Head Sculpt:
Soom Super Gem
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Clover Fox
    Reason for choice:
    My Dream Doll
    Best Points:
    beautiful stunning face
    Worst Points:
    joints system
  • Eyes:
    Masterpiece Eyes
    Made by Clover Fox
    Favourite colours:
    Pink and white
    Fashion style(s):
    Key fashion accessory:
  • Character age:
    ~ two centuries
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    He was born in the 19th century in France.
    According to the habits of the vampire life of that time, he left his last name in the past as soon as he became a vampire.
    He was in love with his vampire-master, he was tottaly charmed with her beautiness, that is why he decided to forget his human nature, but as soon as he became a vampire he was betrayed by her, his mistress took all his lands and palace and made him to serve her as a slave without any aristocratical privilages. Her palace near Paris were full of such silly boys as Arno, who gave her everything he had and became noone from that time. He also becamea bloodsucking creature wich has an eternal youth, so it gave his misstress an opportunity to use him for her own benefit. She made him be the lover of those people whom she wanted to attract to her side. The gender and age of such people did not matter. Only their wealth and influence in Europe of that century mattered for her. The mistress kept him close to her, first with his love, then with fear. In her palace there were also such vampires who were responsible for punishing the guilty. Arno was always afraid of pain, so he did not dare to disobey the lady. So a lot of time has passed in fear and humility.
    It took him two centuries to cut his love and his fear from his heart. At the beginning of 21st century he run away from France and from her to begin a new life and also to remember of his own proud and dignity, ruined by his mistress years ago.
    He has the specifical vampire skills - he is an incubus, he can take an energy from a sex with a humans. If he quenchs his thirst that way, the blood of his victims isn't even necessary for him. He also has a charming voice. When he was a slave in the palace of his mistress, he used to perform opera arias both for male and female characrers because of his outstanding powerful voice. Nowadays he's singing in the Opera Teatre of the New World. He also found a new vampires brood and became a part of it. It helped him to remember what family means. Now he uses the services of only voluntary donors who like to give their blood to vampires. He lives according to the laws of the New World as an official citizen and does not hide his essence.
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