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Dema Fakhoury

Doll Chateau/Iplehouse
Head Sculpt:
Iplehouse Stella
Grey (Airbrushed tan)
Dyed Doll Chateau 72 cm discontinued male adult body [A-body-02]
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Myself [Karitas Eir]
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Myself [Karitas Eir]
    Modifications artist(s):
    Myself [Karitas Eir]
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Myself [Karitas Eir]
    Date of acquisition:
    Dyed and airbrushed and assembled; December 11th 2015.
    Reason for choice:
    The Stella sculpt was ideal for Demas face, and the DC body matches the height and aesthetic of the rest of my collection, and the OC was always supposed to become a BJD, so it was just a matter of making him come to life.
    Best Points:
    I am so over the moon with how good the dye came out and all of his tattoos. (The dye is iDye Poly brown and yellow)
    Worst Points:
    Doll chateau elbow joints are a bit of a pain sometimes, but the body is so aesthetically pleasing I'll allow it, heh.
    You can find Dema on my tumblr Black Masquerade.
    [ Black Masquerade ]

    You can also find Dema on instagram.
    [ Elastic Hearts (@elasticheartsbjd) • Instagram photos and videos ]

    I've also just started putting BJD pictures up on my rather empty Flickr.
    [ https://www.flickr.com/gp/129373970@N04/j9NUV9 ]
  • Eyes:
    Orange/Golden reflective 14 mm eyes from a Volks store in Akihabara
    Selfmade furwig in black and or a selfmade mohairwig, also in black
    Favourite colours:
    Black, white, scarlet and orange.
    Fashion style(s):
    A mix of hip hop elements with random statement fashion and comfortable sporty wear, as well as the occasional more feminine pieces.
    Key fashion accessory:
    caps, sweatshirts, leggins, hightop sneakers, statement t-shirts...
  • Name story:
    Dema has an arabic name, and its one of his only cultural ties back to his parents. He does however not use his surname, neither liking it nor having a reason to use it for anything, preferring his boyfriends surname.
    Character age:
    Currently 25 in the RP he's from
    Character gender:
    Slightly genderfluid, but identifies as male, if asked.
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Heheh, I'll just go ahead and copy-paste an OC questionnaire I recently filled out for fun.

