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Alice Treveney

Head Sculpt:
Normal skin
Single jointed male
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Bought around Valentine's day(2017) arrived on March 3rd (2017)
    The Junky Spot
    Reason for choice:
    At the time it was because her lower price point made it so I wasn't afraid to be creative and make mistakes. Also because she looked kind.
    Currently if I had to go back and i could choose any doll I’d choose her every time. I adore everything about this sculpt :)
    Best Points:
    She was great at standing, sitting, and slouching; though that’s gotten a little harder as I should probably restring her.
    The sculpt is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, I just love her ears and beautiful face and soft smile.
    She has a sort of life about her and it’s so fun to find what she likes and dislikes.
    Worst Points:
    She constantly attempts to assume the fetal position, her ears make wig shopping a bit rough, it’s currently hard to find her cute feminine clothes online, she randomly can be super uncooperative, and I have a bunch of complaints about the limits of a single jointed body but that’s no one’s fault but my own at this point.
    She was my first doll and three years later she’s still very close to my heart.
  • Eyes:
    Changes frequently but 14mm green and brown acrylic ones I had on hand.
    Faux fur
    Favourite colours:
    Blues, greens, orange tones, yellows. A bunch of soft harvest colors.
    Fashion style(s):
    It’s migrated from the unofficial love child of a Knitter's Monthly magazine and Kingdom Hearts to Dresses Are Great But Have You Heard Of Our Lord And Saviour Hoodies? with a metric ton of jewelry and Yeah I Can Hike In This accessories.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Her boots, jewelry, and hair bow.
    I generally style her in very laid back, comfy but feminine clothes. The kind of thing that you could go walk in the forest or watch Netflix in.
  • Name story:
    At the time I couldn't think of any surnames other than Treveney which is the surname of the protagonist from a graphic novel series called Nightschool: The Weirn Books.
    As for her first name her deadname was based off a singer I liked.
    The name Alice simply popped into my head as I looked at her and it just felt so incredibly right, like it had always been that.
    Character age:
    Late teens to early 20s
    Character gender:
    Transfeminine Nonbinary
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Alice used to work as an assistant herbalist until her workplace was destroyed by a powerful trickster spirit and bringer of chaos whom she inadvertently summoned.

    Growing up, although having at least some form of magic was extremely common among her family, she seemed to have no magic whatsoever. Instead she accidentally blocked and lowered the magic abilities of everyone around her.
    She always naturally had difficulty understanding and relating to other people, but her odd abilities didn’t help her when it came to feeling like a bit of an outcast. She chose to spend most of her time sitting by herself in the woods. She quickly became familiar with the plants and animals that roamed there and ended up becoming completely fascinated with it all. She took any chance she could to focus on learning everything about it and ended up learning herbalism and it’s practical applications.
    Her goal had been to one day open a shop selling plants, tonics, and self written books on various animal and plant species.
    In the meantime she was saving up and learning more through her teacher and boss, an eccentric hermit who’s attitude made it a wonder that the shop was able to stay open.

    One day while she was on clean up duty for the long forgotten storage room, she going through a box of the lead herbalist’s old books when she stumbled across something odd.
    It was a plain black book with the title written in white, quickly scrawled ink. It was simply titled “Tome of the Dead”.
    She knew her boss had some odd magical and possibly dangerous curios and knew better than to open it.
    Or at least, she should have.
    She skimmed through a few pages until she found one with warnings written all over it. The spell was marked in red and she couldn’t help but read through it. So caught up in what she was doing, she accidentally mumbled the words under her breath as she read them out loud.

    Alice doesn’t remember much from the impending disaster, every memory is like a snapshot of a moment with nothing in between.
    She remembers being thrown across the room by an overwhelming powerful force, her boss running upstairs to see what was going on, something formless and laughing decapitating him, and then that thing entering the now severed head before something hit her head and she went unconscious.

    Upon waking up, she found herself outside the now completely destroyed building. She was mostly physically unharmed but deeply confused by it all.
    Unfortunately with her previous workplace destroyed and her teacher, boss, and almost friend currently deceased, all of her plans have been firmly put on hold indefinitely.
    She’s currently staying with a girl she recently met named Ruby and together they’re trying to help each other reach their goals and banish whatever entity is possessing the head and appearing in her dreams.

    Although she’s a determined hardworker, she’s easily exhausted and frequently needs to rest with each new activity.
    Also she deeply cares about a few people, with others she can be a bit selfish at times.
    It can be difficult for her to understand and relate to people.
    Although she often has good intentions and she tries her best, she tends to accidentally make situations worse.

    Quick facts:
    •Middle name is Nora
    •Pisces, born on March 3rd
    •Shes quiet and can look wise and sagely or as if she's planning something but she’s probably actually thinking about how many heads of cabbage it would take to fill a bathtub.
    •Seems like she knows what she's doing
    •Has no idea what she's doing


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