Anna Shelley

Head Sculpt:
IP Kid Body, no mobility joint
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Dipole Moment/ Maiya Ng
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Maiden's Kiss
    Date of acquisition:
    Direct from IP from a friend as a gift
    Reason for choice:
    just perfectly suited the character
    Best Points:
    She looks spaced out and likes shes looking right through you all the time
    Worst Points:
    TERRIBLE poser. Stands and sits only. STRANGE elbows.
  • Eyes:
    Captured in Glass 12mm grey no pupils
    1mim custom color mohair/soon to be gray angora by Maiden's Kiss
    Favourite colours:
    grey and off white
    Fashion style(s):
    child victorian, lacey, vintage
    Key fashion accessory:
    burn marks in all her clothes
    Anna died in a fire, and so remains ashy and charred looking. Her clothing is reflective of this and all of it hosts a pattern of singe marks.
  • Name story:
    Anna is my favorite girl's name, and Shelley is my favorite poet
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Anna is your typical eleven yr old girl. She was giggly and full of mischief. She had lots of friends and loves to dance. Anna can play the piano as most little girls can. She had been classically trained by her governess. She loves poetry and macabre stories, thanks to her parents. She is in love with Edward Gorey drawings and stories. She liked to draw and make up stories in her head. Her father was teaching her how to write poetry.

    One night, Anna stayed up late and snuck down into the library of her house. Reading the short stories of her mother, combined with the romantic stanzas of her father, Anna liked to imagine them joining forces and creating something new and unnatural and eerily lovely. One this night though, she was sleepy and nodded off after only a few stories. The books fell off her lap and landed too close to the fireplace. She had ungrated it because she was cold in her nightshift.

    Her mother made it out of the house, and her father came home from a meeting with friends to discover the terrible accident. The house was partly burned and still smoldering in the cold night air. Anna was lost to them. However, Anna became tethered to a book. She had so much unfinished business. Several books and odds and ends were recovered from the fire. One particular one, a small collection of poems written by Percy. Her father treasured this book, holding onto it until the day he died. Years later, Belial came across the book in a rare bookstore in england. He bought it for Vale and due to the energy that Belial has, Anna gained substance. She went from a whispery vapor into a transparent form, to a pale little girl again. She loves Vale and wants him to be happy. She tries to show him through poetry and girlish tricks how to smile. Sometimes, when it's very late at night and he is somewhat sleepy...Vale lets Anna curl around him and lull him into a romantic fantasy that only a poet can.
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