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Bazael 'Bell' Ulrich von Rye (Cortasar)

Head Sculpt:
Vincent Halloween limited RGM04
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Ringdoll, HerrZog, Lina_Kroeger, belovedA
    Date of acquisition:
    from Ringdoll
    Reason for choice:
    I saw it on the teaser at Ringdoll (it was the first teaser, something in the fog), I had a feeling that we are familiar, haha. His story came to me by itself, enough to full time after I adjusted only the details.
    Best Points:
    His face and amazing body, it flexibly and elegantly.
    Worst Points:
    it turned out that white fades in
  • Eyes:
    always green (bichrome) or colorless. 12-14mm
    of llamas, alpacas (always reddish)
    Favourite colours:
    Black, red, tranquil pastel colors.
    Fashion style(s):
    Elegant, graceful, emphasizing the waist line.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Corsets, shirts with cutaway.
    He always puts on the situation, but always with the inherent elegance.
    If it's a party, it is likely that he will wear something tight, but not too challenging (though it also depends on his mood). If he goes to high society parties - it will be an elegant suit, coat.
  • Name story:
    In my environment all know him as Bell, not Bazael. Although I do not remember where it came from, but the name and the red-haired boy has become related to each other.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    body - male, soul - witch, aha ;)
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Bell was born in a German family of musicians, full of loving and gentle heat. But at the age of a half years, he has lost both parents in a car accident. After this tragedy, the boy becomes his guardian aunt on his mother. From that moment he has a new life begins.
    His guardian, as it turned out later, is the High Priestess (main witch ancestral genus) of the secret Order of Witches. And as in family Rye all carriers witch blood were women, the birth of the little Bazael was considered a bad omen Rye family. His mother also was a witch, but ran away with the beloved escaping from a marriage of convenience (all women Rye family cursed a few centuries ago Witch Rye family originate from Incubus: Witch summon a demon, she fell in love with him and became pregnant by him, being married. Her husband witch cursed his wife for infidelity (he was strong enough magician to do so), and now the woman in whose veins the blood of an incubus flows, can get married only once in life (for the one who will take away their virginity), and be only one man, and remain faithful to him even after his death, otherwise they will die). So the elders of the clan of Witches teach their girls diligence since childhood, and prepare them right party since the cradle.
    Bell - a witch, he had to be born a woman (he has all the distinctive features of the surname Rye - red hair, green eyes, feminine appeal of men), he has a very strong ability to magic witch (exactly the same as the High Priestess), which was cause black envy on the part of members of the Order, so that even his guardian shunned Bell. His power was too great, everyone was afraid of the consequences. And at the age of two years, his ruthless exposed to cruel ritual, the purpose of which was to take away part of the boy's strength. They turned and exhausted victim has lost part of its forces. But along with the Force, the boy lost part of the soul, she crossed the border world of the dead (one of his eyes became completely green, without the pupil). Witches have doomed his soul to eternal wanderings beyond the subtle worlds, but they did not know the consequences. The boy grew up in a perpetual ridicule on the part of same age girls, even having lost half of his forces, he remained too prominent, beautiful and capable, it only strengthened envy. One day older girls kidnapped and held him for several hours, they cut his hair, tore his clothes and dressed in women's clothes, laughed and mocked him. When the witch school educators heard about it, no one was punished, forcing Bell finally lose heart and take an unexpected decision to escape.
    At the age of nine years, in the winter, he runs away from his guardian and hid in a warm bus and went to sleep. When he woke up, he was far from home. He was found the police, so he briefly hit a new orphanage, where he met with blond arrogant bully - Ty (his parents provide charitable assistance to this shelter, this is their adopted son often comes there). Later, Tу asked parents and they took Bell to himself.
    The characteristics of the Bell - kindness, he is always ready to come to the aid of friends, given the feelings without reserve and also faithfulness.
    As Bell asexual, he does not feel any attraction to women or to men, it is a defensive reaction of the organism to the curse of his clan. But incubus blood in his veins as seen, he charms, even when this is not wanted. He can tempt, but do not understand it. He is under the protection of the magic power of Subtle World, or else he would have been dead a long time, because the way it does Bell, it is better not to repeat to anyone, no man and no woman, they never left behavior Bell's go unpunished.
    At thirteen Bell becomes the object lust for the inhabitants of the Subtle World (Succubus, Incubus, various demons) due to the fact that his soul is in their territory. His half-brother Ty saves him, and at the same time, Bell received a new power - to be the master of the Dead, it becomes Spiritmaster Soul, Warlock, and takes responsibility for ferry certain souls to the underworld. He owns one of the carriages of the Lord of Death, which he did under the Rolls-Royce in the Gothic style.
    Because of his kindness and love for all living beings, he always cries, when a living entity dies. Ty very angry when Bell brings home the bodies of dead animals and animates it. As the animal becomes a zombie, it loves his master, but can hurt others, unfortunately. In addition, reviving the creature, Bell can not stop wilting flesh of a dead animal's body continues to decay. The only luck Bell - is Mar'Garet. As Bell is a pathologist by training, and the future becomes an assistant medical examiner, in his spare time from Witch cases, of course, haha (it helps the police involved in the murder. Usually he is left alone with the corpse and begins to question the murdered soul of the events that led to the death of the victim). Bell loves animals, the ordinary and quite unusual (it is madly in love with dragons, as their breathing was a part of the blood of an incubus. Bell has a scar over his eye from the claws the dragon)
    In fifteen years, Bell falls in love with an ordinary man, and hides from him his soul witch. The man, who falls in Bell, causes a string of bad events in the family von Wolfrune and Rye. Because of him, Ty forced to "freeze" the soul of his half-brother, that would have Bell died (live part of the soul was already on the verge of the Subtle World). Thereafter, the rite Bell becomes cold, cynical, which is called "without a soul". That in turn leads to the tragic events in the life of their family, friends and acquaintances. And most of all gets close friend Bell - Lyuteyn Lancaster.
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