Head Sculpt:
Anais II
  • “Don’t you dare turn around,” said a stony female voice, “for I am the Baron’s niece and I will have you flogged for being arrogant enough to know my face.”

    The boy barely blinked, for he was used to such antics from the rich. “Your humble servant will not turn around, my lady.”

    “Bring me a bun, the best you have,” she said, “for I feel like having a bun.”

    The Baron’s niece, she claimed. A likely story! No one so powerful would dare soil herself with the odour of the smokey bakery. More likely this was a lady robber with a clever story that the baker boy did not believe from the beginning. Still, he said not a thing, and grabbed the roundest and plainest bun from the bakery. With the baked bun on a porcelain plate, he approached the lady robber backwards so that he would not see her face.

    “This is the best?” she said with a loud sniff. The baker boy heard the sound of unladylike munching. “This is all fluff and flour.”

    For that is what a bun is, thought the baker boy. “Is it not to the lady’s liking?”

    “Tomorrow, you will give me one with rabbit meat in the middle,” she said. “I will come back again when the sun shines the river white.”
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