Dana Ripley

Dreaming Doll
Head Sculpt:
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Dreaming doll company
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    May 2017, second owner
    Reason for choice:
    Loved facial expression and fit budget and body proportions I was looking for
    Best Points:
    Love her delicate feminine hands and fashionable facial features. Company face-up was lovely and she was well cared for by first owner.
    Worst Points:
    Needs a bit of sueding or glueing for arms and legs to pose just a bit better but overall well put together.
    View attachment 15758 She enjoys being dressed up or down and a cosplayer she can truly be most anything! She has a kitty and xenomorph as a pet and they get into all kinds of troubles.
  • Eyes:
    Currently Grey
    Pink or brown
    Favourite colours:
    Pink, blue
    Fashion style(s):
    Stylish geek. Comfy nerd. Cosplay everyday.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Something fandom related.
    Sometimes she parties in pink hair, sometimes in brown, whatever the occasion or costume/cosplay calls for...
  • Name story:
    I am a huge sci-fi buff and loved X-Files growing up, so Dana seemed like a no brainer to honour Miss Scully, a strong female of the sci-fi world. Of course, another super strong lady, Ellen Ripley, also figures into the equation for a last name, and as I could not just choose one, I picked both names for a proper first and last name! Plus a power loader suit is being printer for her....more on that as details become available...
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Dana is a hardworking model at Stellar Evolution Designs during the day and some weekend's.

    By night she likes to hang out with her chubby cat named Jonsey and a little xeno friend named Ginger.

    She loves switching up looks and keeping things bright and fun.

    She is also always geeking things up and cosplaying, even if casually, most of the time!


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