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Derren / Dai're of Gommorah

Immortality Of Soul
Head Sculpt:
Spiritdoll Proud
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Reason for choice:
    Jaguar's sinister smile and decent facial similarity with the character. The Spiritdoll Proud body was a good height to make him 'short' in comparison to my other boys/planned boys at the time.
    Best Points:
    He's always been good about standing and holding a post. He's the perfect size and weight to lug around and not get too wacky while transporting.
    Worst Points:
    I don't like the foot mechanism and end up popping it out by mistake more often than I actually find it useful. I'd consider gluing it.
    2016-06-01 20.20.55.jpg

    [​IMG]IMG_20160518_180545 by SFf sdg, on Flickr
  • Eyes:
    Unknown green eyes or LED pink eyes (home soldered)
    Kagami Design
    Favourite colours:
    Brown, Tan, Green,
    Fashion style(s):
    Key fashion accessory:
    Crow skull pendant and a nice layer of stink and dirt in his hair
  • Name story:
    Derren started out as a nameless theive's guild member helping (hindering) his fluffy friend smuggle a bolt of cloth between his belly rolls. My friend quickly named both characters and even though Cairo ceased to me used as a character, Derren's name mutated into an odd spelling as the character likewise grew stranger and stranger...
    Known locally as Derren in the main empire, Dai're was his original name before he was forced from his life roaming the Sonnenplatz plains with his nomadic evil time-god worshiping cult. He never did adjust well to decent well behaved civilization.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Derren is a highly psychological character to play. He has a lot of disturbing background content, but he does get played in everyday situations in open RP a lot. He's my monkey wrench.. my roulette wheel that makes things interesting. The character I get booted for without even godmodding because they take him personally. (they have every right to restrict my use of Derren in their RP) Possibly my all time favorite RP character, and a totally sinister escapist character.

    He's basically a serial killer for hire with a twist. Derren doesn't care that he's dead, or that he's become a monster. More eccentric and willing to stand out than your average intelligent assassin (cough), way too reckless and self absorbed to be considered a serious interrogator, and too misbehaved to really function in anything but place of occult, backstreets, and seedy taverns. He gets along okay, though.

    He owes his allegiance to the thieves guild of Heimark, especially it's leaders, who picked him off the street, mistaking him for some sickened drug fiend. When his babbling about not trusting 'the men of the kingdoms' and there being a huge fire on the plains to the north didn't stop, they didn't know what to make of him, but they put him to work, anyhow. He took a liking to them and the rogue life came naturally to him. It wasn't until he became involved with a certain corrupt nobleman that he began to regress back into the violent tendencies that his people instilled in him... After finding Derren laying drunk outside of his stables brazenly slurring filth at him, lord Julian Reaver proposed that Derren not only follow through with his crass propositions, but join a new following as well - one that would mutually benefit the both of them. Of course not caring much that Reaver's wishes were in conflict with the guild's, he became the man's trusty tool. The guild came to accept it, considering Derren a necessary evil, and Reaver never thought much of the Guild's petty interference in his city. He enabled Derren and encouraged his savage nature, even providing him an area in which to play with his captives. Derren helped out Reaver with his political intrigue, slave driving, and - ironically - helped smooth over his relationship with the theive's guild (partially. Just enough to satisfy everyone mutually).

    As his headcount mounted, the two decided to expedite Derren's deadliness by opening up his body as a vessel. After attaining demonhood, like a vampire, he must keep on killing or the urge will well up inside of him until he goes entirely berserk, ultimately leading to his own self destruction. His base lifestyle is enough to prevent this from happening, though. He really never minded it too much. Once in a while, if you happen to listen in the middle of the night you might find him in a rare state of neurotic grief, sobbing somewhere alone.
    (People have attempted to 'reach' him in these brief empathetic states before, even traveling through time to try and hack this window of empathy to try and change him. Although occasionally successful, timeline warfare has thus-far re closed this door at least three times...)

    Derren hunts down, assassinates, captures, (sometimes for fun) and interrogates enemies such as traitors, spies, and ...whoever else he feels like. He pursues the opportunity to torture humans with more earnest than anything else in life. He's known to eat them. He sometimes unnecessarily kills them. Sometimes he will capture someone for the guild or for his lover but kill them despite a request to keep them alive. He's a bit unpredictable due to his tendency to become taken and you know, it just gets out of hand, okay? He can become neurotic and end up feeling he needs to kill a prisoner immediately to erase them, or even become so irritated with them that he gets carried away. He has a specific preference for capturing big, burly, muscular men, and impressionable girls who he thinks of as easy prey. Particularly, he prefers red-heads, which disturbingly enough comes from his early obsession with Ellie. He is sworn not to touch her to all of his masters, especially because she is lord Reaver's maritially claimed 'cover up', and the leader of the Guild's lover. (you can see where their conflict comes from)

    He's known to break promises and be generally a nuisance, vindictive, and untrustworthy. Socially he fits in poorly and knows it. He enjoys being disgusting and annoyin. Even so, he is 'loyal' to those he cares about, at least in some sense. Derren loyalty doesn't work the same as most decent people, but his closest companions understand that, and consider him a necessary evil, and yes, even have sympathy for him on some level.

    Somewhere deep down is a heaven and hell struggle and a fight for his control over himself, and over his sanity, but who would ever know? And how much does it actually even matter when his sins are so gratuitous, so sadistic and so many? Many more people would rather see something like him burned than to recognize the iota of 'humanity' inside him. Derren understands that he is disgusting and terrible.

    The single best justification for his existence came from Cives, avatar of the evil time god. He described Derren as a necessary and permanent part of history, that to do away with unnaturally would be damaging to the structure of things.

    He's been compared to Kefka, Allucard, Ramsey...


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