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Head Sculpt:
RTbody-3(sunshine body
  • Reason for choice:
    High amount of detail, general perferance of RingDoll, basically love on first sight
    Best Points:
    Slim body, high amount of details
    Worst Points:
    He kicks, he bites and he likes to pull my hair! Also it's hard to find fitting clothes because of his slim body
  • Eyes:
    Brown, short hair
    Favourite colours:
    Black & Blue
    Fashion style(s):
    He doesn't really care about fashion but would probably prefer something simpel. But he will probably forced to wear, elegant, punk-y or cute stuff and maybe even cross dressed.
  • Name story:
    I watched a Let's play of "Beyond two souls" in which the main character is accompanied by a ghostly presence called Aiden. I liked that name a lot.
    Character age:
    2 / 16 - 18
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Aiden, refered to as AI-D3-N by the company which made him.

    Age: He is two years old but was designed to be 16 - 18 years old.

    Sex: Male

    Gender: Male, although he doesn't really cares about his gender and would probably be described as gender fluid or agender.

    Nationality: Russian

    Height: 1,74m/5"9

    Weight: 73kg/160,9lbs

    Eyes: Yellowish-brown

    Skin: Rather pale, no tattoos nor piercings. Also no scars.

    Voice: Soft, quiet and higher pitched.

    Story: Aidens Story takes place in an alternative world where there was a great war between America and China. While America and most parts of Asia got pretty much destroyed Europe, especially Russia benefitted from weapon trades. However, the war had effects on the whole world and while Russia gained much wealth from their businesses, the gap between rich and poor grew and the systems became more and more corrupted. While the media is controlled everyone secretly knows that the country is run by criminals and the mafia.
    But not all the war money was redirected in the hands of criminals. Science made huge improvements in the genetic research and cloning and "building" a human being out of organic material became a common thing. First clones were used for producing donor organs and were soon modeled without consciousness, feelings and anything human at all. They became more and more living organ containers. However, a new use for clones was found soon.
    Clones were first requested by huge companies which were looking for cheap but experienced workers. Soon the request came also from smaller companies and ultimately by private households to use them as maids or even as companion.
    Aiden was designed in a smaller laboratory and the third of three male models, being mediocre and used preferably for medium hard work he is not as strong and muscular as model 1 and not considered as aesthetic as model two although beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    One of the workers in said laboratory became obsessed with model AI-D3-N and decided to design a changed version of the model. While the clones were designed to be educated but not too clever so they wouldn't understand their fate as slaves, Aiden got an extreme intelligence boost from his creator. Emotions were never planned to be added to the clones so the man had to design them for his clone which was in some way succesful but not as successful as he wished it to be.
    As his clone was in the so-called "breeding chamber" where the bodies of the clones grew in rapid speed get their brains filled with the basic informations they need to know to be of use in the world, the worker named him Aiden as the serial number was always reminding him of that name.
    When Aiden woke up he quickly became aware of his situation. He became more and more depressed as he realised that he wasn't seen as human being but would suffer like or even more than anybody else would being used as Slave and treated like something without feelings. He was told not to act different from the other clones since he would be declared a defect or mistake and get "deactivated"which basically meant getting killed.
    Aidens creator was very unhappy with how the situation turned out. His loved one would view him more like a father and had a hard time showing any affection what so ever. But seeing Aiden being sad and miserable all the time really drove him over the edge and he decided to put Aiden for sale and taking his own life shortly after.
    Aiden accepted his fate and acted like a clone in order to get sold but instead was bought for a spark of sadness seen in his eyes while all the other clones had put on a soulless smile.

    Character: Aiden is rather grumpy and almost hateful but actually it's hard for him to really care about anything since he wasn't originally designed care about anything else but pleasing his owner. He takes a long time and lots of effort to finally trust someone. He is really quiet and thoughtful and prefers to be left alone. Sometimes he doubts his existence and scares himself with that. He longs for a broader field of emotions and being accepted as human and individual.

    Hobbies & interests: It's hard for him to really enjoy something but he likes reading fantasy novels. They help putting his mind in a more positive enviroment and letting him forget about his problems for some time. He also enjoys food and music. Senses like taste, and hearing make him feel normal. It amazes him how many different kinds of music and food exist.

    Likes: Besides things that are connected to his hobbies and interests he likes animals. He kind of relates to them since clones will be more treated like animals than human beings. Also he likes soft, fluffy and cute things which applies to most animals. Although he doesn't really care about chaos, he likes order and structures. Emotions would make him feel more normal so he likes to get himself into emotional situations, preferably situations of joy or provoking adrenaline rushes but also sad situations since sadness is the easiest emotion for him to feel, making him some sort of melancholic

    Dislikes: He dislikes a lot about modern society and humanity. The amount of people he likes is very limited and women tend to have an extra hard time on him since he thinks women are dirty and disgusting due to the fact that the company who made him sells more female clone models and most of them are said to be taken for sexual favors. He also lost a great amount of respect for women as he learned how the first clones were born by women who volunteered to do science this "favor".

    Weaknesses: He has trouble not following orders. As a clone he was designed to mindlessly obey but having a mind on his own Aiden finds himself in conflict whenever somebody asks him to do something. He can decide if he wants to do it or not but when asked repeatedly he tends to do whatever whether he likes it or not. He is also really sensitive to pain because of the way clones are designed. They are not supposed to do anything that harms themselves unless they are told to do so. So whenever they do something mildly harming they feel it pretty soon. Because of his sensitivity he also reacts stronger to cold or warmth. He easily gets hot or freezes. The lack of a broad span of emotions makes it difficult for him to succesfully interakt with other people.

    Strengths: His intelligence is overwhelming, he quickly finds solutions to logical problems. Even if he doesn't really know why, he at least knows how to behave appropriate most of the time. He has a lot of patience and is able to endure difficult situations. He is not easily scared and willing to step in action if needed. He also is very skillful and learns new things in an astounding speed.

    Fears: It may sound theatric but the thing Aiden fears most is the fear itself. It actually makes sense. He is not capable of strong emotions and he doesn't quiet understand them being more the logical type of guy. Since he heard and read about fear and what people are capable to do because of this emotion he is scared of it. However, Aiden would bring himself in a scary situation to get a better understanding of emotions. He is afraid of dying and pain. Also he is afraid of being worthless or not real.

    Sexuality: He is pretty much asexual and has a rather low sex-drive at all but when he is convinced to romantic activities he prefers to be with a man and to be the passive part.

    (More information will probably be added in the future. You are very welcome to ask questions)


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