Corvus Viddae

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    Beautiful tan resin
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    Cheeky grin
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    Posing is a little too stiff
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    His name means 'Crow' in latin
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    Name: Corvus Viddae

    D.O.B/Age: 29. October 7th (Libra)

    Occupation: Guard Captain

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Relationship Status: Married to Rue Viddae


    Likes: Fine-aged Whiskey, Red Heads, Greasy bar food

    Dislikes: Paperwork, Train rides, Conspiracy Theories
    Corvus was a spoilt child. His mother and father doted on him, and treated him like their own little miracle. Everything was perfect. He remembered their smiles, long walks in the park. He remembered his mom laughing in the kitchen. He remembered his dad lifting him up on his shoulders where everything under them was tiny and far away. He remembers his dad leaving for work and never coming home.

    “Mom!” He called, but didn’t turn around, too busy looking at the boy that looked like him. There were differences, of course there were. He was younger, and he had bigger lips, like the lady with him. They had the same nose. He cried out louder, “MOM!” She’d told him to go to his room and play. He hid in the hallway instead, listened when the lady explained that the boy was his little brother. He stood there as it sank in what she meant, watched helplessly as that little boy hid behind his mom’s legs. His name was Enzo, and they were half-brothers. She was looking for dad. For Enzo’s dad, for his dad, and it was the same dad. He frowned.

    Corvus was the one who found his mother with slit wrists and ankles in their bath tub. The same tub where Corvus used to laugh and play with toys his Father brought home for him. The guards who came explained to him that she died of a broken heart. Enzo’s mom came to take him away that night. He had nowhere else to go.
    Corvus scowled at the little boy with dark hair just like his, “You’re stupid.” Enzo cried a lot. Corvus hated it. “I hate you!” He hollered and yelled as much as Enzo cried. “Shut up! Stop crying! You’re always crying!” Enzo sniffled as Corvus pushed him onto his butt. “You don’t even have anything to be sad about, not like me! You ruined EVERYTHING!” Maybe Corvus cried a lot too, but only in the bathroom with the door locked behind him.

    His dad was his hero. He’d always been his hero. As far as Corvus was concerned, his dad had made a mistake with Enzo’s mom, and if Enzo hadn’t been born everything would have been fine. As Corvus grew up, he followed in his dad’s footsteps, looking more and more like him every day. It was no surprise when after school he enlisted to be a guard. His promotion to Guard Captain felt inevitable.

    What happens when you find out your hero wasn’t so good after all? “Corvus. You should look at these.” He glanced up at Scarlett, one of the few female guards and hesitated. She had helped him root out a lot of corrupt guards, but he knew her judgment was being clouded. When you sleep with a dog, you’re going to get fleas like one.

    “Where did you get this?” He scanned the damning paperwork, complete with his father’s signature at the bottom.

    “Does it matter? It’s real.” Scarlett crossed her arms and stared him in the eye.

    The paperwork would plunge Polaris into chaos, and Corvus considered setting it on fire with the candle beside his desk for one brief moment. Project Deimos.
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