Abigail Avery

Fantasia Doll
Head Sculpt:
Fantasia Doll muscular type female
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Angeltoast made the base, I fixed some damage and edited it
    Modifications artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    18. Aug 2020 (head), 12. Nov 2019 (body)
    Bought both pats from their first owners
    Reason for choice:
    The unique muscular look, also I've taken to collecting Fantasia doll heads.
    Best Points:
    Good posing, pretty realistic proportion of head
    Worst Points:
    Big feet
  • Wig:
    Made by myself, made of alpaca
    Fashion style(s):
    Anything comfortable and relaxed
  • Character age:
    Around 25
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Abigail was born in a religious family in the 1990s and got a strict Christian upbringing. In her teenage years she figured she was a timeshifter who is able to travel between 1890s and present day. It confused her greatly, and on top of that her family did not take the information well once they realized Abigail is not lying about having "strange powers". To prove herself to her parents she travels back and forth a few times bringing items to them from the past. Her parents however don't greet it as God's miracle but as a power only the devil may possess. Due to the reaction of her family and community she starts believing that the power she holds is indeed something evil and that using it is bad. After unsuccessful attempts to remove the ability from her she is abandoned by her church and family.

    Like many newbie timeshifters, Abigail is not very careful hiding her ability, and she is soon found by a nationwide religious organization that hides well from ordinary people. Some of them are timeshifters, other are not. There's only one thing common to them all: they are convinced that being a timeshifter is unnatural, but not necessarily a thing that cannot be used to serve God and do the thing they see is right. They take Abigail in like a member of family and guide her towards using her ability. She especially enjoys the company of a young priest called Tate Heilig, who is a timeshifter too.

    Abigail soon learns that the organization is all about killing timeshifters that either don't convert to the organization or do harm with their powers. There is only one simple rule: unless absolutely necessary, do not kill anyone who is not a timeshifter, especially not in an era where you weren't born in and do not belong to. Lately, the organization has been after a criminal called Carol Cole, whose gang of 20 or more men is known to repeatedly appear out of nowhere to commit a big robbery in the 1890s, massacre people and then disappear back to modern day without leaving a trace.

    After Abigail's training is over, she and her mentor Tate part ways and she is sent to go after Carol Cole. It is unknown to her where Tate goes as the organization strictly protects the locations and missions of its members. Abigail and other agents spend years tracing Cole across the country, managing to snag one of his gang members every now and then but never Cole himself. Abigail keeps writing to Tate through the organization but he never returns a letter. One day Abigail is alone on a mission in 1890s when she thinks she found Carol. The red haired man matches the pictures, and Abigail kills him. She gets scarred to the face when Cole tries to fight back, but she wins. Only later she learns that the man was not Carol Cole but his brother Viktor Cole, who was unable to timeshift and only occasionally involved in Carol's crimes. Carol is furious and Abigail has the reason to fear for her life if Carol ever discovers who killed Viktor. Abigail also learns the reason behind the rule of not killing bystanders in a strange era. Soon after the incident her eyes turn orange and she needs to wear contact lenses to conceal it. She also gets a letter from Tate who invites her to see him after hiding for years. Tate manages to assure Abigail not to give up and to keep going after Carol Cole.
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