Would like to check in with pinktezka

Mar 9, 2011

    1. Please let me say this is not an angry or problem thread, i sent two heads for commission to pinktezka which arrived to her last tuesday 1st March, the last faceup she did took a week but of course this time there are two and she was away for a couple of days so fine.

      I PM'd on Sunday morning as her commission thread has not been updated to include my heads or the status of the faceups, just to see how she was getting on, but as of today i have had no response, the main problem is her online visits don't show in her profile so i can't tell if she got my PM or not and there's therefore not too much point sending another PM.

      I trust pinktezka or i wouldn't send the heads in the first place, i'm just a bit nervous as one is my most favourite girl and i am a bit worried if Lana (pinktezka) is OK as i would have expected to hear something back by now even if just to let me know how long they would be :whitetruffle
    2. pinktezka was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. hey, sorry i havent replayd, im away at my moms place, and havent seen your message, i think my husbant was was using forum.
      I removed face ups from both heads,one of them is tan, it took some time to clean it completely. And started working on Mui chans face up.
    4. Thanks Lana! I replied to your PM too.
      Sorry, i'm such a worryer sometimes, need to chill :aheartbea