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Amara Moonstar McKinzy

Head Sculpt:
ResinSoul Bei
ResinSoul Bei
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    October 2017
    Reason for choice:
    She was small enough to be portable. Her face was the perfect style, and I liked how she looked like a pixie.
    Best Points:
    Her ears are very detailed and her eye sockets are perfectly shaped!
    Worst Points:
    Her nose is a bit small, and she's only a single jointed doll so her posing ability is limited.
    Amara is a quiet, a half-elven female that is currently 245 years old. The other half of her elven heritage is that of a Pixie, leaving her perpetually small-framed and child-like looking though she's fully grown. Her back holds a pair of thin, dragonfly wings that allows her to fly and flutter around as needed, though it's rare for her to bring them out except during the summertime when it's warm out.

    Most of the time, she can pass as being a child, though if you point it out to her, Amara will most likely get mad. Yes, she has a bit of an envy issue towards women of any race with larger or full chests. Though she's quiet, generally unassuming and tends to try to blend in with the world around her, her sister Kyura tends to bring out her more....mischievous part of herself.

    Her family includes her half-sister, a full-blooded Pixie named Kyura (no last name), who is a bit smaller than Amara, but is much more fiery in nature. Her other sisters are an Elf named Shizuru, who is older than the both of the smaller girls combined and tends to be more of a motherly figure towards the two of them. Shizu loves to bake and read(something all three of them share enjoyment of) and in my OC world, she owns a bakery. Then there's Morya, a fox demon and elf halfling, she's a big deal business-woman that owns a fashion brand called Butterfly.....There will be a family tree available soonish...

    Back to Amara:

    Amara loves nature, and you can find her hanging out outside as often as possible, hiding in flower beds or poking her head out from around a fountain. She hides easily and dislikes people moving too fast around her, and sudden noises, but loves music and dancing. She adores travel, and fashion to an extent(she can't NOT enjoy it a little with a sister like Morya) and loves photography, you can find her being a model fairly often, or running around outside.

    She doesn't eat any red meats like beef or pork, but loves to eat chicken and fish of all kinds(sushi is her weakness) so is very willing to do a good deed for someone who feeds her.

    She dislikes human-made sugary foods like cereal or chemically flavored foods, and prefers homemade treats sweetened with honey instead of sugar.
    Her favorite fruits are peaches and slightly-over-ripe raspberries.
    She can drink alcohol, but isn't fond of beer, preferring vodka with juice.
  • Eyes:
    Bright Green
    Depending on the season, her hair is either white, green, gold or brown.
    Favourite colours:
    All sorts, just not black as much unless it's an accent shade.
    Fashion style(s):
    Mori girl styles are fun for her to wear out and about, but she also loves witchy clothes(corsets, tattered skirts, cloaks, etc.) and anything pastel. Big, fluffy sweaters and long dresses or skirts are her forte. Her favorite shoes are ankle boots or to be barefoot, and that depends on the weather. She loves leather footwear, but dislikes high heels. She also loves kimono and yukata, but worries that she can't pull it off because she's not Japanese. Her usual outdoor outfits are generally tshirts and shorts or jeans when travelling, though she loves to change up her outer wear regularly, especially in the winter time.
    Key fashion accessory:
    She doesn't have a key piece, though her love of boots is an identifier.
    Her style is fairly natural, no seriously vibrant colors or anything, unless she gets angry, then just like the rest of her siblings thanks to both parents, her magic creates visible glowing lines along her collar bones and face.
  • Name story:
    In a Nutshell.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Amara (last name differs per era the roleplay occurs in)
    Age: 245
    Attitude: Quiet, friendly if a bit shy, she’s camera shy as well and tends to make awkward poses if someone tells her to say cheese or strike a pose. Her best shots tend to be images of her unaware. Amara can be pretty mischievous, and loves to play non-harmful pranks on people if given the chance, though most of the time she just enjoys drinking tea and exploring the world around her or being a model for her sisters' clothing line. She can get jealous of women with larger chests, and hates big birds, but loves cats and dogs and you can sometimes find her riding the dogs in the neighborhood just for fun.

    Physical: Amara is tiny. She literally only stands 27 cm tall. Her skin is pale, but with a rosy tint to her that shows she’s not albino, or dead. Her ears are pointed and small, not long like a full elf or slightly down-tilted like a sprite but a mix of both. Her eyes are a clear emerald green, something that is neither Sprite nor Elf, but a trait found in a half-breed. Amara also has a set of wings that fold naturally into two folds/slits that go down her back parallel to her spine. These hold two dragonfly-like wings that hold a glassy, holographic trait similar to the wings of a butterfly, in the shape of a dragonfly’s largest wing sections. These are delicate as anything, and get cold easily so Amara only ever shows them on warm days, such as summer and late spring. During the colder temperatures here in Canada, she keeps them snuggled in her back 90% of the time.
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