Mystic Kids
Head Sculpt:
fleshtone pink
Mystic 58cm Girl Body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    company faceup
    Date of acquisition:
    November 27, 2015
    Reason for choice:
    Originally purchased the doll for another character (Hypatia) but I recently re-shelled her into this lady :)
    Best Points:
    Her face is really cute, but still is mature looking. The company faceup also suits her.
  • Eyes:
    white (from company)
    platinum blonde (ebay)
    Favourite colours:
    muted colors, but I find myself associating purple with her
    Fashion style(s):
    To be honest I'm not really sure because I started writing about her just yesterday, but I can imagine she wears mostly jeans and button ups.
  • Name story:
    Honestly when I got her all dressed up I imagined that she would introduce herself as Danny. Now nothing else will stick.
    Character age:
    around 25 years old
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    This character is very much a work in progress, but I'll summarize what I do know about her:
    Danny is a twenty-something-year-old woman. She is an astrologist with a background in psychology. She is part of a team searching for planets similar to Earth with the goal of finding other life in the galaxy. Danny does not believe that we are alone in the universe, with a speculation that aliens have visited the Earth in the past.
    One night, Danny was working overtime in the lab with few of her peers. She notices a falling star and makes a note of it. Suddenly, an asteroid nearly hits the building and destroys one of the unused facilities. They investigate and are shocked to see the asteroid broken open into two halves, revealing the inner workings of a space pod with two children sleeping inside of it.
    The two kids are studied and are revealed to have a genetic makeup very similar to humans, however, they have slight deviations in human DNA. Danny and her team are assigned to researching where the girls came from, but Danny persuades the government to let her have close contact with them because of her knowledge in psychology.
    Danny becomes the girls language teacher; she also becomes their psychologist to try to understand their background, where they come from, and if more of them are coming.
    ~There will be more details in Pippa and Pippy's bios (the two alien children :aheartbea )
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