Cerius Luciano

Dollshe Craft
Head Sculpt:
Timeless body
  • Date of acquisition:
    September 5th 2018
    Reason for choice:
    I had looked at pictures of him for years until finally I saw him for sale on a secondhand market and I had to scoop him
    Best Points:
    The sculpt from his face to his hands and feet is amazing.
    Worst Points:
    I wish I could do more with his elbows/arms
  • Eyes:
    Blue with blue pupils
    Black fiber
    Favourite colours:
    Black, red
    Fashion style(s):
    Grunge punk
    Key fashion accessory:
    Open eye necklace
  • Name story:
    The cursed circus
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    It had started to lightly drizzle the third and final night of setting up the tents. Cerius abhorred the first two nights, when everyone split equal, yet laborious work to get everything set up. The big top, taking the longest and most people to set up, went up the first night, followed by the smaller attraction and market tents the second night. The third and final night was spent setting up the last of the housing tents and hiding every caravan and mobile home, that had brought the cursed circus to New Arimonz, somewhere out of site, behind the big top. The third night was cerius’s more favored night, when he could focus on his own well being and redecorating his tent. It never took long since he woke up early and worked quickly, placing things where he could remember best then, with a hand magik gesture and a whisper, let the rest place itself. This gave him time to start sniffing out trouble, which seemed to be his natural born talent.
    The cursed circus is an odd place to start, with no discernible beginning and no end in sight, so we start with this rainy night. Cerius is the resident warlock, specializing in all magiks and Wicca, as well as the talent scout for the cursed circus. He very much enjoys his line of work, being able to travel around the worlds, adding new and amazing acts to the show and sometimes the family. Cerius has finished his nest, falling into his pallet of pillows and blankets, already bored. The rain only worsens his boredom, reminding him to stay in. But as soon as it becomes a command in his head, to stay home where its dry and warm, his feet begin to itch and he has to jump to them. Pulling on his leather jacket and stomping out the fire with a big black boot, he feels a shiver down his spine synonymous to the shiver of adrenaline. The corner of his lip curls ever so slightly, for now he knows, not only will his boredom will be cured but, he’s gonna find what he came looking for.


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