Unresolved Wig that never arrived from Naleeh

Dec 15, 2009

    1. I know this could be late in posting but I thought I'd let people know just in case they've had problems with this person to.

      In a nutshell back in July (07-10-2009 to be precise) I asked about ordering a wig from Naleeh she replied on the 19th with her paypal and everything and ofc I paid but she also said in the message that she was on holiday and wouldn't be able to send it to till the Friday when she went home which was fine so I paid and she replied back saying she'd got my payment and tell me when she shipped it. After that I had no reply but I figured if she'd got round to shipping it then it would be here within a couple of weeks. Still nothing came so I pmed her begining of August asking if it had been shipped and if there were any problems and I still got no reply but was still willing to wait (as I had problems with the postage of a doll taking longer than expected I thought it might be the same problem) she had previously mentioned she had bad internet but even so she'd managed to reply quite well to my previous pms nevertheless I was getting worried so another pm went out on 22 of August yet again nothing. Then on the 30th I recieved something from another DOA user saying
      Hi! I'm a friend of Naleeh. Her laptop is broken and she has asked me to send you this message:
      I’m very sorry for my late reply. I read you but I can’t reply. My PC is broken and also my router works very bad. I only have a portable computer and every time that I try to reply any pm, the connexion brakes. I can’t afford repair them for now =__=U
      I sent your wig and I told you as well; but I’m afraid now that you never received the message.
      If you tell me that you haven’t the package yet, I’ll go to the post office tomorrow and I’ll ask for it.
      I’m very sorry for worried you about that >__<

      She also told me to send to me the reply and I'll pass it to her by phone.
      Take care,

      I sent a reply saying I understood and apologised if I'd sounded impatient in my reply and I just wanted to find out about the wig. Yet even now I still haven't had a reply or the wig arrive. I did raise a dispute on paypal about getting the money back but I think I waited to long to anything to happen with it.

      Anyway thats the only bad transaction I've had so far.
    2. Naleeh was last on the forum yesterday. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Hi, I've been asking her about buying a pair of eyes since 10-13-09, I sent her a message just now and the only reply I've received was on 10-23-09. Not sure what's going on with her.
    4. I haven't heard any updates back still but I have messaged her again via DoA and also flickr just now. I will post updates if there's any.
    5. Any updates on these transactions?
    6. Naleeh was last on the forum 19MAY. Has there been any resolution in these Pages?