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Head Sculpt:
Normal Yellow
1/3 Male Body B60-005
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Me ^^
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Tattoo artist(s):
    I do have some planned
    Date of acquisition:
    Bought through Alice's Collection during Christmas Event
    Reason for choice:
    My friend and I wanted to have doll couples but because I had never thought about buying male dolls, it was a weeks long process until I accidentally found him and immediately liked him because his body felt more softer and not as "edgy" as other male bodies I had seen so far.
    Best Points:
    Eyes, legs, arms, tummy
    Worst Points:
    Well, he is still a male and I just simply like female aesthetics more :'D
    Daniel works at V chain as a Store Manager. He has been in that position for two years now and he loves his job. He likes the feeling that he gets when his shifts flow and when the sales are good. He likes teaching his employees and colleagues. He finds it easy to talk and please the customers and he is good at his job. And he knows it. It comes to him naturally that he feels like he was really laid back and out-going person at work. After all it is easy to feel confident when you have the evidence to back it up. He is work-a-holic and he feels proud to be one.

    However he is nothing like that in his personal life.

    He is extremely timid. He finds it hard to smile because he is 24/7 uncertain about himself. Does he look weird, are people laughing at him? He should have worn that other shirt when he went outing with his friends 3 weeks ago. Everything went wrong because he wore that shirt. Oh, how he wishes that he was funnier and could come up with clever come backs on the spot.

    Daniel was engaged with the love of his life. He even married them. However the marriage was cut short as their partner decided to leave them for another person. A woman, no less. How could a gay guy ever compete with a pretty girl?

    Divorce was a clean one in the surface but right beneath it, Dan was drowning. He couldn't help to feel defeated and worthless. He felt that he would never be enough in his life. No matter if he gave everything they were for their partner. He would rip himself to shreads. Build himself a new. He'd discard everything he is and change his personality to match what he was expected to be... But he knew that he still wouldn't be enough. He simply wasn't someone who could be loved or who even deserved it.

    So he moved out and became a work-a-holic. He tried dating couple people after the divorce but the choking feeling of "you're never going to be special for them, you'll never be enough" -wouldn't quiet down in their head so Dan would stop keeping in touch and let those relationships sink before they could set sail.

    Well, that was the case until he met a man while outing with his friends from work. Daniel had no idea who was the man who kept looking at him from the other side of the room, nor could he keep his own eyes away from the man. He kept drinking because he hoped that he didn't need to start up a conversation with the man. No doubt it would end up in tears.

    However the man came to talk with Dan and they would talk about this and that - Dan could feel oddly comfortable with the person they had just met (though he was about 99% sure it was because his alcohol levels were higher than they had been in years). Somehow he ended up kissing the man and to his greater surprise, the man answered his kiss. Dan was not sure about what happened after that.

    Except that he woke up at his place. (What the fuck, Daniel!?) He was desperately trying to get up from the bed with his head throbbing, reminding him that he - really - couldn't hold his alcohol worth a shit. As he was plotting his escape plan, arms folded across him and gentle kisses were pressed on Daniel's neck and he could feel himself melt.
    "G'mornin' beautiful..." a voice whispered between kisses and Dan could feel his heart racing. He was not ready for this ride, he couldn't even remember man's name. One night stand. Great, a new low for Dan - to be a one night's stand for someone.

    Little did he know, that there were no way out of this one. Chance had brought them together and it would keep doing so until they would give up and stay with each other. That is how he met Elias.
  • Eyes:
    14mm brown Mako eye + 14mm green Mako eye (heterochromia)
    self made blonde alpaca wig with brown strikes.
    Favourite colours:
    warm greys and green.
    Fashion style(s):
    Casual, with weird contrast clothes. Like huge hoods or mile long wraps.
    Key fashion accessory:
    about dozen black hairbands in his left arm (or black string)
    He loves practical, casual clothes but he loves to accessorize them out. He loves big hoods and asymmetrical hems. Drop-crotch pants are his favorite with harem pants. He also loves cardigans.

    While he is dancing, he prefers crop tops so he can see how his torso moves and how the movement looks like to the audience.

    Fun fact: he has a tongue piercing.
  • Name story:
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    If you want to RP with Daniel, he has an IG account [ dance.dani.dance ]

    Daniel is timid, unsure about himself and finds it hard to believe that people could be sincere. His horoscope is Capricorn and it shows in most stereotypical ways. (thought that was not always the case - When Daniel was younger, he was quite the opposite)

    He doesn't necessarily hide things, rather he doesn't tell them unless asked to and then he tries to tell them as simply as possible ("You are divorced?" "Yeah, it was a bit complicated and a long story, but it's ok now"

    He can't hold his alcohol worth a shit.

    He is demi-sexual and pan-romantic and whether or not he admits it, he yearns for intimacy (not in necessarily sexual aspect though) - which he would, otherwise be fine with - but since he has past experiences where there, apparently, can't be a relationship without sex - he has kinda given up on ever finding someone who would love him as a person, and not just crave for his body.

    Daniel has been assaulted when he was younger and more stupid, his previous partner forced him to have sex even though Daniel wasn't ready or willing to - but because Dan was too afraid that they would leave him, he just allowed it to happen. He regrets it and every time it comes out as a topic, he will strongly argument that people would stand their ground - and report it.

    Daniel is a belly dancer but he is also very passionate about neo swing. But not too many people (who Dan knows IRL) know about it, since Dan is afraid people would laugh and insult him about it.

    He is practically blind without his glasses.

    Daniel also has a twin brother, Finnian (though everyone calls him Finch), that is living in another country (UK, Student) but they Skype basically daily and Daniel WhatsApps him all the time. Finnian is mute and Daniel learned sign language with him and even though Finnian can hear just fine, twins mostly communicate by sign language as Dan somehow feels awkward that he is able to talk while Finch is not. Though he would sometimes (especially when he was still a kid) pretend to be blind and not hear or see Finch at all (that little brick).

    Dan is fluent with sign language.

    Dan has severe claustrophobia due to a fact that he was once locked inside tiny space during thunderstorm as a prank.

    Dan loves playing and while he loves JRPG's, he could also spend weeks in WoW, GW2 and CS:GO. He is also a complete Youtube junkie and loves to watch others Let's Plays and old streams or random bullshitteries.
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