"Bob" Letifer

Head Sculpt:
  • Face-up artist(s):
    None yet!
    Date of acquisition:
    Around August 30th 2017
    Preordered via Stacy's Pink Ocean
    Reason for choice:
    At the time I loved his dorky face, nose, expression, uneven eyelids, and above all spiky teeth. I also thought he also was perfect for an OC I wanted to shell then. Now it's pretty much the same but I've abandoned that character.
    Best Points:
    Fantastic details, spiky teeth, and all the things I mentioned above. He also has a brilliant headcap system.
    Worst Points:
    The resin on his eyelids is so thin it's slightly translucent. Although it makes it look more realistic I worry about damaging it.
    He was my grail doll so I immediately jumped at the chance to purchase him. At the time I was originally planning to shell a character that required a few mods in addition to dying him purple. I decided to instead keep him as his own separate thing instead and thus he became Bob. I've pretty much abandoned that old character and there are going to be a few major changes to this current character.
  • Eyes:
    Random glass or acrylic, haven't decided on a set pair yet.
    Currently looking for a wild enough faux fur wig.
    Favourite colours:
    Gold, purple, black and deep red.
    Fashion style(s):
    Extravagant robes with gold and precious jewels, that and whoever their current vessel is.
    They're a very self important god and his style clearly reflects that.
  • Name story:
    "You might not want to name him a normal English name because then you'll have to introduce him like 'yes here is my lord of the undead, god of things unseen, his name is Bob'"
    I was going to change it as part of my overall revamp but I decided instead to keep it and make it a nickname for his deceased vessel, Robert. Letifer translates to deadly, fatal, or death dealing. From 'letum', 'death, destruction', and 'ferre', 'to bring'.
    Character age:
    As old as any being who's lived long enough to be considered a god.
    Character gender:
    None, uses whatever pronouns correspond to their vessel.
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    The bringer of chaos, god of destruction.
    They were sealed away by a goddess who tricked him and in exchange gave her life.
    For years they slept, awaiting the day some fool would awaken them.
    Finally, they heard the call.
    Some weak, young mortal girl. Reading things she shouldn't.
    They couldn't help but laugh, finally, they would be free.
    The cursed goddess may have scattered their holy body to make it harder, but they could have a vessel now.
    They could search for each piece and remake themselves.
    Then, who could stop them?

    This came at a cost however.
    Unfortunately the mortal was weak.
    Very weak.
    In order to cast the spell the mortal had to use a monumental sacrifice, something of more value to them than anything could ever outweigh.
    In this case it was clear nothing was prepared, so instead a soul bond was made.
    The mortal's life was now connected to them.
    Perfect, a new vessel.
    Not as strong as a god, but strong enough.
    Clearly, as they were able to cast the spell, they must have great arcane knowledge.

    Letifer burst through the veil and looked at the body of the mortal, thrown across the room like a ragdoll.
    They grimaced at the small, frail body before them.
    Instantly they felt their power decrease and seem...
    They needed a new vessel and fast, this one would not work.
    A man ran up the stairs.

    He was strong enough to resist.
    Letifer, impatient, in a single move decapitated the man.
    If they can't take a vessel, they'll just have to make one.

    Though the first mortal was weak,
    So, so very weak,
    She must be kept alive.
    For she is the soul bond.

    I must keep an eye on this one.

    Quick facts:
    They are the god of chaos and destruction.
    They have a sweet tooth but also greatly enjoy devouring any living beings.
    Their power was decimated, but now they wish to regain it and remake the world.
    They do want control of Alice's mind and frequently try to gain it through communicating with her in her dreams.
    They have a soft spot for cats.


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