Atlas Maddox

Head Sculpt:
Migidoll Ell
Popodoll 68
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Bought from another DOA member
    Reason for choice:
    I have always loved the Ell sculpt since the moment I saw him and when I came across him in the marketplace I knew I had to scoop him up <3
    Best Points:
    He is very versatile in his posing
    Worst Points:
    his middle torso joint is a pain
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  • Fashion style(s):
    strega-kei type fashion
  • Character age:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Atlas Maddox

    D.O.B/Age: 26 February 14th (Aquarius)

    Occupation: Thief

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Relationship Status: Taken by Juniper Cage


    Likes: Nights, puzzles, relaxation

    Dislikes: Ration tins, damp blankets, locked doors

    Atlas never knew his parents. He was raised by a man named Vergil, he was a friend of his mother’s and apparently she wanted him to raise her son. It made him sad when he was younger, but it made sense as he grew up, she was a whore, she couldn’t have some kid hanging around -- it’d be bad for business. He got it, and as he grew older found it in himself to forgive her. Life was bad all over, people had to be decent to one another.

    Vergil taught Atlas everything a father would teach his son, and maybe some things a father wouldn’t. After all, Vergil was a thief. Not exactly the most noble profession, but it got them by, put food on the table, and let them live comfortably in a city where most couldn’t even claim that much. It was no surprise that Atlas followed in his footsteps. Vergil didn’t hold back his knowledge, he taught the boy to be a thief and more importantly he taught him how to not get caught. Atlas couldn’t deny that he looked at Vergil as a father-figure, he was one of the only people in Polaris who gave a damn about him, just some dirty-faced street rat and he didn’t have to. That meant something to the boy who had nothing.

    Years later Vergil passed away due to natural causes, and left Atlas alone, but armed with invaluable skills. Life wasn’t glamorous by any means, but he managed. There’s an old saying that Vergil taught him, “There’s no honor among thieves”, but it turns out that wasn't entirely true. His girlfriend at the time, Safina, offered him a job, one that was so big that they needed a few extra hands. Tayir Holomek ran a small band of thieves, kind of like a guild. They kicked him a portion for his information, and everybody else got enough coin to be warm and full, sometimes even both at the same time. Safina said if he impressed Tayir, he could make this a permanent thing. Life was good, and Atlas quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his natural talent and training.

    Everything changed when during one job Safina fell behind. He can still see it now, her hand reaching out for him on the train’s roof; he turned his back on her. The next day they hung her in Polaris’ main square, Atlas clung to the shadows as her feet kicked uselessly in the air. He didn't save her for a second time. He fell out of the group. Atlas hid from any punishment that Tayir might dole out for abandoning a fellow thief by falling off the grid. No, Vergil had been right all along, it was better to just be alone. He vowed that he wouldn’t get close to another thief, that it had been too risky and painful. Some promises are meant to be broken.
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