Angel Cullver

Head Sculpt:
White Skin
Resin Soul with Dollmore hand and cat ear parts.
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Iza's Faceups
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Iza's Faceups (hands only)
    Modifications artist(s):
    SilverWinglie (gender neutral modification)
  • Eyes:
    Ersa Flora
    Favourite colours:
    Blues, purples, pinks, silver
    Fashion style(s):
    "Fantasy Victorian/Edwardian"
    90% of Angel's clothes are custom made by the owner.
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Gender Fluid
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    At A Glance:
    • Name: Angel Cullver
    • Immortal Name: Lunniea Flora or Laffniea
    • Origin: God of Nova Terra
    • Species: Half Angel, Half Demon split heritage.
    • Body Age: 22
    • Gender: Fluid: Identifies as both human genders
    • Sexuality: demi-sexual
    • Human Face Claim: Andreja Pejic
    Key Points:

    Visage: Silver Hair | Heterochromatic Eyes | Right: Golden Yellow | Left: Blue | Feline Ears | Androgynous Body | No Gender-Specific genitalia


    Cancer “The Crab”: Water, Cardinal

    Positive: Loyal | Dependable | Caring | Adaptive | Responsive
    Negative: Moody | Clingy | Self- Pitying | Over Sensitive | Self- Absorbed


    XVIII: The Moon: Evocative, Return to Nature, Give in to Instict, Creativity, The Unconcious, Wisdom, Cycles, Celebrating Differences, Romance, The Nighttime.

    Former God: Angel is a direct Avatar of the ancient moon god Lunniea Flora. Meaning they have the soul of an immortal god crammed into a mortal body. Their body dies, and then their soul finds another vessel that then takes on the same physical characteristics as their last body. They are in this status due to a curse enacted by their father the Demon Lord Erebus to deprive them of their holy seat. While most of their powers are blocked by a series of ‘seals’ set forth in the curse, depending on the incarnation a few seals might be broken resulting in a power leak. Seals can be broken by an act of love or courage from their soulmate.

    Soulmate: As a young immortal Lunniea became smitten with a mortal boy by the name of Cor. Through a test Cor then became the Sun God Lance Solarius. Thus married, the fate of the two gods became intertwined to the point where one could not live with out the other. As gods they had four children together. After Lunniea’s father’s curse Solarius’s soul too found it’s self cursed to mortal life but unlike Lunniea’s fate, Solarius won’t remember his past lives and remains powerless in all incarnations.

    In one incarnation the cursed god found its self attracted to the realm of 'earth’ in the present day where he saved the life of a young human named Bryan who by luck just happened to be Solarius’s reincarnation. The two married, but because the former god thus named Angel could not bear to tell his love about the curse or the seals his body wore out and died. Separating them once again.

    Child of the Moon: Angel’s moods and emotions are tied to the phase of the moon. At the new moon they are at peace with themselves and genuinely happy. At full moon is when demon blood courses through their veins causing them to become irritable, hostile, paranoid, and often capable of causing great harm to themselves and others. Half moons bring a time of balanced emotions.

    The Shape Shifter: Depending on the incarnation Angel can switch between the form of a humanoid with feline characteristics and a small white cat. This ability is more controllable with the waining of the moon, and less controllable with the waxing of the moon. At new moon they can keep the apparence of a human with ease, and at the full moon they are most often found as a cat.

    Magick of the Seals: Angel remains cut off from most of thier godly powers because of magickal seals placed on thier soul. However there are a few seals that they can break or enact themself which mostly deal with how they looks to mortals. Hiding parts of their true appearance has downsides though.

    • Total Lock: with all of the seals in place Angel takes the form of a small helpless boy. They possess no magickal abilities in this form. All of the following seals are in place in this form.
    • Ears of the Cat: with their cat ears hidden they are rendered deaf.
    • Duel Eyes: Angel’s right yellow eye has the ability to see the truth for what it is. Useful for a god, but as a mortal it is a disturbing ability. By sealing this power and making this eye to match the other they render themself blind.
    • Tail: Yes, they do have the tail of a cat, but this is almost always hidden away with a seal. Tails can be pulled and tripped over. While they sacrifice a bit of balance with out their tail, the pay off is worthwhile.
    Speak Through Touch: For all purposes Angel is mute. They can speak but their voice to a human would be so high pitched it would make their ear drums burst. Thus Angel communicates through telepathy. Most times they can maintain a low psychic field around themselves allowing the ability for them to pass on thoughts to other’s minds. However this psychic field doesn’t always transmit so they mostly communicate through tactile telepathy. By maintaining touch with a target they can directly implant thoughts into the mind. If a human wishes to forge a blood pact with Angel and allow them to bite and drink blood, they can then gain full unlimited telepathy. Angel takes blood pacts seriously and thus only one person maintains that sort of bond with them: Bryan.

    Memory of Ages: Angel can remember all their past lives in varying detail.


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