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Alistair Adalwolf

Dream of Doll
Head Sculpt:
Elf Kirill
D.O.C. boy body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    D.O.D. default
    Date of acquisition:
    June 13th, 2016
    Rhidell, here on Den of Angels
    Reason for choice:
    I saw another user's Kirill, one that WASN'T for sale, and that got me wanting one. I found Rhidell's ad on the marketplace, discovered that she and I live relatively close to one another, and placed the order.
    Best Points:
    His little teeth! His mouth is beautifully sculpted. His hips also rotate, enabling him to get into positions that Johnny and Chloe can't.
    Worst Points:
    I have a hard time getting him to sit. His chest joint constantly wants to pop backwards, leaving him in an uncomfortable-looking reclining position. He's also got two broken and repaired fingers, but those don't bother me much.
    Alistair is shorter, chunkier, and more sturdily built than my other boy, Johnny. He is rock-solid in a standing position, but does not pose as well as Johnny does. He is not sanded and has a few seams here and there, but he feels like a high-quality product. He's made me want to buy straight from Dream of Doll so I can see their gore face-up.
  • Eyes:
    16mm red acrylic defaults, though I change them often.
    Anything that's a size 7-8.
    Favourite colours:
    Red, red, red, more red, black, and pink. Too bad I don't have much red stuff right now.
    Fashion style(s):
    I originally wanted Alistair to have a punk or grunge style, but he prefers to wear the most outrageous things he can find. The weirder he looks, the better he likes it.
    Key fashion accessory:
    A silver rosary-style necklace, plus two rings to hide his scarred fingers.
  • Name story:
    Despite his outward appearance, Alistair is supposed to be a werewolf. I wanted some names that sounded lupine, and indeed, his surname means "wolf." "Rufus" came from his red default eyes, and I just like the name "Alistair" for a first name.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Alistair Rufus Adalwolf is of German and Welsh decent. He was born into a large family of werewolves who largely kept to themselves in the coal-mining region of south Wales. From this upbringing Alistair learned how to live off the land and how to take care of himself. During Alistair's adolescence rabies swept through his pack. Yeah, rabies. His father and most of his family died of the rabies, but Alistair had to put the remaining few (including his mother) down himself. Heartbroken over this tragedy (and his unwilling involvement in it), Alistair joined the Martian Settler Program and emigrated to Armenia City.

    On good days Alistair can be found at school, acting like a normal, everyday seventeen-year-old. On bad days it's not uncommon to find him alone by the river, hunkered down under a tree sobbing. Alistair's despair stems not only from the death of his family, but on the fact that he is a werewolf, a being that is usually doomed to damnation after death. He turns to God on a regular basis for forgiveness and prays constantly that his soul will be spared. He does have his moments though, and when he does he's inconsolable.

    In spite of his inexperience around humans, Alistair has a wide circle of friends and has managed to earn Johnny Hailey's trust. He hides his sorrow behind machismo and is seen by his classmates as an average student and a flirtatious clown who loves to laugh and joke. Sometimes he takes his jokes too far and ends up in detention, but for the most part he's well-behaved. Of course, full and new moons make his inner wolf come to the surface. As a result, Alistair has to take medicine every day to keep his transformation in check. He uses an injectable concoction of wolf's bane and some other things that he hasn't revealed to me yet. He uses this like diabetic humans use insulin, and when people ask him what he's up to, that's how he explains it. Only his closest friends know his secret, and none of them have figured out why the wolf's bane does not kill him outright. Even Johanna, who mixes the medicine, is at a loss over that one.

    Outwardly Alistair resembles your average seventeen-year-old, and that's how he wants it to stay. He likes barbecued ribs, Mexican food, and root beer, and if he had his way he'd eat nothing but those three things. His favorite colors are red, red, red, more red, black, and oddly, pink. "What's pink but a lighter shade of red?" he always says. Alistair likes flowers, particularly wolf's bane (what a surprise), daffodils, and painted tongue. He's interested in girls and enjoys a healthy platonic relationship with most of my girl dolls. His one exception is the orange mushroom-eater, Ju-hwang. Alistair and Ju-hwang have been casually dating for awhile, and he plans on asking her to go steady soon. Though his grades are only so-so, Alistair does enjoy a good book; his favorite authors are L. Frank Baum and C.S. Lewis. He enjoys the company of his friends and is fond of vintage arcade games, though the two don't always mix. Alistair has discovered that Ylla also loves arcade games...and much to his chagrin, she's unbeatable at Alistair's favorite game, Pac-Man.
  • Height difference

    Unskinny bop, nothin' more to say!

    "You will pay for this, human."

    Yukata boys!

    Ride the wind, never coming back again...

    Santa Claus pants

    All bundled up on another unseasonably warm day

    Shellbug spotting!


    Owl hat and scarf set

    Blue eyes and a girly wig

    Dumb-looking hat, but I still like it.

    Going for a car ride!

    "And just what am I supposed to do with these???"


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