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Your thoughts on this doll please. UPDATED AGAIN new faceup

Aug 20, 2008

    1. I have fallen head over heels in love with this little cutie pie, she is Leeke m Leina, but despite 2 days of frantic searching for information and irl pics by myself and my good friend Kayjay we can\\\\\\\'t find a single thing and no pics! Boo hoo!
      I love the fact she is very young looking as i only collect child dolls, and since becoming fascinated by the bjd dolls have always wanted a child doll in a larger size, i am so excited to think i found her!!!!!!!!! But before i order her i want to make sure her body will be immature enough to allow her to look like she is 6 years old as her face suggests.I was keen to get your thoughts and opinions on her good or bad to help me decide, so what are your thoughts?
      <img src=\\&quot;http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c221/cindycatherrine/leina.jpg\\&quot; border=\\&quot;0\\&quot; alt=\\&quot;\\&quot; />[/size]
    2. Have you seen her body on Leekeworld itself? It appears to be flat chested which I know you want, although to me I would put her around 10 or 11 years old, pre-puberty but not far off.

    3. Hi Kath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes i saw her body, it looks quite childish i think, not quite as chunky as the Leeke D sized though, i really am in a tizz over this one Kath lol!Denver will allow layway on her but i will be liable for the dreaded customs once she reaches here, so its another factor i have to take into account, its gonna be one costly mistake if i hate her and its not like there are going to be people qeueing at my door to buy her lol!Just wish i could see irl pic of her face.... sad sigh...But you have been a great help my friend, THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Please someone give me your opinion, even if it is only to say you hate her lol!I would love to hear from anyone who has a Leeke m who can advise about the body, how child like it is, how chubby or not? Too curvy to be a young childs body or even better just 1 irl pic of her face, PLEASEEEEEEEEE guys!!!!!!!!!
    5. I concur that it would be nice to see an "in real life" picture just in case there is a big difference between what the doll looks like on the site as opposed to owner pictures. Here's to hoping she's still the same! :)
    6. She is the sweetest little girl I have seen in a while. The rounded cheeks,little mouth, button nose and big round eyes give her a very childlike appearance, the sculpt is lovely.
    7. THANKYOU sooo much DominiqueB !!!!!!!!!! Not for liking her just for your opinion! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Ligaya24 fingers crossed we will get to see irl pics, i have hunted and hunted but to no avail!
    8. Have you tried looking for pics of her on google or flickr? I sometimes find photos there! Good luck! She's cute!
    9. I think she's adorable - the little indentation between her lower lip and her chin is so cute!
    10. I find her adorable too, and would someday love to have her.
      I have owned Mabel in the past, when she arrived she looked JUST EXACTLY like the site pictures, so I am quite sure Leina would be the same. The face looked way too mature for the body to me, so I sold Mabel, even thought I prefer immature girls. Leina looks very childish to me and looks like she would be a perfect fit for the body.
    11. Thankyou all for your great comments, Toydogz4 that is great information about the body as this was one of my biggest concerns,i am off to search Flickr then to order my girl, thankyou all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12. I've found 0 pictures in all forums, picture sites, etc of Leina..

      I can say for sure there is no one on this forum with her currently,

      There may not even be an English speaking person with her,

      I hope you enjoy her,

      Leeke Mabel came to be even more beautiful in RL then on the pictures, the faceup is one of the best you will get from a company with out a doubt.

      The skin is not very shiny, smoothe and soft. It has a lovely peachy tone when inside, and outside is a bit more pale but still so very lovely.

      Her arms are double jointed, knees are not but still pose well.

      She has a thigh joint which helps pose her 'suwaricco' style, the cute little asian pose with the legs off to the side.

      I hope you get her swiftly, and safely.
    13. I think she looks around 8-10 years old maybe?
      Also think she's very sweet and I hope she arrives to you safe.
    14. Nyalee a HUGE thankyou to you, thats very helpful indeed, i went ahead and ordered her with Denverdoll and now just can\'t wait to get her even if will be the only owner in the entire world lol!
      Soulofthedoll thankyou so much too, will share lots of pics when she arrives!
    15. Congratulations hun, I love her, and can't wait to see your pics of her :aheartbea I'm tempted myself before she's discontinued, she's got such a lovely cute baby face
    16. Thankyou my friend, i am soooo excited about her, i keep forgetting i have the petites on order too, i can only think of her, she is just what i always wanted, a large bjd in the cutest kiddie form!!!!!!!!!!Yes you get one too Kath then there will be 2 owners in the world lol!
    17. She's very sweet. I don't know what her body looks like, but in a lot of her close up face shots she looks like not 6 or 10, but more like 4 to me.
    18. I have a 6 year old and a 4 year real life children. The face on that doll look like my 4 year old. By 6 their face starts to thin out and they start loosing teeth which changes their bite and jaw. I am not an expert I can only say what I see. I have not seen her body but I will say in child outfits as long as she doesn't have breasts you can make her appear younger or older. That all being said she is so adorable. I like mature dolls but I can see how easy it would be to fall for this one. *bad influence I say buy her* Don't tell your husband it was me :)
    19. this girl is so stinking cute! if she was a tiny she would totally be on my list. congrats on your doll! be sure to post tons of pics when you get her.

      if you change the title of your first post I think you might get more replies to this thread, but it looks like you already made a decision. :)
    20. Yes, my son lost his baby cuteness around the age of 6 but he was quite late losing his baby teeth...

      I can't wait to see Molly1's pics of this girl, I think it's nice that she's different from all the other mature or teenage MSD's around