Little Monica
Head Sculpt:
normal skin
Little Monica Harmony boy B
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Little Monica
    Bought straight from Little Monica through a dealer, Angelsdoll
    Reason for choice:
    The grumpy expression was what won me over.
    Best Points:
    the natural posing of the body
    Worst Points:
    elbows, they don't work at all =_=
    Alex profile.jpg
  • Eyes:
    ED Milky custom 16mm
    Spite&Malice Copper Blond
    Favourite colours:
    orange, brown, forest green
    Fashion style(s):
    casual, rock
    Key fashion accessory:
    cross ear piercing, chains
    Out of all my dolls, Alex has changed the least from the moment he arrived. I knew before ordering him what kind of eyes, wig and clothes I wanted for him and he hasn't rejected any of them.
  • Name story:
    Alex is named after the eidolon/summon Alexander from FF game series. His last name Hope is from the character from FFXIII
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Alexander Hope used to be alone all the time outside band practice until Eiko asked him out on a date. Although he was reserved at first, he now loves her deeply. He is still quite reserved when it comes to his girlfriend's BFF Yuffie though...

    Alex grew up thinking his mother had abandoned him and that his father was a drunkard no-good. The truth is, his mother is a known and much feared assassin and is father was in a pyromacer cult. They still were no good, but more interesting. Alex's father had actually sold his son's soul to Lucifer to save his own neck, as had every man in their bloodline before him. Alex is the last male descendant of Lucifer.

    Not caring about all this supernatural heritage, Alex just wants to play at a gig of his life, graduate from school and get rid of Yuffie.


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