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Why do people not like Hisuis?

Sep 13, 2007

    1. I have a beautiful little Hisui and whenever i post photos of her they get completely ignored! = c is it just me or is it hisuis?
    2. Lots of dolls besides yours get ignored; this is a big forum and it's easy for a gallery post to get lost. I wouldn't take it personally if I were you. Little Hisui is very cute.
    3. <3 thanks I feel better now.
    4. I love your hisui!(but i love mine tons more X3)
    5. As you should since, she IS yours
      I love Elektra but sorry, Raquel owns my heart.
    6. Trust me, lots of dolls get ignored here. :( It's not just your doll, don't worry.
    7. lol we both have the same problem!:lol:
    8. GYEEAAHHHHHH YOUR DOLLS ARE SO SEXY xDD!! J-rockers!!!<3333
    9. I think Hisui is adorible, she reminds me of a little resin dollfie dream. I think it may be because of her 'anime' like features that may make her less popular with most BJD collectors, the same way alot of people dislike/overlook dollfie dreams because of thier anime appearance. The same goes for the Shinsiya/Mishia molds too. The most important thing though is that YOU like your little sweetie.

      My volks limited Midori doesn't get much love either, even though you never see them much. Alot of busy photostory or gallery threads seem to depend on who owns the dolls, rather then what the dolls are. Popular people have popular threads, less popular people have less active threads.
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    10. I must agree with you on hisui being like a dollfie deam! I do own both and they have matching noses! Thats why i love them so much!:aheartbea
    11. = c aww...
      Well I love my baby regardless of whoelse does
      ^^ and i LOVE dollfie dreams!
      Elektra has the most beautiful little dollfiedream girl!
    12. lol i love all my dolls...if i didnt i dooubt id have them
    13. I have a Hisui! She was my first doll and she's still my favorite. Aquilla has a good point that the anime-style sculpts aren't particularly trendy right now, but personally I prefer them. Also, girl dolls are generally less popular than boys. If you have a doll that is both female, and anime-style, you will tend to get less interest from other people. That's why it's important to love your doll because you love her. Don't worry about other people! I think Hisuis are wonderful.
      As for not getting comments though, that really has more to do with the number of gallery threads and how quickly they turn over. TONS of threads with lovely photos get no comments at all, regardless of the doll pictured.
    14. It's not that people don't like Hisui as most people already mentioned it is a big forum. There's lots of things that affect comments on the gallery. People know you, the doll is a popular mold, clear photos etc.

      As someone said what really matters most is if you love your doll. Also I post checked you it may help if you add the doll type when posting to the gallery, sometimes you get more clicks if people know what doll it is.

      I agree with Aquila there is a higher trend towards the popularity of realistic vs anime molds right now but there are still people who like anime type heads.

      I'm one of them
    15. Misa1 i love your hisui! i just love that nose*dies* My hisui was my first too!
    16. I just looked up all of your Gallery threads and many do have comments, but some have few.

      Besides being a very anime-look doll, your girl has a rather extreme and usual faceup (and one of her lower lashes looked like it is falling off in one photo). That might put people off.

      In your other Faceup thread that got no comments, I think it may be your own grumpy look in the photo? Your look doesn't seem to invite comments!

      In some photos, your photography and lighting needs work - Tea Time with the Loves was a very cute photo idea, but the lighting very bad (greenish flourescent?) and the photos are blurry. Some people get more comments because their photography is so good.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that the Galleries are gigantic! I think most people just search for dolls they own, new dolls to see owner photos, and specific dolls they would like to own. You can't really compare the number of comments on photos of widely-owned dolls and popular new dolls to the number of comments on photos of less-owned dolls.

    17. Also people just veiw the pictures without posting... i know i do that very often!
    18. xDDD her lashes arent falling off first of all! theyre just really really long<3
      and she supposed to look angry
      she's grumpy<3
    19. Have you actually checked other Hisui owners' gallery threads to see if they get commented on? You ought not assume that just because your threads get 'ignored', it's the mold's fault. As others have already stated, there are a lot of other factors that play into this...photograph quality, face-up quality, level of interest in subject matter, the title of the thread. I'm even far less likely to comment on a thread if someone is saying, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAASE COMMENT ON MY THREAD!" XD

      That being said, continue to post pics. Who knows, maybe one of them will be a smash hit! XD