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Alec Roth

Head Sculpt:
RamCube No.6 body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    bought secondhand from DOA member :)
    Reason for choice:
    i was looking for a doll that would suit my dark preist/cleric Alec as i couldn't get him out of my head and when i saw the Milhwa:r sculpt i knew that was Alec and when he arrived i knew i made the right choice :)
    Best Points:
    his nose and eyes ( i'm a sucker for a nice nose and although his eyes are half closed it doesn't look strange on him and really helps him have a nonchalant feel to him)
    Worst Points:
    the fact that i dont have a body for him so he's having to share with Flynn, the slight open mouth but really its not a problem and seems to be very common in switch sculpts
  • Wig:
    Crobidoll (not his true wig but only one i have on hand that's okay)
    Favourite colours:
    Greys, Purple and sea green
    Fashion style(s):
    he's from a high fantasy so he wears an almost military coat that reaches the floor with some basic cloth trousers with long boots and gloves, he hardly shows any skin.
    in a modern day he would wear a slightly punky look(??) not entirely sure
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    none of this is set in stone and might change as i develop his personality and story more.
    when creating him i was thinking up what could be an interesting character to play in d&d,
    so he has a class based of d&d but with my own take on it/how it would work in my fantasy world
    (d&d is something I've always wanted to do but alas i don't know anyone who plays it, and i'm quite shy [​IMG] )

    Name: Alec
    Real Name: Alrik Roth(might change)
    Age: 20​
    class: Cleric (Dark priest/Necromancer)
    alignment: Lawful Evil - Chaotic Neutral​

    (it changes during his story)​
    god/deity: _________​

    Back story:

    Alrik came from a small poor village that's main source of income was its fresh and clean produce but after years of prosperity the land seemed to go bad many believed the place had been cursed, and each year the harvest became less and less, many moved from the dying farmlands to find a better life else where.
    Alrik's parents had only ever worked the land, neither where well educated and where past their prime, they would surely be over looked by any land owner for a younger fitter worker and with 5 children they could only do what they have always done and continued to work the fields, to tend to their dying livestock and try to survive.
    then one day a noble man came through town and needed a place to rest, Alriks parents leapt to the the noble man side offering him a place at their table this evening, they had spotted a golden opportunity to better their oldest daughters and their own life as it was not everyday that an unmarried noble man rode into town.
    the family put their best effort into making sure the noble man was well taken care of and that the oldest daughter looked her best.
    later in the evening when the children where in bed, their parents and the noble man began to talk, the parents doing their best to make the noble man interested in their daughter, but to their dismay he rebuked their advances but offered them a deal they could not refuse.​
    "give me your son.The one with the odd eye and i will give you 200 gold now and every year he is in my service"

    the parents where confused about why he would want their middle son (10yr old) and not their marriageable and rather attractive daughter, but the noble man merely said he required a squire(something along that lines) and that Alrik was the perfect age and seemed like a bright boy surely you would like to give him the best opportunity to advance in this world and the coin would help yous all would it not.
    the noble man seemed to be the honorable sort and the extra gold coin would most definitely help the family and so the next day when the children awoke Alrik was took aside by his father "now son i know what am gonna tell you will be hard, but you gotta know its for the good of the family and the best thing that can happen to you" his father told him before explaining that he would be joining the noble mans household, and with a quivering lip and tears threatening to spill Alrik did the only thing he could he nodded and told his father he understood.
    that evening the Noble man left with Alrik in tow.
    Alrik spent the next five years with the noble man with less than noble intentions.
    the noble man would call him a sinner.
    that the things he did where Alrik's fault, that he was to blame.
    Alrik believed him.
    when Alrik turned 15 the noble man tried to hand him off to one of his friends, but something inside of Alrik snapped, he gutted the noble man's friend before returning to his home of the last five years.
    he confronted the noble man, he attacked and severely injured him before lighting the room on fire​
    "Let's burn together as sinners"

    the noble man did not want to die so with a great deal of effort he grabbed a near by lamp and lunged for Alrik,
    but before he could make it across the small space between them a crossbow bolt pierced through his heart, striking him dead
    startled Alrik turned in the direction of the bolt only to see an armor clad man and before he could move he was knocked out.

    when he awoke he was far from the mansion, far from the city, he was beneath the stars
    with the armor clad man beside him.​

    the armor clad man looking down at Alrik​
    "we all have a purpose in life, a duty to our gods yours has not yet been fulfilled so i am here to guide you on the path"

    thus began Alrik's journey
    though he changed his name to Alec along the way in order to distance himself from his past
    to ignore it.​

    (sorry if its boring or gets a bit confusing at bits, his story is still very much in development but i thought i might share a bit about him)
    (please be kind about any spelling/Grammar mistakes, i try my best but alas i was not very gifted in that department >.>)
  • [​IMG]

    and some actual character art of Alec
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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