Head Sculpt:
Tan skin
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Hearts Murmur (me)
    Reason for choice:
    I have seen a lot of Kisses, and never thought much of the sculpt. But when I saw it in tan on the Marketplace, something about him just grabbed me!
    Best Points:
    The tan is a beautiful color, and the sculpting is very clean.
    Worst Points:
    The body is absolutely the worst poser that I own, it's completely unstable and cannot be trusted to stand or sit up unaided. I've recently hot glue sueded him and practically built an armature inside him out of wire, so now he's much better!
  • Eyes:
    Favourite colours:
    Black and maroon
    Fashion style(s):
    Plain, dark clothes
  • Name story:
    It comes from the Ars Goetia, a 17th century grimoire!
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Agares was born in the 1910s, and is relatively young for a demon. Memories of his childhood are finally beginning to fade, but he does remember being the oldest of many siblings, and the weight of keeping a secret from them. He remembers resenting his parents, who were selfish and untrustworthy people.

    As far as demons go, he is definitely odd. Agares has a very strong sense of morality, and generally prefers to obey laws. He does not approve of murder, betrayal, or the manipulation of humans using demonic powers. Which makes him a bit of a hypocrite, as his power is very specific: he can make runaways return to who they are running from. He is one of the very few demons who can overrule a person's free will. (He also has the power to create earthquakes, but has only successfully done it on one occasion and is not interested in doing it again.)

    Agares does not have a good relationship with most demons, since he judges them harshly for how they use their powers. Demons also tend to be rather mean people, which Agares doesn't like, either. He was good friends with Ronove for a while, until he learned that Ronove had done something unforgiveable in his youth, and terminated the friendship. For the most part, Agares is either forgotten by other demons or purposely left out of politics and major events. However, he has suddenly become relevant due to the escape of Murmur, who a very powerful demon wishes to find.
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