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Dalia Dalhart

Head Sculpt:
Normal Skin (Dec 2009)
Tiny Fairy Blossom Body (Classic)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    almyki (myself)
    Date of acquisition:
    December 2009
    I am the original owner of this doll and I bought it from the company.
    Reason for choice:
    Before buying my first doll, I researched and made a detailed plan for my collection. I wanted my collection to be small and cohesive, so I decided to buy all my dolls from one company to ensure perfect aesthetic harmony. I decided I wanted a mainly mini-scale collection with at least one boy, one girl, and one child, and with at least one doll each in WS, NS, and TS. The body sculpt aesthetics were also very important to me, and I greatly preferred single-joint looks to double-joints most of the time.

    My search criteria thus required a company that had boy and girl minis and matching to-scale tinies, male and female body and face AND body sculpts that I liked, and at least the possibility of having all three skintones available. The body sculpts were the bottleneck that eliminated the most companies especially due to ugly double-joints and overly-mature/muscular male bodies that didn't match faces. I narrowed it down to BlueFairy because I loved the classic and simple but detailed style of the bodies and faces and because they had a good variety of body types (dandy, boy, blossom, girl, junior, shiny).

    I chose Jasmine on Blossom body because I wanted a pretty, feminine lady, I love her style of almond-shaped eyes, and I really wanted a smiling doll. Smiling sculpts are much less common than neutral and serious or frowning sculpts. She was also the easiest to attain at the time, since WS was limited and expensive from BF back than and their tan skin didn't yet exist.
    Best Points:
    The overall weight, feel, and tactility of the doll. When I hold it in my hands, move the parts, pose it, and handle it in general, I feel it's very comfortable and 'just right'.

    Though it's got simple jointing, is not fussy or difficult to handle, and BlueFairy TFs have a good weight to them. She stands, sits, and holds most of the poses that she's capable of easily and reliably.

    She is also extremely easy to outfit; she fits both 6-7in and 7-8in wigs, her eyes (16mm) are easy to shop for, her shoe size is convention MSD, and as a semi-slim mini she can wear a lot of clothes from anywhere between slim mini and MSD sizes.

    She is very easy to face-up and clean, since her sculpt lacks deep crevices and has a simple style.

    I worry the least about her yellowing because it's such a pink NS, and yellowing has not been a problem since I've had her.
    Worst Points:
    I think the original hands that came with the doll look too childish and don't suit the rest of the body. I much prefer the alternate hands I bought for her.

    Back when she was made, the inside of BlueFairy's headcaps were also unnattractively bumpy and still used an S-hook headcap.

    The elbow joints are my least favorite joints on her.

    Most 7-8in wigs, I feel, are bit big on her and require bang trims to look nice.

    MSD clothes are often too fat/childish for her figure, so the fit is not perfect.

    Without hot-glue sueding on her waist joint, she always wants to lean a little back when sitting down. Sueding fixes this.
    Jasmine's head sculpt is one of BlueFairy's smaller sculpts, so her head is an exact 7 inches.

    My doll was made in 2009, when BlueFairy's Normal Skin was more pink than it is now. Her hands and tiptoe feet are newer, so they are closer to BF's current NS.

    Her stringing is loose and old. Her waist joint is vastly improved with hot-glue sueding.
  • Eyes:
    16mm Red eyes
    7-8in Red/pink wigs
    Favourite colours:
    Red, pink
    Fashion style(s):
    Enjoys a wide range of fashion and fashion in general. Her preferences lead to feminine, girly, beautiful stylish, chic, decorative, and eye-catching. Some styles she wears are lolita, princess styles, rich historical women's clothing, modern and business fashion.
    EYES: She has multiple sets of eyes in red and pink, mainly in urethane (MOON-002 no glitter, AMA-001 no glitter). Older photos show older eyes she's had, including acrylics and glass.
    WISHLIST: MysticEyes red/pink gradient eyes with glitter.

    WIGS: She has multiple wigs mainly in red, wine, and pink and in synthetic fiber. I used to buy her 7-8in wigs, but now I'm switching to getting her 6-7in wigs, as I feel they fit her better.
    WISHLIST: Leeke, Licht, Luts, ForMyDoll

    Clothing/Shoe Brands: Nine9Style, Desers, Luts, BlueFairy, TTYA, and others. Her shoes are mainly BlueFairy. She switches between a variety of wigs, eyes, and outfits.
  • Name story:
    The name was inspired from Dahlia 'Dollie' Hawthorne from Ace Attorney. I wanted a 'doll-themed' name, so I chose 'DALia DALhart'.
    Character age:
    ??? 100+?
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Creature Classification: Andolim (Series 3, Degree 2, OOAK, Maker Pygmalion)

    Andolim is short for 'animated doll golem'. Andolims were invented by the fairy Pygmalion; upon being revealed to the public eye, they were quickly popularized as rare luxury goods exclusive to the wealthy. High-quality andolims like Dalia are easily worth more than their weight in gold, and perhaps even more than their owner's weight.

    Though not technically a living creature, andolims are beings that possess souls and are capable of individual thought and feelings.

    Though incapable of using magic themselves, they are extremely adept at handling magic items and creating items that are suited to magic enhancements.

    Her Story:
    Dalia's Maker was the famous Pygmalion. Her Owner was the heir to an old, rich merchant family, the Belle Estate; Pygmalion and the Belle family have had an established friendship from generations past and Dalia (along with four others) were a gift to the last living member of the family. She was his loyal companion from youth to his death bed. She is a doll in a Collection of five.

    About Her:
    Her element is fire. She is polite and lady-like on the outside, but hot-tempered with a burning willpower on the inside. Her skills are in magic, diplomacy, performance arts (acting, dancing), alchemy, and cooking. She is a natural leader with a Choleric temperament.


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