    1: What’s your OCs favorite color? Red
    2: Where does your OC work? He doesn't work, and he doesn't want to. He's only ever had one job, and it was intimate dancing in a rather nasty and shady club. If he does have to work, he'd probably go for a job in a zoo, or babysitting.
    3: What’s your OCs favorite food? Well, he's a ghoul so he eats human flesh. But regarding normal food it'd probably be pulled pork
    4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic? Plastic
    5: How old is your OC? He's recently discovered that he's 24
    6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers? He is stronger and faster than someone of his build would usually be. He's also good at being extremely still and quiet. And his sense of smell and sound is more sensitive, which is sometimes bothering to him.
    7: Is your OC in a relationship? Yes, he and Bailey have been boyfriends for a little over a year.
    8: What are some of your OCs strengths? Emotionally he's empathetic and caring, and skilfully he's got a good memory, is good at numbers, computers and logical problems.
    9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses? He's impatient, overly spontaneous, agressive, takes things very personal, comes looking for fights, is provoking, is socially unfit, uneducated, has no sense of how a household works, and is blind to the chaos he creates and is unconsciously drawn to.
    10: What is your OCs favorite outfit? A sweatshirt and sweatpants and hitop sneakers.
    11: What animal does your OC relate to? Dogs! He loves animals and often finds pets to be more pleasant than humans.
    12: Is your OC sexually active? Very much so. In a relationship he expresses himself a lot through sex, which he'll gladly use to either his advantage or give as reward.
    13: What is your OCs earliest memory? Being locked in with his dead father...
    14: Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind? He has a Sony smartphone, and has a very close relationship to it, constantly doing something with it like posting selfies or reblogging things on tumblr.
    15: What makes your OC angry? Almost anything if it's a personal comment. He's very defensive and easily angered, having no trouble picking a fight over petty things, because he's so insecure.
    16: When is your OCs favorite time of year? Mid summer, when it's the hottest, since he's constantly cold.
    17: How long can your OC hold their breath? Relatively long actually, being able to set the pace of his body down to almost a halt, so he can fake being dead.
    18: What kind of underwear does your OC wear? Brand name hipsters like Calvin Klein.
    19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots? Probably polkadots if any.
    20: What’s your OCs favorite kind of pizza? Meat lovers pizza! The more meat, the better. Except chicken.
    21: Who is your OCs best friend? Bailey, then Phoenix and then Cherry.
    22: Has your OC ever killed someone? He's a ghoul, so he has to kill to eat, but he does have his share of issues about it.
    23: Whats your OCs biggest secret? Currently it's probably that he's making out with Micah behind Baileys back.
    24: What does your OC smell like? Mild soap if anything.
    25: What time of year does your OC prefer? Summer!
    26: Is your OC a human or an animal? (or something else idk) He's a ghoul~
    27: What languages does your OC speak? English and a few phrases and words in arabic.
    28: Does your OC like anime? He would probably like some of it.
    29: Can your OC swim? Yes, very well and he loves it a lot!
    30: What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there? He's not bothered by it at all, but might occasionally shave.
    31: Does your OC believe in fairies? He's pretty open minded but the thought has probably not crossed his mind.
    32: Did your OC go to college? What did they major in? Dema hasn't received any formal education since about the age of 7.
    33: Are your OCs parents dead? Yes, his mother died of an overdose, and his father was stabbed by a junkie.
    34: Is your OC religious? Not really, but he likes the relationship Bailey has with his religion, so he's curious and open to try out a few things, mostly as therapy.
    35: How flexible is your OC? It depends. He's rather open towards things, if it's proposed in the right way. But if he's already doing something his own way and is asked to change, he'll automatically do everything to work against the person correcting him.
    36: What turns your OC on? Anything and everything. If it's either rough in its nature or something 'bad', he'll be super excited by it. If I have to make a list, it's gonna be long, so I'd rather say that there are few kinks he doesn't have.
    37: What was your OCs first word? ???
    38: Does your OC have any pets? He's owned a dog named Shaitan with Harinder when he was young, he's lived with Cherry for almost two years where she owned a cat, and Dema and Bailey have also owned a dog named Coco.
    39: Who is your OCs biggest enemy? Himself. He unconsciously works against himself constantly.
    40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done? He's done too many fucked up things to count.
    41: What is your OCs motto about life? Whatever. Fuck everything, it'll be fine...
    42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea? The blackest and most bitter coffee with a ton of cinnamon dumped into it.
    43: Who is your OCs biggest hero? Bailey, for sure. Before that, Harinder.
    44: What color eyes does your OC have? Golden/orange/yellow/brown depending on the lighting and his mood.
    45: Does your OC like reading? He likes being read aloud to, but he's a slow reader, and it bothers him a lot so he rather avoids reading.
    46: Is your OC loyal? He'd say so himself yes, but others might disagree. His emotions are very loyal, but his actions might not always be.
    47: Does your OC tolerate violence? Dema actually enjoys the chaos of violence sometimes, and doesn't mind getting in the midst of it, especially if it's just for play.
    48: What social class is your OC from? The bottom
    49: What country was your OC born in? America, was born and grew up in New York.
    50: Does your OC cry easily? Yes. He does a lot of angry crying.
    51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music? He's crazy about divas and love songs about big dramatic emotions.
    52: How does your OC feel about insects? He thinks they're disgusting but interesting.
    53: What is your OCs sexual orientation? He's pansexual, so he's into all genders.
    54: Does your OC smoke? Yes and he smokes a lot of cigarettes. He occasionally smokes pot as well, but mostly in secrecy.
    55: What gender is your OC? Male, but slightly genderfluid..
    56: What kind of clothes does your OC wear? It varies between something casual and cozy to something more skimpy and expressive, depending on his mood. Sweatsuits//leggins and tshirts with print//hotpants and heels with oversize tees.
    57: Would you call your OC adventurous? He likes home life a lot, but he's always up for something exciting.
    58: Is your OC introverted or extroverted? Mostly he's extroverted, but in regards to emotions he's really shy and untrusting.
    59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC? That he's rude and chaotic, but very attractive and open minded.
    60: Does your OC enjoy nature? If its warm, he'll gladly be outside.
  • [​IMG][​IMG]


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