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Caitlin (pronounced kath-LEEN)

Head Sculpt:
New WS
RTbody-2 (Ring Teenager) (now discontinued)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Ringdoll default
    Date of acquisition:
    August 15, 2016
    Ordered via Alice's Collections on April 14, 2016
    Reason for choice:
    Since I discovered Ringdoll when I was new to the hobby (at the point when owning any of these amazing dolls was merely a dream) I have been enamored by the company pictures of Spencer. They reminded me a bit of GLaDOS, an AI from a game I was obsessed with at the time. This sculpt is definitely a grail sculpt as far as I'm concerned, as I have loved Spencer since I first saw him, yet could not imagine spending $500+ (or even having that money to spend, at that point). As I got more into the hobby, having bought one or two cheaper dolls already, I began to both believe I might be able to save up that much and fear that the sculpt may be discontinued before I had the chance. I had seen other sculpts be discontinued both by Ringdoll and other companies. As I saved up, however, I began to consider spending the money on other dolls that I could afford right away. I'm lucky I didn't; Ringdoll had a discontinuation event right as I had saved up enough to get my Spencer, and I did so, barely in the nick of time.

    When I was close to being able to buy her I considered getting Spencer on the girl body for that size, but I did not know how to order the head separately if I even could, and another DoA member's Spencer, which was one of the catalysts for the sculpt becoming my grail, was male and I honestly could not decide whether it was worth it to get the female body or just make her a feminine boy. I ended up deciding to get the male body as it was being discontinued, so if I did sell it off and replace it with the girl body I might be able to get a good price for it, or so I thought.

    As it is, her gender is up in the air at the moment, but even with the body she has, I still refer to her using she/her pronouns most of the time. Her gender is probably fairly fluid, but I use she/her for her by default.
    Best Points:
    The face, the teeth, and most definitely the faceup.
    Worst Points:
    The hands are not very detailed, nor are the feet. A bit kicky, but that may be the stringing.
  • Eyes:
    White iris, reddish pink pupil, won from a raffle at Dollism Plus NY. I believe the brand is "Captured in Glass" but I am not absolutely sure.
    Alice's Collections "ACWT158G black under red"
    Favourite colours:
    Black, red, and white, and perhaps silver as well.
    Fashion style(s):
    Originally planned to be a necromancer, so dark robes and possibly modern punk or goth outfits, I guess. I don't have many clothes for her yet. She might look good in Assassin's Creed styles I guess, though I haven't actually played those games. ^^;
    Key fashion accessory:
    Currently, a bat-patterned super crop made by DraconicMaiden
    I don't have much for her at the moment; she is my first 1/3 scale doll and I was lucky enough to have a shirt that fit her that I was using as pajamas for one of my minis. Only has one pair of pants, but I am in the process of searching for outfits in her style that might fit her. Apparently Ringdoll teens are kind of an odd size.
  • Name story:
    I honestly can't remember, I just liked the name. I think I came up with it when visualizing how I wanted to style her, and also looking at some photos of another user's Spencer in different wigs.
    Character age:
    Not decided. In some verses she is a demon, in others an android; she could be very old, or very young, depending.
    Character gender:
    Mostly fluid, prefers she/her pronouns mainly.
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Chaotic evil probably. Likes mayhem. Either a demon or an android depending on the 'verse. Maaaybe both? Still working on the Resinoid AU.

    (mentions of Laika refer to an older version of that doll's character)
    notes (out of date)
    -Sporadic ruler of a court of demonic entities like herself in a dimension alternate to ours, until brought into the human world and tied to a vessel by a group of scientists who really didn't know what they were in for. Negotiation occurred, and now she inhabits a significantly more powerful vessel than others who were brought to life later. The Resinoid Initiative, as it was called, moved on towards creating artificial life rather than attempting to control demons and other sentient creatures, and most of the others in Caitlin's situation ended up being released to their own universes and blocked from interfering. Caitlin was a special case as she appeared to be interested in the Initiative's projects for her own reasons- that and no-one could manage to exorcise her. She is watched carefully for risk of aberration but the Initiative seems to be taking up most of her interest and concentration.

    -Can act extremely wild at times but then develop an extremely clinical and serious persona at others. Part of this is affected by the what role she plays in her story, and as the situation calls for it.

    -Extremely intent on her work in the Initiative; one could call it a hyperfixation- though whether she just likes playing the role of a sadistic scientist or actually cares about the purpose of the work is not something you want to ask her when she is in a bad mood.

    -Likes human science, causing pain, chaos, ordered chaos (it's complicated), having power over others, taking charge, magic, fire, and various other things.

    -Dislikes Laika, being controlled (she resents it but tolerates it ...to a point.), insects, Laika, and being on the operating table herself.

    -Genderfluid, uses she/her pronouns mainly. Used to identify as male or masculine as the rules of the demonic communities in her dimension of origin required rulers to be male. She ruled, and forced everyone to be a bit more creative once she revealed some of her true intentions.

    -Bi, prefers women mostly but is open to experimentation (used to females because of conventions in the demonic community. Hasn't really tried much else except for the purpose of domination)

    -When she ruled she was not as attentive as she could be; she missed a couple wars while working on some plot or experiment and eventually most of her subjects stopped considering her their leader and just considered her as someone not to mess with, except for a smaller group that fought among themselves a lot and considered her their ruler more because she had proven herself as a fighter way back then, and less because she was actually capable of the job. When she wanted to act like a ruler she did, and others mostly humored her.
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