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Wilde Imagination Amelia Thimble discussion part 1

Jul 6, 2011

    1. Glad to see you post this Wilkies! I assumed she would be off topic so I didn't even mention her. I would love it if she were OT.

      I received my Amelia a few weeks ago and love her! Wilde Imagination had the set for $210 which was the gift set that they offered to convention attendees of the Tonner Convention in May. DD and I already have her whole room figured out. Now we need to just make it, lol. Amelia's back history is that she is a doll that lives in a seamstresses room. Similiar to the cahracters in the Borrowers' books. She poses super well, too.

      Here are some pictures I took of her with my other BJDs:

      Amelia with Fairyland Real Puki
    2. I'm glad you started a thread for Amelia, wilkies! I don't know why she wouldn't be considered on-topic. She's a resin bjd made in Asia, has everything that fits the on-topic description and there are plenty of other on-topic tinies with similar looks. Here's hoping she can stay!

    3. Yeah!! Thank you mods for letting her be on topic! She has become my favorite BJD now and I just love her. DD will be back next week from her month-long trip and we are going to start on Amelia's room. I remember having a book growing up which showed how to make button furniture, etc. so we are going to create a sewing themed area for her. Right now she is living in one of our sewing boxes.

      Amelia and her dog and some accessories will be available through WI in August. The gift sets were exclusive to the convention and won't be available again. According to Michelle (who has always been super nice to deal with) at WI, there will be a basic Amelia, her dog, the bed set and a few pieces of clothing. More will be added for her though. DD and I have been dealing with WI since it first came into being years ago and consisted of basically Deborah DeForte. We have always had excellent service and their products are made well. Another great thing with WI is that they come out with coupons quite frequently so you can get a pretty good deal.

    4. just because she is so cute, here she is with her baby sister from elfinhugs....she is just not sure who her mother is.............she is not having a mother but she is the favorite doll from my limhwa to you sara.........but that girl won't be home for a long time, so in the meantime she can talk and play with my other dolls

    5. Can someone who owns Amelia please measure her head and tell me what size wig she wears? Thanks in advance!
    6. I think she wears a size 3 because the pukipuki wig size 4 is to big, she can wear it if you glue it...my elfdoll wig from kai does fit her, so I guess she can wear the dollmore banji wigs, they have nice ones.
    7. Hi Nikopiko. you can purchase Amelia through Wilde Imagination website. I was just at the Tonner luncheon in Kingston, NY where he featured all her little furniture and outfits - and what's new coming up for fall. SUPER Cute! She's available now, unless she's sold out, which I don't think she is. - but you might want to wait to see what's new for fall - if you can stand it. Probably won't be till around end of September. You can always write to Wilde Imagination and ask - Michelle responds to all emails and is very very nice and helpful. The Wilde Imagination site is total eye candy, whether it's Ellowyne, Evangeline or Amelia. Get ready for some new offerings from him too - Steam Punk stuff - gonna be very cool. haha - sorry to be so long winded - I just love their dolls and designs.
    8. She is darling! Thank you for sharing:) I am still trying to decide on my first BJD and am looking at all the tiny models that work well with 1/12 scale. She would be more of a child, but may be my new fav! I only want the tiniest BJDs:)
      She almost looks like she could wear Kelly Doll or RealPuki clothing? Perhaps Mini Pullip/ mini Blythe/ mini Bratz? I saw some pics of her in LPS Blythe clothing that fit well, not sure if that is the same as mini Blythe. If anyone has any of these to try, I would love to see some pics.
      Your friend's pictures of her in the Tardis made me CRACK up! Too perfect! I just might have to show my husband.
      I was also pleased to see she is compatible with some Sylvanian Families items as I collect them. I was thinking- if she fits in well with Lundby sized houses...Sylvanian Families/ Calico Critters homes and furniture would probably work well. They are about 1/14th-1/16th scale.

      Clothes-I have been scouring for photos... and did find these:
      In Littlest Pet Shop Blythe clothing:
      In Heidi Ott child clothing- a bit large
      If anyone has more I would love to see them.
      I love the clothes she comes with, I hope the fall release has some of those and lots more; I am very impressed by the clothing line they have out for their other dolls-high hopes!:)
    9. Hi Rose - I am thinking I remember seeing a new package of clothing for Amelia coming out this fall - not positive - there were quite a few items that were shown at the Tonner luncheon - I know she has furniture - little items based on buttons and thimbles. There may be some new of that coming too.
    10. Rose, thank you for the links!

