Your experiences with different types of resin

Sep 16, 2019

    1. Hello!

      I wonder if there are any significal differences between them. I have one doll made from environmental resin and two heads made from urethane resin. I do not see any difference between them, to be honest, both of them are very smooth and nice. But I've heard that environmetal resin is a bit harder to paint. I've heard mixed opinions about imported resin, too. I know people who don't like French resin (because it yellows faster?) and some who really like Russian one.

      What is your experience? Do you have any opinion about them?
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    2. I have owned standard urethane, French and Enviro. My personal feelings:

      -Urethane: just standard all around, since it's most common. It may yellow quickly or slowly, depending on company/casting company. Can be slick or toothy as well, light weight or heavy, and varies a lot by company.

      -French- Not a fan. On the dolls I had with French resin, it had a waxy, buttery look to it and yellowed very quickly. (But to be fair, I think the last doll I owned in French resin was made around 2009, so it may have improved a lot since then.)

      -Enviro- Love it! In older dolls, it was more translucent and often confused with French, but it was much less waxy/buttery looking and didn't yellow much, if at all. I had a doll who was about seven years old in enviro resin and when I bought a new one from the same company, the match was almost exact. Now, it seems to be less translucent and more "velvety" to me. It's more solid like urethane, but slightly different.

      I haven't noticed a difference in doing faceups on any particular resin type. The biggest difference for me is usually in sealant and materials quality.
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