variety :3nodding: it'd be really boring if everyone only had cute dolls, or only had horror themed dolls.
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    16. I've been in the hobby for almost nine years, and while there are many many more horror/fantasy theme dolls now, there are also a lot more pretty/cute ones too. There are SO many more companies and styles today than back then, and I don't think there's any need to worry that the horror dolls will push the cute ones out. Personally, I love fantasy and pet tinies, but prefer cute/pretty/handsome larger dolls. I've never felt that I didn't have enough human options, in fact, I feel like more are popping up every day.
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    17. I don't think cute dolls will disappear, like the others have said gore/horror dolls have been around for a while and it probably isn't going to change the status of 'cute' dolls. Even if more people start to like the horror dolls there will always be the people that don't, so I wouldn't worry about horror dolls pushing the cute ones out either.
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    18. Yeah, if cute and glamorous dolls haven't disappeared in the thirteen years or so since I got interested in the hobby--there were definitely gore mods and "creepy" elongated limb mods and the like back then--then I don't see it happening in the future.

      I also don't think that there's an automatic "evil" association with the odd-looking dolls. A lot of the more horrific ones look sad to me, but that doesn't mean that they're soul-eaters or something.

      (A lot of the glamorous dolls, though--vampires are generally recognized as being evil, right?--have been morally-questionable characters from the very beginning of the hobby.)

      I think that the increasing variation in styles is actually likely to make the cute dolls cuter and the beautiful dolls more beautiful, because there will be fewer cases of sameface. Sculptors can maybe work more on what they're genuinely good at, as the hobby becomes attractive to more and more sorts of people, and the ones who are most skilled at making ethereally lovely or adorable dolls will stick to doing that while some of their fellows take to molding dryads and pookas instead.
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    19. I think companies are just naturally catering for a wide variety of tastes, I don't think you have to worry about cutesy dolls disappearing. It's all a matter of opinion anyway, some people might find more unusual looking sculpts "cute". People's definition of a horror type doll varies. There are so many BJD companies/artists out there it would be unlikely that you wouldn't find some dolls that you'll find appealing/pretty.
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    20. Like a lot of comments here have already said, it's extremely unlikely that cutsie dolls would ever disappear, there's a much larger demand for them. Remember, BJDs are more popular in Asia, where they generally have a preference for the cute over the scary! That said, I'm thrilled that more horror themed dolls are being released! When I found DollZone's The Moon and Hermit (and Death and The Star), I pretty much threw my money at the company to get hold of them! Companies are just more aware of a wider variety of tastes nowadays. However, have you noticed how quite a few of the truly gorey dolls are limited edition too? ;) I just feel that's worth taking into account.

      As others have also said, everyone has different ideas of what's cute, and what's horrorfying but, people themselves have a variety of tastes, someone can enjoy something cute and something frightful. Frankly, I found DollZone's The Moon adorable! She looks so tranquil and eerily beautiful! However, I also find Domuya's Drui adorable! A little tree person? Now that's cute to me! But someone else may find a tree spirit/being kind of creepy? I mean, walking talking tree people? I can see how that could be frightful!

      At the end of the day, I feel it's good there's an option for all types of people; the fantasy fans, the horror crazed and the cute lovers.
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