      The Kelly sandals fit, but are slightly large on Amelia. I have a few pieces of Kelly and mini-Bratz and they are too large as well. Amelia is slightly taller and thinner than RealPuki so their clothing might be too short on Amelia. Dresses would probably work as long as they aren't too short.

      I don't think you want to go with the Heidi Ott clothes either. They are superbly made, but they are too large. You can sort of see that in the second link. I use Heidi Ott child clothing for my Tinybear Moona and she is slightly larger than my Elfdoll tinies which are larger than Amelia.

      Michele told me back in June that they have quite a few things coming out for Amelia. Of course she said August and August is almost over. I've had issues over the years with WI clothing, but Debra has always been wonderful in swapping something out whenever there has been a problem. I do think the clothing sometimes is a little too expensive for what you get, but obviously it isn't a problem since we had practically all the clothing for Ellowyne since the first doll came out. If you sew, though, it would be super simple to create things for Amelia.

      If you are looking for your first BJD and want one this small, I think Amelia would be perfect for you. Out of all my tinies, she poses the best. Very, very well made and absolutely adorable.
    11. Thanks! I customized an American Girl Mini Room Box into a special Halloween Room for my tinies. :)
    12. So some Puki Puki, Lati White, and Mini Pullip clothes are all too large? My what a tiny thing Amelia is! :) I looked at the Petite Blythe clothes in stores and just wasn't impressed...often I loved the hoodies, but they would be too large for Amelia's little head.
      I ordered a Japanese pattern book so I can try my hand at some petite Blythe clothes and modify them. Sewing that small is going to be ... tough. Too bad- they have some darling costumes. Waiting is hard... I have decided to make Amelia my first BJD and am going a little crazy wanting more pictures lol.
    13. they changed the face-up, mine looks more like an innocent girl ......but then perhaps they will have more options? I mean if the make a blonde girl they will do a lighter face-up..........not sure, mine has a good default face-up, only the face-up from her cheeks is already getting of, but that is because I always hold the dolls cheeks while I change dress or wig etc...really should be more carefull, but then I just like to be able to play with them....
    14. Did you click on the main pic from the link I posted? It should open a slide show.

      She came!!! Squee!:) New pics on my new Flickr. At least what I could get harried by my two toddlers, more later. One of her eyes was crooked, which seems to be common? I was messing with her wig when her head popped open, so I went ahead and fixed it even though it scared me! It was actually really easy. But now I see that the other eye needs adjusting. I had to use a wood skewer as my fingers don't fit in her head lol! I am amazed by the poseability, but this is my first BJD.I think her right arm may be tight, it springs back instead of holding a position... I have no idea how to fix that yet. Would I have to restring the entire doll? *terror*
      As for the faceup- I might consider glossing the lips at some point; the eyebrows and eyelashes are very delicate and sweet. The wig is a nice texture, and the clothes are well made even if a little hard to get on. I mostly struggled getting the little loops of thread over the bead buttons. Some of the outfits have no closures, but are pretty easy to get on. It looks like it will be easy to make her any number of hair ribbons, the design is very simple.
      She discovered my knitting basket and a bunch of unfinished sewing projects she wants to help with! Is it normal to receive a set of needles with the doll? I got a 'gift set' which inluded Amelia, four outfits, rags with cushion and dog bowl, and a little needle set which I haven't seen anywhere else. Couldn't be happier:)

      She says hello
      Amelia Thimble by Arose414, on Flickr

      Amelia Thimble by Arose414, on Flickr

      Somehow I double posted instead of editing? I will just add another pic:
      The inner workings of her head, which is mostly full of eye putty. It stays in place, but comes off easily enough. I was surprised how easy it was to adjust the elastic tension in the neck. The wig is securely attached by two strong pieces of velcro and should be easy to change as well.
      Open head by Arose414, on Flickr
    15. I've been stalking the WI website too. It's the first page I go to when I get on the computer. I hope she arrives soon!


      I hope I'm not repeating an earlier post. Has the Hittyville Gazette website blog been mentioned? It is an ongoing blog about an imaginary place called Hittyville and the dolls and creatures who live there.

      There are picture stories about Amelia Thimble arriving in Hittyville and interacting with friends there. She has adventures from the day she arrives in her introduction:

      And there are lots of other adventures in the following months. Just look at the menu on the right side of the page. You'll find all her adventures. They always start with "Amelia Thimble..." They are in the months July, August and September.

      It is fun to see how she looks in the different stories. You can probably tell I'm so excited to get her!